YggTorrent 2024: here is the new address of the pirate site

YggTorrent 2024: here is the new address of the pirate site

Torrents haven’t always been so popular in recent years. Instead, streaming and direct downloads are popular with the general public. But millions of people do not hesitate to download torrent content regularly. Although there are several like Oxtorrent, Torrent9 , etc. In this article we are going to talk about a particular site that works well Yggtorrent. Therefore, I will take this opportunity to introduce the platform in detail.

What exactly is YggTorrent?

Let’s start with the most important ones. As its name suggests, Yggtorrent is a torrent download site, a torrent tracker launched in July 2017. Its appearance follows the disappearance of T411, which was previously the most popular in France. This old torrent directory was merged with Yggtorrent and decided to use the domain name for hosting. Today, the newly created site is a reference in this field and currently has more than 5 million monthly visitors. This allows users looking for torrents, legal or not, to find the file they are looking for.

How does the YggTorrent site work?

Yggtorrent is not a download site. This is a page which lists files which can then be downloaded via the P2P (Peer to Peer) protocol.

It is necessary to enter the game and create an account to use Yggtorrent. Without this, you will not be able to download torrent files from it, which you then open in your BitTorrent client (such as uTorrent).

On Yggtorrent, you will find videos, music, software as well as ebooks or video games. Almost everything is available, but we will emphasize the above point, which is very often illegal, from this site.

As a privacy tracker, it requires you to maintain a certain percentage. What does it mean ? When you download 1 GB, then you will have to share 1 GB with the members of the platform. To do this, the file must be shared on your BitTorrent client. If your rate drops below 1, you will no longer be able to download it.

How to access the official yggtorrent website in 2023?

If the threats posed by authorities and rights holders have a limited impact, it is also because platforms like Yggtorrent know how to adapt quickly, in particular by changing URLs or domains. The site adapts to congestion by locating with other servers, in other countries, where it is not blocked by the authorities. Currently, to connect to YggTorrent in 2023 (and from December 2021), you must use the following URL: ww3.yggtorrent.qa (replaces yggtorrent.wtf ). Sometimes subscriptions may be suspended for several days, but they will be back up and running soon.


What is special about Yggtorrent?

In the torrent world, YggTorrent quickly built a top reputation that has existed over the years. You just have to look at the comments left by many users to be convinced. But why ? How can we explain that he found a foot in the sun in a field as competitive as torrenting? Several arguments are valid here.

As you can imagine, customer reviews are very positive. Being able to download files for payment to rights holders without paying a cent is an essential business for Internet users. Easy to use and very popular on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.).

The fact that it is a privacy tracker also plays an important role in this regard. The torrent site yggtorrent has been and still is a huge success with the masses, which is enough to understand why 3.5 million people are registered on this platform. In addition, the team that takes care of it provides a very good daily monitoring service.

According to Alexa Internet, at the start of the year it was the 35th most visited site in France, that is to say the most visited in the category of bittorrent and illegal downloads.

The files appearing on this site are of high quality and they clearly meet the expectations of those who visit this site: fun videos, paid applications, expensive video games… The quality of the files on this site is guaranteed by a large number of administrative authorities , teams. publications about it. This is one of the advantages of this privacy tracker: no poor quality files appear there.

Is it legal to download from YggTorrent?

As we pointed out twice in our article, Yggtorrent is not legal. Indeed, although the basic principle, which allows the exchange of files between individuals, is not at all illegal, it is the current files which pose the real problem. 

Indeed, the vast majority of files available on Yggtorrent do not have free permissions. We think in particular of the latest films that have just been released, series or even the many video games. By downloading or sharing these files you are completely illegal.

HADOPI (High Authority for the Diffusion of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet) specifically monitors P2P networks to combat this illegal downloading and sharing. However, the latter struggles to provide its graduated response because of the numerous protections used by Internet users. Increasingly, they use VPNs ( like NordVPN ) to hide their IPs and thus easily bypass HADOPI surveillance.

And for good reason, to identify criminals, HADOPI (ARCOM) checks the IP addresses of Internet users directly on BitTorrent platforms, such as uTorrent. They will download and share a movie (not royalty free) and watch all these file exchange IP addresses. If yours appears, they contact your ISP to obtain your identity and you will receive the first warning. It is therefore imperative to put an end to these illegal activities.

yggtorrent vpn


Finally, you understood, if Yggtorrent only provided royalty-free files, for knowledge sharing, the site would be completely legitimate. Unfortunately, users quickly turned the site into something illegal, massively providing non-royalty-free files.

Why does yggtorrent no longer work?

UPDATE: Yggtorrent still works, but  it is blocked by DNS for some users . To solve the problem, the simplest way is to use a VPN. We advise you to take a look at NordVPN’s offer .

Comment reactiver YggTorrent ?

The first method is to share as many files as possible. The second is to cheat with software that simulates sharing, create a new account and the last to pay (but this is not recommended).

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