The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Live in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Live in 2022 – If until a few years ago it was unthinkable to broadcast over the internet, this scenario has now changed. The streamer career is so high that many people have left the traditional professions aside. And for these people, the main focus is to live on YouTube.

The streaming market has been growing every year. So much so that the billing projection for 2022 is R$ 1 billion. With regard to YouTube, specifically, the expectation is that it will become the largest platform in the segment, surpassing Netflix.

That’s because in the third quarter of 2021 alone, Google video site’s ad-derived revenue reached $7.2 billion . This represented an increase of 43%. 

What does this data represent for you? Simple: YouTube is one of the main channels to act as a content creator — and this could be the opportunity to have an income based on US currency.

If that’s your goal, keep reading this article. After all, the subject can be interesting, but generate many doubts. Therefore, we are going to give tips for beginners on how to live on YouTube. So how about knowing more?

What is YouTube Live?

YouTube live is a live stream made by the Google video platform. To do the procedure, you just need a microphone, a camera and a computer or cell phone. To make the content viable, the platform provides the YouTube Live feature.

There are several reasons to go live. Brands may opt for this feature for the purpose of engaging the public . For streamers , the idea is to monetize and attract viewers. YouTube is the ideal platform for this, as it is preferred by 70% of internet users .

How does Youtube live work?

To do a live on YouTube, you must have an active Google account and a channel on the video platform . From there, you use the YouTube Live tool. Later, we will see how this transmission process should be performed.

In any case, both channel followers and other people can access the live content. There is no audience limit . When the recording is finished, it is saved on your channel. So, any internet user can watch it. Also, there is no preset number of subscribers to start live on YouTube. 

What are the advantages of doing a live on YouTube?

There are several reasons that justify doing live streams. Overall, this is a good way to engage your audience and create interaction with channel subscribers. It even helps to get more signatures. Check out, now, all the benefits of knowing how to live on YouTube.

Increased visibility and reach

As we present, YouTube is the preferred platform for lives and should become the main one in 2022. These positive results favor your content to have more visibility and conquer a larger audience .

This benefit is so great that the parachute jump of the Austrian Felix Baumgartner had a view of 8 million people. One of the reasons for this is that he was the first skydiver to break the speed of sound in free fall.

This shows why it is so important for users to be able to access Lives from any device . After all, it generates a much greater reach for those who carry out the transmission.

Engagement growth

This advantage is quite noticeable for brands, but it also holds true for streamers . This is because it is possible to establish a live chat with viewers thanks to the interaction tools.

More than that, it is possible to publicize the broadcast on social networks to expand its reach. Thus, data from Google shows that channels that live once or more a week show a 40% growth in terms of new subscribers and a 70% growth in channel viewing time.

Good cost benefit

The process of doing a live on YouTube is simple and free. It is not necessary to invest in the streaming platform, which allows redirecting the values ​​for the production of the video .

That is, it is only necessary to have a camera, a microphone and a cell phone or computer. Also, you need to be connected to the internet.

If you need more professionalism, it is worth investing in an encoder, that is, software that converts the captured data and sends it to YouTube. In this way, it is possible to insert subtitles, vignettes, soundtracks and more than one camera.


This is one of the most important points. By knowing how to live on YouTube, you can start earning money . Even in dollars. Monetization is derived from viewing and clicking on ads served on videos.

YouTube pays for every thousand views. However, the channel must have 1,000 subscribers or more, in addition to having 4,000 hours of public viewing in the last 12 months. As the transfer is made in US currency, it is necessary to have an exchange platform.

This is because an international wire transfer is made. That way, you have extra income or you can even earn enough to stay, especially in periods of appreciation of the American currency.

How to do a live on YouTube?

It’s already clear that it’s easy to do lives on YouTube. After all, the platform has its own tool . So, you need few resources to make live streaming possible.

However, the channel must have 1,000 subscribers or more . Also, the account must not have had restrictions in the previous 90 days. Another step is to verify the account on the platform. For this, you must access the respective Google page and enter the requested data.

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How to Stream Youtube Without Buffering

Even before the live, it is necessary to make a good script and content planning. Then you need to carry out the transmission. In this case, the step-by-step changes a little depending on the device used. Therefore, we separate the explanation. See how it goes!

How to Go live on YouTube Mobile

This is the simplest model. To do the live on YouTube, you need to perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to YouTube and click on the camera icon on the top bar of the app ;
  2. Click the “Allow access” button so that photos, camera, and microphone are connected;
  3. select “Stream live” ;
  4. make the necessary video settings. Put a title, choose whether it will be rear or front camera and set the privacy level (public, private or unlisted);
  5. press “More options” to include a description, enable chat, and schedule live date and time . This is optional;
  6. tap “Next” and choose a thumbnail for the video. You can even take a photo or choose one from the library;
  7. click “Stream live” and start streaming. Once you’re done, press the X in the upper right corner, then press “End”.

How to Go live on YouTube Computer

In that case, there are more options. However, the procedure is a little different. Understand what to do: 

  1. go to the YouTube website and enter your channel;
  2. click on “YouTube Studio” ;
  3. tap the top right corner and press the “Stream live” icon ;
  4. click on “Stream now” , if you want to start the live immediately. Fill in the data and configure what is requested, such as the encoder used, category, privacy and more. You can also activate the DVR option, which allows the user to go back up to 4 hours from the live to restart it.

In case you want to start streaming quickly with the webcam, you should select the “Camera” option . Then click on “Give access to camera and microphone”. Edit basic settings.

This type of broadcast provides access to basic features. For example, sharing on social networks and chat . The advantage is being able to see broadcast statistics after finishing the live .

What content can be streamed?

As for the content for YouTube, any is possible. It is only required that Google’s guidelines are adhered to. This means that submitting themes is prohibited: 

  • violent;
  • with incitement to hatred;
  • with drugs and alcohol.

What precautions to take when broadcasting live?

In addition to writing a good script and planning the content, you should also take other precautions. For example, testing the stream before going live.

When the encoder is used, YouTube displays information about the quality of the live . Also, the “View” button is enabled. Another option is to create a private broadcast. That way, you will see the video being recorded and ensure its quality.

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It is still important to have good equipment. It’s worth investing in a quality camera, lighting, good microphone, video and audio capture cards, and encoders. Finally, be original to gain a competitive advantage . Thus, you will attract a larger audience.

That is, doing a live on YouTube is one of the possibilities to monetize and have an extra income. Over time, you can become a reference and stand out to earn even more money .


How many subscribers do you need to go live on YouTube?

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers. In addition, it must have 4,000 hours of public viewing in the previous 12 months.

How does live on YouTube work?

You need a camera, a microphone and a cell phone or computer with internet access. It is still important to plan a script and take some technical care to ensure a good broadcast.

How to live on YouTube with less than 1,000 subscribers?

Through YouTube Live, it’s impossible. However, you can use other apps like Streamlabs, ManyCam, etc.

How much does it cost to do a live on YouTube?

The live is free. You will only spend on the internet and the equipment used. This varies depending on the devices used and also with accessories that can help the transmission, such as lighting

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