Top 25 Best Bots For Discord 2023

Top 25 Best Bots For Discord – If there’s one messaging app that’s a hit right now, it’s Discord. Previously the favorite application for gamers and streamers (it still remains ), Discord has now become much more popular with the general public. 

A Simple to access, easy to use, and available on both computer and mobile, Discord remains the top of the line when it comes to creating a server with your Twitch viewers, YouTube subscribers, or simply between friends. 

Its system is also much more interactive than Slack with text and voice rooms open to the most significant number of people. 

Top 25 Best Bots For Discord in 2022

Always looking for improvement, developers have created robots to make the experience even more interesting. Ideal to help with moderation, animation, and this, in particular with the help of mini-games. Here are a Top 20 of the best bots to install on your Discord according to us:

Moderation Bots for Discord

Mee6 – Discord server moderation

MEE6 is the Bot par excellence for server moderation. It scans for possible violations of Discord’s rules: inappropriate language, spam, spoilers, external links… It is possible to customize it so that it prevents a warning, banning, or automatically expelling people who do not respect these rules. 

Its system encourages users to chat to “level up” and unlock other features. Plus, it lets you stream music live. MEE6 has a premium version that offers more content such as your server integration with Twitch and YouTube as well as a voice recording option.

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ProBot – Discord moderation

You want to moderate the interface of your server, in a professional way? With ProBot, this will be done simply, but effectively. Whether it’s to see the statistics of the most active users, or to manage automatic replies, this bot will be of great use to you. 

Thanks to it, options such as: creating home pages, putting background music, sanctioning those who go against the established rules… will be at your fingertips. In summary, this robot is the moderation tool par excellence to fully assume the role of administrator.

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Dyno – Moderation bot, anti-spam, roles…

Used on 3 million servers, Dyno remains one of the most used bots for moderation after Mee6 and ProBot. Via a dedicated dashboard, this bot allows you to moderate, create personalized commands or even create event reminders, or even publish or share automatic messages. 

It allows you to automatically block and exclude members from the server who do not respect the rules issued. These also have a premium mode, providing additional features such as text channels that only appear when in voice mode.

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➤ Dyno Controls

Arcane – Bot levels and moderation

Arcane is a bot that offers a “level up” system, encouraging server members to participate in the conversation. As admin, only we can decide how many experiences a user will earn for each interaction. This works for both voice and text messages. 

In addition, it has automatic moderation which can greatly help prevent violations of Discord’s terms and penalize those at fault. Finally, the integration on YouTube allows you to notify those who are on your server that you have just posted a new video there.

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➤ Arcade controls

Loritta – Moderation and automation bot

If moderation, entertainment, and administration on Discord aren’t your forte, use Loritta. Its cute appearance is only a decoy since its features help to retain its members. This bot makes it possible to personalize responses, detect messages that will harm the integrity of its entire server and provide for appropriate sanctions. This is all done through its smooth and convenient dashboard.

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Music and sound bots on Discord

Resanance – Sound shortcut bot

Resanance is a software used by more than 450,000 users, whether on Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, Zoom, Curse or more. This little piece of software is a marvel for animating and supporting “tragic”, “epic”, or other moments using specific sounds. 

What the Stream Deck normally does with shortcuts to launch sounds or music, can be done and configured on the Resanance software. Interesting isn’t it? 😉

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Groovy – Discord music bot

Today the bot is renowned for its features, Groovy allows you to launch music on your Discord server. Using multiple commands, it is possible to launch a specific song, pause, raise or lower the sound… But also to make a selection of music to launch later in the current vocal. For admins, it is possible to only allow the change or launch of a song to certain specific roles.

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➤ Groovy Commands

Rythm – Discord Rhythm Bot

Like Groovy, Rythm is a well-known bot (more than 10 million Discord servers!), to allow you to listen to music from YouTube, SoundCloud or Twitch channels from your Discord server. Just like Groovy, Rythm allows you to launch, follow a song, skip a song, or even get the lyrics of the current song. If a vocal room should not be able to have background music, it will be possible to blacklist it as well as to choose the roles of the members who can start the Rythm bot. 

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➤ Rhythm commands

VoiceMod – Voice modifier  

And of course, let’s not forget the essential “VoiceMod” software. Who hasn’t heard one of their YouTubers or streamers use modified voices to add a bit of atmosphere or perform a full roleplay? It’s not sound or music, but we couldn’t go on a TOP of Discord bots without mentioning VoiceMod. This software simply allows you to change your voice, increasing the bass, distortion, etc. 

VoiceMod offers several effects, such as the “Robot”, the “Vibrato”, the voice of “Cathedral” or even an Alien voice… In short, the total with the voices of game characters, specific characters, VoiceMod is super complete and allows you to have a good time both for streaming on Twitch and with friends! 

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The Bot to save your Discord

Xenon – Discord server backup and synchronization bot

Xenon is a very useful bot when you want to create backups of your Discord server. This allows you to save roles, text or voice channels, and when you go premium, save a certain number of messages, nicknames, etc. Whether it’s to be sure to always have a backup in case of a problem, or to make a backup and transfer it from one server to another, Xenon is a good option.

➤ See the Xenon bot

Game and Role Bots For Discord

Mudae – Bot for manga and anime fans

This is a bot that will appeal to fans of games, anime and manga of all kinds. Over 50,000 characters are available through collectible cards. Those who will be in your server will have a predefined chance to receive a character depending on their level in the chat. 

They can also make them fight in the waifu arena. Note that premium members will be more likely to have the best protagonists. Mudae bot is a nugget for Otakus users of Discord. Many other features are to be discovered as you use it.

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➤ Mudae Commands

Dank Memer – Meme Bot

To give a little more spice to your server, what better than Dank Memer? To entertain even more the members of its Discord server, Dank Memer allows the quick and easy use of memes. Indeed, thanks to it, it is possible to share the right meme at the right time during a conversation… for an even better effect. Just schedule order and everything else will be done automatically. In addition, this bot offers the possibility of creating its own templates to create a unique meme.

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➤ Dank Memer commands

Poketwo – Bot for Pokemon Fans

Who doesn’t know Pokemon? Thanks to this bot, it is possible to replay this mythical game. Collect your Pokémon, make them fight for yourself and… catch them all! A tool designed only for fun, but it will guarantee, at the same time, unconditional fans of the series to return regularly to its server. 

➤ See the Poketwo bot

Karuta – Bot for anime fans

Karuta is another one of those bots designed for anime lovers. Here, server members will be able to collect cards of the best characters from the universe of their choice. We then have the choice between obtaining the cards randomly or manually. Users will have the possibility to exchange them with other players, but also to create their own. Items allow you to embellish the cards you already have.

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➤ Karuta Commands

PokéMeow – Pokemon Discord Bot

PokéMeow is another bot based on Ash and Pikachu’s Universe. This bot gives the possibility of having rare Pokémons and chrome versions of its favorite companions. PokéMeow’s economy system awards coins that are used to purchase Pokeballs, Masterballs, and relatively hard-to-find items. And then various quests are available to make the game even more addictive.

➤ See the PokéMeow bot

EPIC RPG – RPG Discord Bot

It is a Bot whose function is to create role-playing games. Want to set off on new adventures by playing a character? EPIC RPG allows you to enter simple commands to start an adventure. Thus, this bot will take you to fight monsters, cross dungeons; and all of this will be done only through Discord’s messaging system. Each game gives players coins that they can use to buy items and gadgets. Always remaining careful roleplay! 

➤ See the Epic RPG bot

AniGame – Discord bot for game & anime fans

AniGame is a bot allowing users to swim in the universe of anime and games. This allows you to collect the cards of your favorite characters with more than 500 choices available. Each of them has its own unique characteristics and techniques.

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In addition, it will also be possible to fight against other players (PvP) or against the environment (PvE). To accompany small evenings, AniGame also allows you to carry out group battles. This bot is made for lovers of RPG and anime combined.

➤ See the AniGame bot

OwO – Bot Discord of fights and builds

With Owo, you will decide the rules to adopt in your own server. The dashboard is easy to access. Moreover, it helps to control the activity of the limbs so that it happens smoothly. This bot also has features that ensure users have fun at all times: slot machines, monster fights, or the ability to create memes that will make the experience even more enjoyable.

➤ See the OwO bot

ZeroTwo – Anime Discord Bot, role management

ZeroTwo was created to administer the server. The bot has multiple features, such as streaming music, as well as managing the roles of various users. Finally, this bot offers the possibility of collecting cards based on famous anime according to the degree of activity of each in messaging.

➤ See the ZeroTwo bot

Nekotina – Spanish anime and mini-game bot

If you want to learn Spanish with a multifunctional entertainment bot, Nekotina will be an interesting bot. Only available in Spanish for the moment Nekotina, brings together anime, music and mini-games. Creating your own store to allow members to buy roles, objects, and items of all kinds is what this little 100% Spanish-speaking Discord bot offers.

➤ See the Nekotina bot

TacoShack – Maggle Taco Vending Bot

TacoShack is a bot that serves as an adventure and business game. Here, we’re going to trade tacos. Each sale brings money, and this allows to improve his income, as well as to advertise his shop. The goal is to have the maximum number of customers while managing to manage your budget in order to maximize your profits.

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➤ TacoShack Orders

Myuu – Discord bot for Pokemon fans

This is one of the best Pokemon game bots available on Discord. In addition to capture and trade, there will be more realistic combat than most bots in the same category offer. It is above all the battle against other players and the competitive aspect that is marked here. 

Indeed, it is possible to train a Pokémon and therefore improve its performance to defeat opponents. More features, each more interesting than the other, are to be discovered during its use.

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➤ Myuu Commands

Gambling Bot – Discord bot for casinos and gambling

This bot is made for lovers of casinos and gambling. Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Gambling bot provides access to a large number of games. The developers have even managed to add a feature to prevent players from falling into addiction, because the risk of becoming addicted to games is quickly possible and always remains a risk to be avoided. For members in a “casino” mood, Gambling Bot is typically what you are looking for for your Discord server.

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Pokémon – Bot for Pokémon fans

Pokémon is another bot, again allowing you to capture, fight and trade your little companions. But here there will be no pokeball to trap them. Instead, this bot shows an image of a Pokémon in the channel without putting a name. 

The player who writes the Pokémon’s name correctly first will catch it. This bot will boost the participation of your server members. The game is easy as long as you know the Pikachu universe well. 

➤ See Pokemon bot

Mimu – Cute Discord Bot to Earn Coins

At first glance, Mimu is a Bot with a very cute appearance and an interface that is both fluid and modern. This bot is based on economy. Thanks to him, it is possible to create a store, and other users who will participate in the conversation will earn coins. 

These will allow you to buy roles, objects or even improve the visual of their Discord. Its auto-reply feature will be a big help in moderating your server.

➤ See the Mimu bot

Soccer Guru – Discord Bot for Soccer Fans

Papapaperfect for football fans, Soccer Guru offers the possibility to see statistics and news around football events, in real-time. All you have to do is insert simple commands to get all the data you want. Bet on the results, and create and manage your ideal team, alone or with your friends. 

➤ See the Soccer Guru bot

We have seen the 26 best bots of the moment according to Discord users. More than simple tools, bots generally help to boost the popularity of its server but above all to found a reliable community there. 

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