What is Streamlabs? – Features, Tools Advantages

What is Streamlabs? – Features, Tools Advantages: Streams have become excellent sources of incomeBut to have quality in the broadcast, it is essential to have the right tools, such as Streamlabs.

To be successful in transmission, it is essential to offer stability and the possibility of interaction. The frequent drop of the live or the lack of relationship with the viewers harms the experience.

Streamlabs has become one of the top streaming software in the world with stable streams. Learn all about it!

Streamlabs is used by streamers who are reference in different areas — gamers , content creators, etc. Knowing your qualities and differentials can be decisive for those who want to succeed on the internet. So, read on to know all about the tool!

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a software capable of integrating with the main streaming platforms: Twitch , YouTube, Facebook Gaming and many others. It has some paid features, but most are free.

The software was created in 2014, and within five years it had gained so much value that it was acquired by Logitech for $89 million .

Currently, you can find versions of Streamlabs for Windows, Android and iOS. Its interface is simple, which does not require deep technical knowledge to use.

Its big difference lies in the possibility for the streamer to modify the layout to other options that he deems better to work with. In this way, it is possible to generate an interactive experience for those who follow the live .

Streamlabs Features and Tools

Streamlabs has resources that can help increase people’s interaction and engagement with lives :

  • Streamlabs chatbox : comment box that is visible to the broadcaster;
  • Streamlabs donations : possibility of making donations in real time;
  • Streamlabs interactions integrated into the program: possibility of receiving emoticons and reactions from people who watch the broadcast;
  • Streamlabs alert widgets : the person making the broadcast is notified when there is any notification configured;
  • Streamlabs custom themes: possibility to change all the visual language within the standard that the person who is going to transmit wants;
  • Streamlabs dashboard with channel information: data on real-time views, total broadcast time, comments received, etc.

In this way, it is possible for the person doing the live to accompany the chat at the same time. This promotes real-time interaction with participants.

It is important to note that Streamlabs is a streaming platform that is not exclusively used by gamers . It can be used to record online classes, give national or international consultations, stream games in real time and much more.

Interaction is an important point for broadcasts. Through it, it is possible to see the comments and observations that are posted by those who watch live.

Online video streaming has become an income alternative for many people.

During the period of social isolation, many experts started to take courses, lectures, meetings, etc. through tools like Google Meet and Zoom.

However, they don’t offer the same possibilities as Streamlabs, which is a true software ready for live broadcasts.

What are the advantages of Streamlabs?

There are many competitors in terms of streaming software . For anyone starting a streaming career , or needing to stream their service online for the first time, the choice can be difficult.

Streamlabs has some advantages such as:

  • it has free and paid functions;
  • the settings are easy and many are already programmed automatically;
  • all information is integrated into the program itself;
  • backs up to the cloud;
  • it is customizable.

Compared to its main competitor OBS Studio , Streamlabs makes the user experience easier.

That’s because, as we said, the settings for recording are all already programmed by the software . That way, you don’t need to have experience or technical knowledge when transmitting.

This process makes using Streamlabs faster. In a few minutes, you can start the live in action.

So much ease and customization makes Streamlabs a heavy piece of software . Therefore, it is recommended to have a gaming PC so that the transmission does not stop repetitively.

It also runs well on conventional computers, but you need a good graphics and network card .

How to use Streamlabs on Twitch?

As we said, the software is integrated with different streaming platforms . Twitch is currently the most used by streamers .

The first step is to have an account on the platform, as the login that will be performed on Streamlabs will pull the information registered on Twitch.

It provides a broadcast key, which is available at: video studio > settings > broadcast. Keep her close, it will be necessary .

Once you’ve downloaded Streamlabs, on the first page, when launching the software , log in via Twitch. Accept the terms of use of both.

Next, you have to choose between the Streamlabs free or paid plan. Remembering that there are features that are only available in the paid version.

In the home interface, the first step is to “add a scene” . This option is available when you press the “+” symbol in the lower left frame of the screen.

A new frame will appear, divided into two rows and three columns. In the middle column, “Sources” option, you will hit the “+” button and then “Game Capture” .

Following these steps, just be on the screen to be transmitted and it will be automatically captured by the program.

From then on, it’s time to make the adjustments for the transmission. On the side of the program, go to the “gear” symbol.

In the opened tab, select “Streaming” to enter the Twitch channel key — the one we mentioned in the first steps. Then, Click “live stream” in the lower right corner.

It is important to note: this is just a simple step-by-step guide to making your transmission. The software even offers different possibilities for widgets and advanced settings.

It is possible to customize the look of the live and change the way it will be presented to the people who will accompany it, for example.

Streamlabs is an easy-to-use live streaming software. Recommended by top streamers , it offers an experience of interaction and stability essential for anyone looking to make extra money with lives .


What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a software for making live broadcasts, with integration with the main video platforms. It can be used to record online classes, consultations or stream videos.

What are the advantages of Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is free and easy to configure software. In a few minutes, it is possible to put your live online, without complications. In addition, it has a high possibility of customization.

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