How to watch Twitch on Android TV or Samsung TV

How to watch Twitch on Android TV or Samsung TV – I love watching movies every Friday night, lying on my sofa and with my latest generation Samsung TV. But the day I want to watch my favorite streamer … well! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

As of today, there are many compatibility issues with Twitch . In this article, we have prepared all the possible tips so that you can (finally) watch Twitch on your TV (Samsung, or any brand).

How to watch Twitch on Android TV or Samsung TV

Requirements to stream Twitch on Android TV

It may seem obvious, but you’ll need a Smart TV to be able to stream Twitch to your TV.

But it’s not just that.

If your Smart TV has Android TV , today the easiest solution is to download the official Twtich app directly from Google Play Store. Below is a link that will take you directly to the app.

Then all you need is a Twitch account to log in and start enjoying it on your Android TV.

What ? Your TV does not have access to Google Play ? So it gets complicated. We try to give you a solution below.

How to watch Twitch on Samsung TV

Some brands like Samsung integrate their own operating systems. The only way to download applications is therefore the brand’s own system, and often we do not have access to the complete catalog of Google Play .

In the case of Samsung, it’s even worse, since their Smart TVs no longer support the Twitch application (since 2019). Thus, users need other ways to enjoy Twitch on their TVs.

Luckily, there are other brands that already support the world’s leading streaming app. Panasonic Smart TVs, or LG models that feature WebOS 3.5 or higher, are compatible with Twitch .

Stream Twitch to your TV with external media

The easiest way to watch Twitch on our TV is with a Chromecast device .

Using Chromecast

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain it to you in a few words. It is a device connected by HDMI to our TV , and which also connects to our WiFi network. Once configured, it is possible to broadcast any type of content from your smartphone, from supported platforms (YouTube, Netflix, Prime… and of course, Twitch ).

The Chromecast device connects via HDMI to our TV.

Ah, and your TV doesn’t have to be a Smart TV.

Once you have this type of devices, it is very simple to stream Twitch on your Samsung TV or whatever brand. Open the Twitch app on your smartphone and start watching a stream. Next, tap on the TV-shaped button and select your Chromecast device.

There you go – Twitch on your TV.

other devices

There are other (perhaps cheaper) alternatives that allow you to access Android TV and stream Twitch to TV. For example, Amazon’s Fire TV device. Very easy to use thanks to its small remote control. If you want more information about Fire TV, I leave you a link below.

See Fire TV on Amazon

The last possibility to watch Twitch on your Samsung TV or others

If everything we talked about above still does not work, one last solution is to broadcast the screen of our smartphone directly on the TV.

DLNA and streaming apps

This is generally possible with Android devices , when our TV is compatible with DLNA . This is a system that facilitates the networking of different electronic devices.

From the menu of your mobile device, you will find an option usually called “Share Screen” or similar . If your smartphone is compatible with the TV, it will be automatically detected and you can directly broadcast the screen of your smartphone on the TV.

There are apps that work very similarly, in case your smartphone isn’t compatible. If you are an Android user, I advise you to use ApowerMirror. If you’re on Apple, the easiest way is to use AirPlay.

Here are the links to download these apps:

My opinion on this

I’m not a big fan of splitting the screen like that. There is always a bit of lag (inevitable), and you won’t be able to use your smartphone while watching TV!

This is a good temporary fix . But if you plan to watch Twitch often on your TV, I recommend that you bring a Chromecast or a Fire TV.


Technology is constantly evolving, but it’s still not easy to do what you want according to the brand . In particular, if when talking about different devices.

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