Restream: How to Stream to Multiple Platforms?

Restream: How to Stream to Multiple Platforms? – When you start streaming, you probably wonder which platform you should start on, in order to maximize your chances of being seen. It is with the aim of allowing streamers to broadcast on several platforms simultaneously that Restream was created.

To stream to multiple platforms simultaneously, you can use Restream. You will need to have an account on the targeted platforms, in order to allow Restream to provide you with a bundled streaming key. You can then enter the latter in your streaming software, and start your simultaneous broadcast.

The use of Restream is rather simple although it is equipped with many features, and one of them offers you the possibility of scheduling replays, on several platforms.

However, it is not advisable to use Restream in all situations, and we explain why in the rest of the article.

What is Restream

Restream is a “multistreaming” service, that allows you to stream across multiple platforms simultaneously. With Restream, you can, for example, broadcast your game of League of Legends on Twitch and Youtube Gaming at the same time

Restream: How to Stream to Multiple Platforms?

In addition, you will be able to respond to your 2 communities thanks to the group chat system. This tool has several advantages, such as being able to compare the success of your content. Then, you can decide to orient yourself towards the platform of your choice.

It can also allow you to gain visibility more quickly, in order to boost traffic on your social networks, for example.

However, if the use of Restream does not pose a problem at first, it may be wise to take note of some restrictions imposed by certain platforms, in particular when you sign a contract with one of them.

Using Restream as a Twitch or Youtube Partner?

When you sign a contract allowing you to become a “Twitch partner”, you agree to apply a 24-hour exclusivity clause for all your content.

In other words, broadcasting on platforms other than Twitch when you have “Partner” status is prohibited by your contract. However, Restream offers several essential features for streamers wishing to gain visibility, and those, regardless of their status.

Restream scheduler, the life-changing tool

Although you are affiliated with Twitch, or any other platform offering an exclusivity clause in its contract, you can use the integrated rebroadcasting tool.

Indeed, when you broadcast on Twitch, you can activate a setting allowing you to save it on your pc.

Then you can set up a broadcast on Restream, which will take care of broadcasting your content on other platforms, 24 hours later.

The icing on the cake, the replay does not require your PC to be on, and will be fully supported by the platform.

Other features like chat management, or the analysis tool are also very well thought out, and can be used even if you only broadcast on Twitch.

Restream is above all a tool allowing you to broadcast on several platforms, of course, but the other tools are also worth a look! We start with the configuration of the multi-platform broadcast. Follow the leader !

Configuring Restream

Prerequisites: You must have an account on the streaming platforms on which you want to broadcast.

Restream is a web-based platform, which means you don’t have to install any software, everything happens on the web. Start by creating an account on the site , then log in. You then land on the dashboard.

From here we can start configuring Restream.

Click on ”  Add channel  ” and connect to the desired platforms. Some platforms will require you to have an account created more than 24 hours before you can stream, this is particularly the case with Youtube.

Once your accounts are configured, click on “  Update Titles  ” to define the titles that will appear on the broadcasting platforms.

You can configure a title that will appear on all your platforms or decide to give a different title to each of them.

You can also choose which game your broadcast is about, depending on availability on the targeted platform.

Finally, the “ Social Alerts ” tab   located at the top right will allow you to link your social networks in order to send messages to them simultaneously.

Once these configurations are complete, we return to the dashboard and select ”  Streaming software (RTMP) “, in order to retrieve the key allowing us to link Restream to your streaming software. Copy the key and go to your streaming software.

On Streamlabs OBS, or OBS, go to ”  Settings -> Stream “, select the ”  Service  ” to paste the recovered key there.

From now on, the next time you launch your stream via your streaming software, it will be broadcast on all platforms previously configured on Restream.

However, we still have to settle a detail concerning the chat. Don’t worry, Restream provides us with a tool to merge chats from all the platforms you stream on.

We return to the Restream dashboard, and click on the 3 small dots, present in the left tab. Then click on “Chat App” .

Here, 2 solutions are available to you: download a small software allowing you to use your chats independently of the website, or use the tool integrated into the latter.

Here we will use the second solution, but know that the software is very simple to use as well.

Once your broadcast has started, all the messages will appear in the same chat, preceded by an icon letting you know where each one comes from.

This feature is also usable when streaming on a single platform, and I personally find it more readable than Twitch.

Configure Restream scheduler

One of the features that makes Restream famous is undoubtedly Restream scheduler , as it offers comfort to content creators.

For the example, we are going to put ourselves in the shoes of a streamer on Twitch, who wants to rebroadcast his content the next day on Youtube. Note that this process can easily be applied to other platforms.

Let’s start by configuring the recording of our content when we broadcast, in order to obtain a video file. On OBS or Streamlabs OBS, go to “  Settings->General  ” and check the box “  Automatically record when streaming “.

Now, when you stream, your pc automatically saves your stream in mp4 format. Basically, you can find your recordings in the Video folder.

Make sure your destination folder has enough free space to avoid unpleasant surprises. We return to the Restream dashboard and select the “  Scheduler  ” tab present in the left menu.

Choose the video to retransmit via the “  Upload  ” button and click on “  Schedule Recorded Video ”. Here, we enter the title of the replay as well as the date on which it must begin. Scroll down the “Advanced” tab to choose the destination platforms, as well as the number of repetitions desired. You can decide to broadcast your content in a loop, and define an interval between each broadcast.

Your replay is now scheduled, and you can edit or delete it via the “ Scheduler ” tab  . Know that you can plan several broadcasts and thus define a program for the whole week.

Feel free to leave a comment if you encounter any difficulties while setting up Restream!

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