Twitch Extensions 2022 – Best Extensions For Streamers

Twitch Extensions – Best Extensions For Streamers – Even if the so-called twitch extensions are not usually developed by the US company itself, but by third parties, they are offered direct integration into the streaming website. As a streamer, you are responsible for the selection and inclusion in your stream, but you are offered a wide range of different and often completely free extensions. So you are completely free to decide how you want to improve the user experience in your channel.

The Twitch extensions can take on different roles and either display simple information about the current video game, improve user interaction with the channel or fulfill many other functions. We have selected the most popular extensions for you and reveal exactly which tasks they can take on.

The Most Important Twitch Functions at a glance

Installing a Twitch Extension is extremely simple: Visit your channel’s dashboard, switch to the “Extensions” tab on the left and search for or install the software you want to use for your channel directly from here. You can find an overview of all installed add-ons under “My add-ons”.

You should also know that some Twitch Extensions are designed for one specific purpose, while others serve multiple functions. Here are the most common goals to be achieved with the various software:

  • Extensions for video games: Here there are particularly sophisticated options for free use, especially for successful games. In this way, your viewers can get an overview of all important data or even directly influence the gameplay – for example by influencing events positively or negatively.
  • Video games as an extension: Some smaller extensions offer their own mini-game directly in the stream. This allows your viewers to pass the time while you take a break, for example.
  • Rewards and Loyalty: Would you like to give your loyal subscribers a special award or give them extra recognition in the chat? Here, too, the Twitch Extensions can help.
  • Polls: Which video game should be played next? What character should you use as a streamer? If you want your viewers to vote on various questions, you can do this with the help of a corresponding software extension.
  • Music and videos: If you want to make it easier for your viewers to send you entertaining videos or music titles, you will also find appropriate extensions for easy Twitch integration.

It is not always possible to find out immediately which extension is ideal for your purposes, so you sometimes have to experiment and try a little. But for (almost) all requirements there is already a suitable, often free software to be found nowadays.

The Most Popular Twitch Extensions For Streamers

There are currently over 200 Twitch Extensions available free of charge on the platform and the number is constantly growing. Nevertheless, some extensions have emerged as particularly popular and are used by a large number of streamers. Here is an overview of the most popular products:

  • Streamlabs: Probably every streamer has heard of Streamlabs or even used it themselves. This is a complete package that includes, among other things, alert boxes, donation goals, event lists and many other functions. The developers haveeven released their own streaming software, Streamlabs OBS .
  • Stream Design Overlay: Similar to Streamlabs, also offers a variety of practical functions. But it is precisely the many free overlays and templates that ensure that the plug-in is particularly popular and frequently chosen.
  • Exclusive Content for Subscribers: As the English title already suggests, this extension offers the possibility to provide your subscribers with additional content. These can be exclusive videos, pictures or stories, for example. In this way, you not only reward loyal viewers, but can also attract more subscribers.

With crowd control, viewers can directly influence the gameplay.

  • Crowd Control: This extension is often used for channels with strong viewer loyalty. It offers the chance toexert a direct influence on the streamer through simple bit donations and to trigger positive or negative events.
  • StreamLegends: Smaller games have been a part of many channels on Twitch from the very beginning. While smaller chat games used to be played, extensions such as StreamLegends now offer the opportunity not only to gamble with other viewers, but even to form entire guilds and thus strengthen the community.

It is definitely worth taking a look at the different extensions from Twitch and trying out all the products that suit you and your stream. In this way you can not only improve the entertainment value and quality of your channel, but also retain viewers in the long term and create a community.

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