How to Support Twitch Streamers as a Viewer?

How to Support Twitch Streamers as a Viewer – Many streamers have the big dream of streaming their live streams almost every day in front of a large audience. On the one hand there is financial support, but on the other hand there are many other ways in which you can help your favorite streamer. In this two-part series of articles, you will learn how Twitch viewers can support streamers.

To Support Twitch Streamers as a Viewer

Financial support as a Twitch viewer

Some streamers post their income as a sideline, while others are self-employed and rely on monthly support. Streamers are certainly always happy about any financial donations, otherwise the options for completing a sub or donation would not be displayed in the panels of a channel.

There are also a few exceptions to streamers who, purely as a hobby, enjoy entertaining their community in front of the camera. However, no sub or donation options are offered here, nor a merch shop, since in this case there is no trade.

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The subscription (sub) levels on Twitch

There are a total of four different subscription levels, each of which has a term of one month and is automatically renewed unless you deactivate it in your own profile. The only exception here is the Prime Sub , which can always be activated manually.

  • 1 Tier Sub: The simplest variant costs $4.99, which gives viewers access to some streamer emotes for the chat.
  • 2 Tier Sub: The next level costs $9.99 , which gives you additional emotes.
  • 3 Tier Sub: $24.99 is the most expensive subscription model, with which you can make streamers very happy.
  • Prime Sub: If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can connect it to Twitch. A Prime Sub is available to you every month, which you can send to a streamer free of charge as part of your Amazon Prime membership. Be sure to use this option if it’s available to you. So there are no further financial expenses for you as a Twitch viewer.

You can also give away subscriptions (subs) to a specific person or to the community at any time, as you can see in the picture above.

Bits for Chat Area

In the chat you can also give the streamer financial support in the form of Bits with a small selection of Bits emotes .

For this you can purchase a Bits package in different sizes. 100 bits cost you $1.40, of which Twitch keeps 29%, 1500 bits cost $19.95 (25% Twitch). Of course, there are other, different packages with respective gradations. During a stream, you have the opportunity to give away chat bits to the streamer.

Donations, merch and products

Donation buttons , a merch shop link or discount links to products are often stored in the panels .

With a donation you can donate an individual sum, whereby this is often displayed as an alert during the stream. You can enter your name and a message or donate anonymously.

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Tips to Become a Successful live Game Streamer

There are more and more merch shop providers for the streaming platforms. A way that streamers love to use to sell their own logo or beautiful emotes on mugs, t-shirts and other products. With your purchase, the operator receives a percentage of the sales as proceeds.

The situation is similar with products . Brands such as Yfood or hardware providers pay commissions to streamers if their community purchases products. If you need a new gaming PC or accessories anyway, this is generally always a good option, which means no additional costs for you.

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