The Pros and Cons of Twitch

The Pros and Cons of Twitch – It seems easy, right? Until we start reading information about how to stream on the main platforms, the main conclusion that we draw is that we need a program. However, getting everything to work properly can be trickier, so we’re here to help you stream like a pro.

First, let’s start with the platform with the most streaming users in the world: Twitch. We found many categories in which to broadcast, but most are specific video games. Leaving this line, we find “chatting” (just chatting), “music”, “outdoors and travel”, etc.

The Pros and Cons of Twitch

In “chatting” you will see that there are many viewers, but in the others not so much, leaving most of the traffic for video games. In this way, Twitch is a platform focused on video games , although it is open to other purposes.

To broadcast on Twitch we need to create a user, configure our profile and download a program with which to manage all the broadcast from our PC to the Twitch server. This process is practically the same as on YouTube, so we don’t see any big differences here.

Advantage of Twitch

The advantages of this platform are varied and succulent, especially for content creators who start streaming. Twitch is from Amazon, something that is quickly noticeable in the operation, as in the organization.

Traffic focused on watching broadcasts

All users who enter Twitch (be they streamers or viewers) go to what they go: to watch broadcasts. On the contrary, on YouTube the traffic is more varied , with many more people using this platform to watch videos, documentaries, listen to music, etc.

It is usual to see a content creator on YouTube and Twitch, since they are not mutually incompatible platforms, but they are used for different purposes by them. They use YouTube to post the best moments of their streaming on Twitch, so their main platform is usually Twitch.

Best streaming platform for video games

This is not a value judgment, but facts and statistics. If the content we want to see is that of a person playing a video game and reacting to it, Twitch is the platform. Users log in to see their “idols” or people who entertain them playing their favorite video games .

For this reason, professional players have many viewers on their broadcasts, as fans seek to learn new techniques by watching the “pro” on duty. If we add charisma to this, an eSports player can find his permanent job on Twitch.

More Attractive remuneration system

Since YouTube reformed its advertising and monetary policies, Twitch has emerged as a more interesting option . The goal of everyone who starts is to get the famous “Twitch Partner”, which is a badge that Twitch awards to content creators distinguished by their traffic or subscribers.

With the Twitch Partner many doors open:

  • Subscriptions and own emoticons in the channel.
  • Bits: virtual items redeemable for 1 cent each.
  • Income from advertising reproduced on our channel.
  • Emblems for distinguished users who follow you.

With all this, there is a fairly widespread donation culture whereby viewers donate a certain amount of money to the streamer through PayPal . In exchange for this, the streamer will offer you a consideration, which is usually a message, a song, etc.; It depends on the stream.

More proactive interface with followers/viewers

This advantage deserves to be emphasized because the system that Twitch has to interact with the users who are watching us is very good. Viewers have a chat where they can share their impressions, which is usually moderated by us, by a « bot » or by moderators of our choice.

In addition, viewers can communicate with each other through ” whispers “, that is, privately. Also, we can create live polls so that we can see what our users think, etc.

Another positive aspect is the organization that has the channel to show the information we want: setup, link to donate money, biography, etc. In fact, we can configure the channel for emoticons, only subscribers, etc, which is very good to avoid haters.

Ability to use Amazon Prime to subscribe

Before, subscribing to a channel cost a price to subscribe to a channel, but any user who has connected their Amazon account to Twitch, will be able to subscribe to one channel per month for free. You, as streamers, do not care about one or the other: the subscription is worth the same.

This is a very positive point for streamers because it is now easier to subscribe to channels through this medium. Twitch is not like YouTube, as a subscriber you enjoy certain “privileges” on the channel: being able to write in the chat when it is in “subscribers only” mode, use channel emojis, etc.

Viewing Awards

On Twitch there is something called ” swag ” that may interest the most enthusiastic gamers. On the part of the spectators, there is the possibility of winning beta versions of video games, such as interesting items (skins, customizations, weapons, keys, etc.).

This possibility is very attractive in order to see a certain streaming, why? The reason is that Twitch often hosts shows that select streamers to hand out gifts . We explain how it works with this example :

  • Riot releases the Valorant beta, which only a select few have access to.
  • Twitch hosts a Valorant beta giveaway program.
  • To get a beta, you have to be watching a stream of the Valorant category that is validated.
  • In this way, you can be the lucky one to take a beta for simply watching a stream.

This procedure applies to other loot, such as money in GTA , shoulder bags in Red Dead , wildcards in Runeterra , etc.

Disadvantages of Twitch

Let’s go with the negative part of the Twitch platform, which exists and must be contrasted.

A lot of competitiveness

On YouTube we can find a lot of competition too, but it is difficult to capture viewers on Twitch, especially when the streaming category has little traffic. For this, we will need more ingredients than mere perseverance:

  • Charisma and engagement.
  • Attractive content strategy and, above all, organized.
  • Offer something that not all streamers offer. It can be useful to research the competition.
  • Establish incentives for donations or subscriptions. For example: giveaway for the first 10 subscribers.

If you want to be a streamer, you will have to invest a lot of time and money .

Broadcast limit at 720p

Until we have been on the platform for a while and our channel has a certain traffic, we will not be able to retransmit at more than 720p. Do not interpret this as a minor problem when you have a webcam with 720p resolution: all the streaming is at 720p , even the video game that is seen.

Try going to a known channel and changing the broadcast settings from 720p to 1080p, you will see the difference. In this sense, Twitch implements this limitation to encourage us to work on our streaming, raise the quality (to attract more viewers) and thus unlock this option.

It is difficult to convert viewers into subscribers

The traditional conversion is converting viewers into followers; then convert those followers into subscribers. If we are starting, it is advisable to thank each follow that is given to us because that will allow us to be in the left bar of the user’s main menu.

In other words, when the user follows us , we will appear on the left when we are broadcasting, which makes it easier to attract more viewers. If the user likes how we stream, whether on YouTube or Twitch, he will stay with us-> subscription.

Take advantage of the fact that anyone can subscribe to a channel for free with Amazon Prime. In this way, they will not have to spend €5 on a subscription and a subscription with Amazon is worth the same to you as a paid one.

Irregular trafficking in certain categories

As we have said, Twitch is organized into streaming categories, having to choose one when we are going to broadcast a direct. The problem is that we can see about 8 categories with a lot of traffic, while the others do not have a lot of traffic.

We can consider it a disadvantage when it comes to wanting to stream our favorite video game , which does not have many viewers . If your fame goes far, I can assure you that it will not matter which video game you choose because you will have many viewers; meanwhile, we will have to gain viewers, how? Playing popular titles:

  • LoL.
  • GTA V.
  • Fortnite.
  • PUBG.
  • Valuing
  • Minecraft.
  • WoW.
  • CoD.

If you like these titles, there will be no problem; However, we will not have the same feeling when we play titles that we do not like or that we do not feel like so much.

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