YouTube vs Twitch Streaming 2023: Which is the best platform?

YouTube vs Twitch Streaming 2023: Which is the best platform for live streaming – Choosing the right streaming platform may be challenging, as we all know. Twitch and YouTube are two of the top brands in the streaming sector. For its users, both systems have special advantages. The article below is for you if you’re unsure which option to select. You may choose the platform that is best for you by understanding the main distinctions between Twitch and YouTube.

Which streaming service should you pick—Twitch or YouTube?

Two of the main participants in the streaming market are Twitch and YouTube. Knowing which platform is best for you is critical since each have distinctive advantages. To assist you in making an informed decision, we will compare Twitch versus YouTube in this post across a number of categories.

Twitch and YouTube compared: what are the differences between the two live streaming platforms, how to earn, and which one to choose for your live broadcasts

There are more and more influencers and show business personalities, but also ordinary people who often use social media, who prefer to make real live streaming rather than record videos to be uploaded later on different social networks

YouTube vs Twitch Streaming

Through the direct, the distances with their followers seem to decrease, strengthening the relationship. Among the many platforms that allow you to do live, YouTube and Twitch are the most used.

 Both offer basic and advanced features, but with their differences. Here are the characteristics of the two live streaming platforms.

How Twitch and YouTube were born

Twitch was born in 2011 as a streaming platform for eSports, then expanding to the rest of the gaming world. In 2014, Amazon bought it for nearly a million dollars. 

Despite being created for this purpose, Twitch has evolved over the years, so much so that it has attracted users who belong to the most diverse fields.

On the platform you can find video game enthusiasts, scientific dissemination groups, influencers who give their followers an appointment to follow the live broadcasts. It is a varied and vast world, in which a user can really find everything.

YouTube is the most famous and used video platform in the world. Owned by Google , it was born as a channel where you can view videos previously recorded by users, who can then upload them to the platform.

For some years YouTube has been optimizing the live streaming service , which until then was little used. As on Twitch, here too the issues that are dealt with by users are many. 

How to make money on Twitch and YouTube

YouTube is a totally free platform for users, but a youtuber can also earn significant sums by curating their channel.

The main earnings on YouTube come from subscriptions , views, likes and all the interactions that those who follow the channel have with the various videos. On top of that, a big chunk of the proceeds come from advertising .

Once you have reached 1000 subscribers to the channel , you will be able to access the YPP, the YouTube partner program, which allows you to optimize advertising .

In addition to monetizing through a partner program, in a similar way to those described for YouTube, Twitch allows you to earn through Bits . Users can subscribe to their favorite twitcher ‘s channel , with prices starting at $ 4.99 per month, in exchange for emoticons and exclusive content.

Users can also make direct donations to the streamer .Regarding the partner program, streamers have to meet certain requirements to join. 

For example, you need to have at least 50 channel subscribers and 500 minutes of live streaming spread over 7 days with at least 3 viewers at a time.

Twitch and YouTube clashing

Very intuitive and simple to use, Twitch allows users to receive notifications on the live channels they have subscribed to. 

If you are a streamer, however, Amazon’s platform still fails to offer a satisfying variety of options for placing different content on the channel. Additionally, live streams can only be viewed for two weeks from live.

YouTube also notifies its users of live shows via an email or an alert on the platform. Unlike Twitch, YouTube allows you to view content forever , or at least until the video owner decides to delete it.

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