10 Best OBS Studio Plugins For 2023

Best OBS Studio Plugins

10 Best OBS Studio Plugins For 2023 – In this article I will bring my top favorite OBS Studio plugins. I’ve been using and explaining about OBS Studio for years on Youtube and I tell you: these plugins are not here for nothing. They allow you to do much more sophisticated things than pure OBS. some of the … Read more

What are the OBS Studio System Requirements?

OBS Studio System Requirements

OBS Studio System Requirements – To run on a PC, OBS Studio requires that the machine be equipped with Windows 7 or more recent versions and a graphics card with support for DirectX 10.1. DirectX is directly related to multimedia activities in the operating system. OBS Studio for Windows is available in two versions: 32-bit and 64-bit. What are the OBS Studio System Requirements? How … Read more

9 Best OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming in 2023

OBS Alternatives

10 Best OBS Alternatives – If you usually frequent pages that are dedicated to the transmission of content via Streaming, you probably don’t know that OBS’s participation is behind it. This technology provides a player and transmitter for this type of service, although it is also used as a video recorder, which could be useful … Read more