Teamspeak VS Discord 2023: Which is more useful

Teamspeak VS Discord 2022: Which is better – Which team chat is right for you? We compare the two market leaders TeamSpeak and Discord.

About TeamSpeak

Teamspeak has always accompanied us as gamers. Anyone who played online in the early 2000s knows it. You had to rent a server for money. But someone from the group was always so kind and provided a server. Or the clan has sponsored one. 

TS was released in 2001, the current version TS3 as we know it was released in 2011 and is regularly updated to this day. In addition to TeamSpeak, there were already alternatives such as Ventrilo , Mumble or, for the younger generation, Skype

However, none of them really caught on, with the exception of Skype, which was somehow never designed for gaming.

Working on TeamSpeak Vs Discord

Sometime in 2015, two years after the founding of 0815, a new serious competitor for TeamSpeak appeared in the gaming world: Discord

The first big difference is: Anyone can create a server for free without any detours. 

The “ 0815 Zockerbude ” or whatever it is called, has existed since the very beginning. Despite the more or less regular visits to other servers – after all, anyone can create one – our booth is still the first port of call for me if I want to play.

So, Discord pushed its way onto the market back then, bringing a fresh, modern interface and free servers. Now the inevitable arises: the community splits . 

An example is the Counter-Strike player himself, who basically doesn’t like changes, but the older people in the scene in general probably also count. In any case, the basic rule there is: change = bad. 

This has always been the case and will always remain so. Well. In the meantime, many have 10 launchers on the record (unless you only play CS or have remained stubborn) and some also have two voice programs.

We switched over a long period of time and it worked. Personally, I found the interface to be enough reason to get away from TeamSpeak’s scruffy appearance. Now, however, such discussions have arisen again when playing CS, as was the case in 2015 when Discord was launched. 

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At that time there were still connection problems and the TS people could use this argument to stay with their old box. In the meantime, however, that is no longer an issue, but the TS people are still hard-boiled fans of this veteran of a program. 

Why is that? And how can you objectively compare the two programs? I’m trying to clarify that here and I think it’s a pity that I won’t get any feedback from TeamSpeak users, because it’s possible that nobody from outside will read this.

The direct comparison of Teamspeak VS Discord 2022

DiscordTeamSpeak 3
user interfacemodern
Videotheresomehow possible via addon
Mobilegood app, can also make video calls since the pandemicaverage app
Streamingyes, flawlessnope
User-StatusShows the current game, can use custom statuses or standard “Away or Present”There is at least the status “Away”
ChatIs included with its own interface and persists between visits. Can be used as a social media area. Of course, there are also PMs. There are emojis, embedding and and and other thingsIt clears itself after each visit, and looks like a text editor.
sound qualitysee belowsee below
ServerDepends on Discord, centralized serversindependently
privacynot so plump: Discord reads chats and personalizes advertisinga lot of privacy
Botscrazy manyno idea
AvailabilityPC, Mac, iOS, Android and browsersPC, Mac, iOS, Android
Emojis… and… nee
Teamspeak VS Discord 2022


Teamspeak VS Discord audio quality

Both use the same voice codec (Opus) and can do 96 kbps. I think that’s a criticism of Discord from its early days. This argument no longer plays any role.

My Opinion

In case you haven’t heard it yet: I’m a Discord fan. I just prefer the modern approach and don’t see any disadvantages for now. In our or my case, nothing personal is shared on Discord and I don’t really care about data protection here. But I only found out during my research for the article that data protection is not such a big thing with Teamspeak and with Discord.

Otherwise, things like spontaneous streaming, screen sharing and video calls, status of who is playing what and many many small things have become indispensable, especially in times of countless launchers. Discord is the one stop shop where it all comes together.

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