Streamlabs vs OBS Studio: Which One Is Better in 2022

Streamlabs vs OBS Studio: Which One Is Better in 2022 – This is a question raised by many streamers. After all, it is useful to have software that optimizes and facilitates the work of those who want to work with video transmission. This is because better management of time and resources allows for more flexibility and autonomy at work.

In addition, it still helps to have productions with more quality and interactivity with the public. Not to mention a brand of its own that makes it better known on the internet. Something that is very important, especially when we consider that the market continues to grow, which means more competition!

With all this in mind, we brought you a post that discusses in depth the differences and advantages of these two services for you to make the best choice. Follow along and find out which is better: Streamlabs or OBS Studio ?

What is Streamlabs?

In operation since 2014, Streamlabs is a streaming program that can be used free of charge and also in subscriber mode. And that’s why the tool stands out.

This is because, in this second modality, the software proposes to be multi- streaming. That is, you will not need to live on just one network at a time, such as Facebook or Twitch, for example.

By becoming a prime Streamlabs user, you can present your videos simultaneously on multiple platforms. And the best: it is still possible to customize the broadcast for them. Not to mention that you can interact with viewers from different pages in a single panel.

That is, it provides an omnichannel strategy. That is, it aims at this integration of channels to offer a differentiated experience to its target audience. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

What is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is also streaming software. Unlike Streamlabs, it is 100% free . Available since 2012, it is for streamers who want to simplify the task of making live broadcasts for their followers.

That’s because there’s no shortage of platforms to do lives. However, this diversity also brings problems. After all, it becomes less productive and much more work to use them individually to make transmissions.

Just keep in mind that each one has particularities, rules and features that will naturally differ from each other. Therefore, it is not a job that pays for those who want to build (or have already built) a career in this field.

Given this, OBS Studio works as a master key. A space where you can access different networks and share your work with the same quality and efficiency as always.

What are the main differences between Streamlabs vs OBS Studio Programs?

Now that you know what Streamlabs and OBS Studio are, it’s time to know what differentiates these two types of software. Pay attention to the main points so you don’t miss any details!

Compatibility with operating systems

Streamlabs is available for both PC (Windows) and smartphone (iOS and Android systems). OBS Studio, on the other hand, cannot be downloaded on cell phones. On the other hand, it has compatibility with different PC operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS).

This makes it more accessible, since the use of a program on mobile ends up limited to two points. The first is the battery life of the device. The second is the commands available in that format. In that case, OBS Studio might be a better option.


OBS Studio’s interface is more minimalistic and refers to the model adopted in video editing programs, such as Adobe Premiere. Streamlabs, on the other hand, has a more dynamic and informative command splash screen, with open tabs on the left.

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Despite this detail, the presentation format is more intuitive. That is, something that makes a difference for the novice user. So, in this regard, Streamlabs comes out ahead.


Both Streamlabs and OBS Studio offer functions in free mode. Comparing the two, it is possible to see a similarity of tools, such as:

  • streaming videos on different platforms;
  • customization of transitions between videos;
  • recording and backing up videos;
  • audio mixing;
  • screen overlays.

That is, at first, it would be a draw. The point is that OBS Studio, as we mentioned, does not generate expenses for the streamer. To use the most interesting features of Streamlabs, you need to purchase a monthly plan. Given this, OBS Studio becomes a good option for the zero cost policy.

Platform availability

As for the platforms with which the software connects, the two tie. That’s because both Streamlabs and OBS Studio can be used for multiple networks. For example: 

  • Twitter;
  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • TikTok;
  • Twitch;
  • YouTube;
  • Disagree


Continuing the comparison between Streamlabs and OBS Studio, the level of settings ends up favoring the former. That’s because you have specific resources for a number of things.

This is the case with live entries, screen personalization, file uploads, video synchronization, identification of supporters, etc. In addition, Streamlabs provides a content hub to enhance your audiovisual production. So point to him.

extra options

OBS Studio focuses on functionality that meets the demands of streamers , not offering extra options to the user. Streamlabs, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction. This is even a differential point, as the software has customizable widgets for monetization in your live broadcasts.

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It also has applications that you can download to have greater autonomy and creative identity in the transmission of videos. Therefore, Streamlabs can be more advantageous in this regard.

Which is better: Streamlabs or OBS Studio?

When weighing the best, Streamlabs brings more functionality. So there isn’t a huge disparity between the two types of software. What will really weigh in the evaluation of them is the breadth of features that one offers in relation to the other.

So, did the post help clarify what to consider before deciding between Streamlabs or OBS Studio? Therefore, carefully analyze the points raised here. If possible, test with both services to see, in practice, which one meets your needs.


Which is better: Streamlabs or OBS?

The two programs have similar functions and meet the same type of streaming demand. However, Streamlabs comes out ahead for being a more robust service and with more content customization tools.

What are Streamlabs and OBS Studio?

These are types of software developed so that streamers can perform lives on different platforms.

What is the difference between OBS Studio and Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is available for both PC (Windows) and smartphone (iOS and Android systems). Already OBS Studio, only Windows, macOS and Linux. With Streamlabs, the streamer has specific resources for a number of things. OBS does not offer extra options for the user.

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