What is a Sub on Twitch and How Much Does it Pay?

What is a Sub on Twitch and How Much Does it Pay?Twitch is the largest streaming platform in the world, and thousands of gamers stream their exploits every day. Some have even made it their profession, and several features of the platform allow them to generate income, such as the Twitch sub.

What is a Sub on Twitch?

A subscriber or sub Twitch (subscriber ) designates a viewer who pays a subscription, in order to take advantage of the advantages granted by his favorite streamer. The streamer and Twitch then split the sum of the subscription.

As you will have understood, a sub is a supporter, who pays a subscription in order to support his favorite streamer. Some of the biggest streamers can be backed by tens of thousands of subs simultaneously, allowing them to raise huge sums of money.

The history of the “subscribe” feature

Formerly called Justin.tv, Twitch entered beta testing on June 6, 2011, finding huge success within the first few months. The platform allows users to broadcast their games live, and to interact with spectators via chat.

With more than 35 million monthly visits, Twitch decides to integrate the “subscribe”.

The first is to attract new streamers, allowing it to generate revenue. The second is to recover a percentage of this sum, in order to fill the treasury.

The success is immediate, the rise of the platform is underway, and has not stopped at the time of writing these lines.

Today, to be able to display the “subscribe” feature on your stream, you must first meet a few conditions, and sign a contract declaring you a “Twitch partner”.

How much does a sub cost on twitch?

There are several types of subs, offering more or less functionality to the viewers, and bringing more or less money to the streamer. The different types of subs are:

  • Rank 1: costs $3.99 per month and grants benefits depending on the streamer
  • Rank 2: costs $7.99 per month and generally grants more benefits depending on the streamer
  • Rank 3: Costs $19.99 per month and usually grants the greatest benefits
  • Twitch Prime: free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription (limit of 1 subscription per month). Offers the same benefits as Rank 1

For the streamer, the remuneration is different depending on the type of subscription, and generally, a Prime subscription earns him less than a rank 1 subscription.

How much does Twitch Charge for a Subscription?

The share of the streamer and Twitch depends entirely on the contract between the two parties. When a streamer meets the eligibility requirements, Twitch submits an agreement to them, which defines a share for each of the subs the streamer retains.

For beginner streamers, the sharing is generally 70% for Twitch and 30% for the streamer, i.e. $1.50 remaining for the latter (excluding charges).

The more the streamer’s community grows, the more he is inclined to negotiate a better percentage. Some streamers are so beneficial to the platform that they have an agreement where 100% of the earnings generated by the subs go to them.

This type of agreement is not common, and the most common agreements are around a 50/50 split.

How do I subscribe to Twitch Prime?

Thanks to your Amazon Prime subscription, you benefit from a free subscription per month on the Twitch platform. This means that you can subscribe to the channel of your choice for free.

To subscribe with Twitch prime, click on the “Subscribe” button of the chosen channel and check the box “Use prime subscription” .

You now enjoy the benefits of being a subscriber.

More information on subscription benefits: Twitch official site

What is a “Subgoal” on Twitch?

A Subgoal refers to a subscription goal that a streamer sets for a limited period. The goal is to warn his community that he would like to reach X subscriptions in X days.

Generally, the streamer offers a reward in order to motivate his community to reach the Subgoal. This reward can be a raffle, an announcement or a pledge, which the streamer will have to honor.

How to offer subs on Twitch?

To offer subs on Twitch, you must click on the “Subscribe” tab and then “Offer a subscription” . You then have the option to choose a recipient, or let Twitch give the sub randomly.

You can gift up to 100 subs at once, and you even have the option to remain anonymous. Offering subs earns you subscription badges, which will be displayed in the stream chat.

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