What is StreamYard and How it Work?

In today’s working world, broadcasting events, online courses, or meetings have become part of our daily lives.

That’s why StreamYard came to save us, it’s a tool that allows us to “go live” with several people at the same time and on several platforms at the same time: YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Periscope, or Twitch.

We find out what it is, how it works, and why you should start using it.

What is StreamYard?

It’s easy to explain, even if the name is confusing.

StreamYard is a platform with which you can stream in your browser through social networks. There is a free version that you can try before using it on a paid basis.

In StreamYard, you can stream for free but with some limitations. Here are the differences between the various subscriptions it offers:

Is StreamYard Free Version:

You can stream up to 20 hours per month for free and have the StreamYard logo on your live broadcasts. In other words, it is impossible to personalize the videos with your logo.

StreamYard Pricing Basic Plan :

For $20 a month, or about $18 at the exchange rate, the streaming hours limit and logo watermark are removed.

You can also add your own logo, and templates to play in the background while streaming, record up to 4 hours of video (which you can download), and stream to 2 different social platforms.

StreamYard Pricing Plan pro:

In addition to the basic plan, there are up to 8 hours of recording and streaming on 5 platforms at the same time.
All for 39 dollars per month or about 35 euros.

We recommend signing up for the free plan, which is pretty good if you don’t stream often.

It has no stream limit per month and differs from the professional only in recording times and simultaneous platforms.

Benefits of StreamYard

Now that you know which plan is best for you, let’s get down to business. Why use StreamYard?

Create your streams with more participants:

What would become of a streaming platform if no one could participate? In StreamYard, it is possible to have up to 6 participants during the retransmission. This will improve the quality of your content via discussions or interviews and thus increase your audience.

Prepares for cross-platform streaming:

As StreamYard works with multiple platforms, one can stream via YouTube, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live or Periscope or Twitch.

Whether from personal profile or business profile pages. This will allow you to reach viewers on different platforms, which will increase your visibility and allow you to reach more viewers.

Engage your audience:

An important part of your live streams is your audience. Their participation and their sense of belonging to this live video will allow you to form a community loyal to your content.

During the broadcast on StreamYard, viewers will be able to comment live and see messages on screen. By watching them, you will be able to answer them live.

Does StreamYard have a desktop app or mobile app?

It’s exhausting to have to download a tool, install it, and all the process that goes with it.
StreamYard is the opposite, it works from your browser. All you have to do is register with your email and you will already have access to your control panel, to start broadcasting or modify your account.

Customize your streaming:

Get a 100% streaming you, by putting the logo of your company or your personal brand, and change the wallpaper, among others.

This possibility will be unlocked according to your subscription. These are great options for getting your brand recognized in any live video.

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Additionally, you can put a “call to action” for viewers to register on your website or buy a product or service, and ask the questions live on the screen.

Now that you know how to take advantage of StreamYard, you might be wondering how this tool works.

How StreamYard Works

One of StreamYard’s motivations was to make it easy for any user, not even requiring prior technical knowledge.

With a simple internet connection, you can live stream from anywhere in the world. Do we begin?

1. Login or Register:

If you already have a StreamYard account, you can skip the registration step and go straight to login.
Otherwise, it is easy to create an account. Between your email and the system will send you a code with which you can confirm your registration. Enter this code and your account will be created.

Register for free here

2. Configure your account :

Here you can take the higher subscription or change it, you can configure your profile and, above all, connect your different social network accounts to be able to broadcast from different platforms.
Your YouTube channel, your Twitch channel, your Facebook page and Linkedln. In this control panel, you have everything you need to stream from anywhere or all platforms at the same time.

3. Start your show:

Once everything is set up, click on “Broadcast” and you can start broadcasting. It is possible to modify your event by giving it a title, a description, if you want it to be public or private, etc.
Of course, don’t forget to choose the platform on which you want to broadcast.

As you can see, using StreamYard to create streams is simple, you create your account in the browser without downloading anything; you create your account with your email and start streaming.

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