What is Youtube Live? Features and Use Youtube live

What is Youtube Live? Features and how to use Youtube live – What is Youtube Live Stream? This is a question that is searched and exploited a lot by users who have the need to develop and build a brand on this extremely hot platform today.

More specifically, what is Youtube live? Is this platform really useful and effective? Let’s go together to find the answers to these problems so we can have a better and clearer view!

What is Youtube Live?

This is a special feature that has been upgraded and supported on the YouTube platform, which is a useful way for businesses, individuals and teams to develop their brands, channels and videos.

Through the live presentation of videos, live youtube allows users’ videos to appear more popular, attract more viewers, and achieve higher engagement.

Useful features of Youtube live

The platform provides many users with many convenient and useful features that contribute to enhancing the user’s youtube channel such as:

  • Your videos when going live will be kept appearing on the left side of the youtube home page. Help your youtube channel or brand reach and attract more viewers and interested people, while improving the value and efficiency of work.
  • Allows users to interact, and express feelings directly, instantly, and right during live through the extremely easy drop react or comment feature. Thereby improving the channel’s interaction and increasing the prestige of your youtube channel.
  • In addition to utilities, youtube live also gives you huge values ​​​​in terms of interaction, development, attraction, and user search for your youtube channel.

Instructions to Register For Livestream

To be able to start performing the Livestream function on live youtube, you need to ensure the authenticity of the information on your youtube. To do this, go to youtube’s homepage website via the link www.youtube.com/verify. Add your phone number and verification code to verify your youtube account here.

How to go live on Youtube live

Using Youtube Live to Livestream on the Youtube application on your phone and the website on your computer has a few differences.

For computers, you perform the following Youtube steps :

  • Step 1: Go to www.youtube.com/dashboard
  • Step 2: Then select the Create button in the right corner of the page and wait for confirmation after 24 hours to be able to proceed with the stream.

You can use your computer’s webcam or camera to live. However, to improve the quality of the broadcast image, you can visit www.youtube.com/dashboard and then select the camera icon and Go live to proceed with the recording. 

Setting information about live topics, broadcast mode, income, and chat will be edited here. Select the video stream and end time and start the Livestream.

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Using Youtube Live on your phone is simpler, you just need to select the camera icon in the upper right corner of the application and select Go Live to be able to live. 

However, one note to pay attention to is that the live limit of the phone is to have at least 1000 subscribers to be live. 

After choosing to go live, select the video stream, add a title, content description, chat options, chat toggles, and other age and privacy restrictions here. Proceed to select all and complete, you can stream directly on the platform on the phone.

Extremely useful information about the extremely useful platform Youtube Live stream is as well as how to use it in the most effective, correct and most valuable way for your channel.

Believe you will have to Get the information, in the best way and apply this platform perfectly to develop your channel.

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