OBS Studio Guide For Beginners in 2022: Complete Tutorial

OBS Studio Guide For Beginners in 2022: Complete Tutorial – The pandemic has restructured several routines and made many people look for alternative solutions to make money on the internet. The online streaming industry was one of them. For this, many people started to use OBS Studio as an intermediate program for recording videos.

OBS Studio is an open source software that can be used for recording and streaming videos. Find out how it works!

But do you know what this tool is and how it can help those who work in this area? Face-to-face work is no longer a necessity, and OBS Studio can help you work remotely and earn money online.

Want to know how? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the tool, including its advantages and disadvantages. Follow up!

What is OBS Studio?

OBS Studio ( Open Broadcaster Software ) is a video recording and streaming tool for the internet. It works on open source, which means it’s completely free.

The software works as an intermediary between capturing images on your equipment and streaming platforms. That is, from the computer, cell phone, and tablet, Twitch and Facebook, for example.

Widely used for recording classes and lectures, it captures images from various sources and encodes them for platforms.

As it is software with many different options and features, it can be a little difficult to use the first time. For this, we separate some tips for those who want to start using it. Check out!

What are the main tools of OBS Studio?

OBS Studio has six main functions , which help to understand the full functionality of the program. They are:

Scenes: in this part, you can divide the scene you are going to record. It is widely used by those who work with two cameras for recording, seeking to bring more versatility to the video. With this functionality, you don’t have to fiddle with the settings every time you want to change angles;

Viewing Screen: as the name implies, the screen is made to view the scenes and follow the transmission;

Sources: with this tool, it is possible to organize the main sources that will capture the video, such as cameras, images, windows, etc. This function is essential for content streamers , who always have multiple tabs open;

Mixer: it is the volume controller of the transmission and helps to eliminate possible noise. In it, you can increase or decrease the sound and even edit the audio to make it silent during recording;

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Menu bar: it is possible to apply filters, change settings, access the video directory and get platform support;

Controls and transitions: this functionality has more technical characteristics, such as the possibility of transmitting and recording simultaneously. It is one of the great advantages of the software .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OBS Studio?

Like any tool, OBS Studio offers varied advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the type of streaming and transmission you are looking to do. Check out!


Below, we separate the main advantages of the tool. Look!

open code

As we have already mentioned, the platform uses open source, therefore, it is free. In this way, the software is highly recommended for those who are starting to broadcast and cannot invest in a paid service.

Pre-recorded texts, images, and videos

The platform is very functional. It allows you to add live text and images, as well as use pre-recorded videos. That is, you can make the recording before and show it during a broadcast.

Insertion of banners and cards

You can also insert content, such as banners and cards, in the pause moments of your live video. This is a great feature for those broadcasting classes and lectures. After all, inserting these materials can help students better absorb past content.

Disadvantages of the platform

Just like any service, the software also has its downsides. Check out the main ones below!

Mobile app

There is no mobile version of OBS Studio yet. That is, the tool can only be used on computers. Therefore, if you are looking for software with this versatility, perhaps OBS Studio is not the ideal option.

It is constantly updated

This can also be considered an advantage, as it shows the developers’ commitment to bring an increasingly optimized tool.

However, constant updates can delay your work sometimes. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind when using it.

What can Software OBS Studio use for?

Now that you know the pros and cons of OBS Studio, how about understanding a little more about the purposes for which this software can be used? Check it out:

  • record online classes;
  • stream on various streaming services ;
  • carry out consultations;
  • get more clients and students.


What is OBS Studio for?

OBS Studio is a tool that assists in live broadcasts. It can be used to record online classes, carry out consultations and stream videos.

Is OBS free

OBS Studio works on open source, which means it is completely free. To use it, just download and configure.

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