What is a Streamer? Is streaming a good career?

What is a Streamer? Is streaming a good career – Isn’t it surprising how much the digital environment has transformed many professions and even promoted new ones to the market? This is the case with the emergence of the streamer, who works by making live streams while playing.

The profession is one of the strongest at the moment and at the same time it guarantees fun for those who consume it, it provides high gains for those who produce the content.

The profession of the future is happening now! Learn more about who streamers are and what they do: the people who make their favorite games a source of high monetization.

In this post you will:

  • know the main elements of the online game streaming universe ;
  • find out what a streamer is and how it works ;
  • identify differences between broadcasts on YouTube and other sites;
  • understand how much this profession can earn;
  • know which are the biggest current streaming platforms ;
  • see who are the most famous streamers.

Come on? Keep reading and follow the details of this interesting lifestyle!

What is a streamer?

A streamer is a digital content creator that makes recordings or live broadcasts of any type of content and publishes it on the internet. The term comes from another English word, “ streaming ”.

The two words imply the same action: developing videos for some online platform, most of the time in a live format where people can follow along simultaneously.

However, it is possible to think about streaming and associate it with services for the transmission of series, movies, television shows, and music. In the case of games, the term is linked to those who create audiovisual productions of different extensions while playing. What can also be known as gameplay?

What does a streamer do?

In the type of specific presentation of games, the player can transmit different elements related to the universe of games: show ways to pass a certain level, teach tricks and even compete with other streamers.

In addition, lives as they are also known, can address topics about products used by gamers, for example: talking about items that improve players’ experience.

How much does a streamer make?

How much will the salary of those who work having fun? The remuneration of a presenter varies widely and depends on factors such as:

  • number of views on the streaming platform ;
  • number of subscribers;
  • if there is an advertising partnership with brands;
  • passing on of ad fees from the website on which the broadcasts are posted.

The average value is between $0.70 and $1.40 for the first 1,000 views and increases as the number of viewers also grows.

What is the difference between YouTuber and Streamer

At first glance, it may seem the same, but be careful not to confuse the professions! A streamer is someone who broadcasts exclusively live on their own platforms for that format. Whereas the content creator for YouTube can work with both the recorded categories and the live version.

The two professions can cross quite a lot. A streamer can be a YouTuber and vice versa. Due to the popularity and influence of the site, receiving money through YouTube has become an attractive opportunity for many people.

What are the most popular streaming platforms?

Despite the great reach of YouTube, with the increasingly strong development of the gamer market, several streaming platforms emerged and gained space among the community. 

Each with its own characteristics and advantages. Discover the main tools of the gaming market!


The #1 site when it comes to streaming. Not only for games, but also for concerts and other types of live performances.

Many of the most famous names in the gaming universe make Twitch their broadcast portal.

It is recognized for being one of the most developed and well-structured tools, serving its audience with quality.

YouTube Gaming

It’s a tool aimed especially at game streaming. A Careful investment in the gaming user experience , whether for those who produce or for those who consume the content.

YouTube monetization is a highlight for this platform as it can offer more flashy revenue.


Created by Microsoft, the software stands out among competitors for the speed and variety of content available.

Another interesting point is that some games are broadcast exclusively by Mixer.

Facebook Gaming

The great highlight of this option is the customization that the user can access. The streamer can change the streaming quality at any time, which is advantageous as it makes the transmission lighter.

Thus, Facebook Gaming is great for those who suffer from many fluctuations in the internet signal.

Nimo TV

The site is part of one of the largest Chinese groups in the field and is spread all over the world. The great differential of this site is that the focus is on mobile games. That is, broadcasts more focused on the most varied types of mobile games.

How to become a streamer

Now that you know the main gamer streaming platforms on the market, see how to become a streamer with the tips below.

be authentic

There are many people doing the same as you right now. Thousands of gameplays are streamed daily across multiple platforms. What will be your difference? Being authentic means adding your personal value to what you are doing.

Provide exciting interactions

Take the opportunity to compete with friends or other streamers. Demonstrate all your skills and everything you are capable of with a video game.

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Introducing the most difficult level of a game and creating other challenges to overcome while your followers accompany you are interesting suggestions.

Invest in good equipment

Seek to improve the experience of those who accompany you by improving the quality of the equipment you use. Some suggestions are:

  • good headphones and microphone;
  • modern consoles with advanced settings (with more definition and sharper graphics).

Build a custom setup

Your setup will be your personal brand. It is the space where all the products related to streaming will be , such as the chair, controls, keyboards, and monitors. It is the ideal space for you to leave with “your face”.

Who are the most famous streamers

Check out the main names of the “ stream scene ” and see who are the biggest producers of gamer content today.


Alan Ferreira, recognized by the username “Alanzoka” is the biggest streamer on the Twitch platform. His profile already has more than 5 million followers.


Nobru is recognized for the broadcasts of Free Fire , a mobile game of which he has already been world champion. The streamer has approximately 3.2 million followers. And the number keeps growing.


Alexandre “Gaules” is a professional Counter Strike (CS) player, famous first-person shooter. Currently, the focus of his broadcasts is the presentation of the CS championships, a game in which the player has even been a coach.


Victor Coringa is one of the exponents of streaming platforms. The boy is part of the LOUD esports team and presents content in the most different genres. Joker has over 2 million followers.


YoDa is one of the most important Leagues of Legends (LoL) players today. The streamer was once part of major international competition teams, but currently no longer competes.


Cellbit is renowned for the puzzle and mystery genre in its broadcasts. With a very characteristic humor and remarkable charisma, even the scariest games become funny during their streams .


Another name that became known for playing League of Legends. Jukes participates in competitions to this day and is currently part of one of the biggest teams in this esports category .


Rakin is a player who was also famous for playing LoL, however, he has already hung up the controls for this game. Currently, he invests in other genres for the daily broadcasts he carries out on his channel.


Bak is responsible for one of the phenomena of Free Fire streaming. One of his lives won the record for simultaneous live viewers: more than 500,000 people followed the young man!

He has been part of big teams and competed in different sports.

In short

What is the profession of streamer?

The streamer profession is recognized by professionals who make recordings or live broadcasts of any type of content and publish it on the internet. The term comes from another English word, the “ streaming ”.

What does it take to be a streamer?

In addition to good technological equipment, such as a phone, computer and microphone, it is important that the streamer is authentic, that is, that he creates relevant and original content for his audience.

How much does a streamer make on average?

The remuneration of a presenter varies widely and depends on several factors. Thus, the average value is between $0.70 and $1.40 for the first 1,000 views and increases as the number of viewers also grows.

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