9 Best OBS Alternatives for Live Streaming in 2023

10 Best OBS Alternatives – If you usually frequent pages that are dedicated to the transmission of content via Streaming, you probably don’t know that OBS’s participation is behind it.

This technology provides a player and transmitter for this type of service, although it is also used as a video recorder, which could be useful at any time, as it has worked for many.

However, before you decide on it, you could try other alternatives to OBS.

Browsing the web we find many platforms that work based on it, mainly those that provide audiovisuals by Streaming.

Best OBS Alternatives

But if you want to know a little more about its main rivals and competitors and you need to select one for yourself, We have good news.

We have prepared a list for you with the ten most functional options of all. Without further ado, our Top 10 Best OBS Alternatives.

1. Bandicam

In the realm of video recording, Bandicam might be a tough proposition to dismiss. This program is installed on your computer and will let you record up to 24 hours of continuous content without cuts or stops, which could work for long jobs.

In fact, the main idea behind its use is due to GamePlays, so now you can show everyone how you’ve evolved in your game and even create a YouTube channel where you develop very well.

In that sense, Bandicam has added one more feature that you will surely love. And it is that, its hardware acceleration system makes the most of all the qualities of the computer’s memory so that the recordings do not stick or are interrupted.

This could be a great opportunity for those who have slow computers and need a program that works great for them. You can configure everything you want and it sits on the screen as a floating lead.


2. XSplit Broadcaster

For live broadcasts, maybe this software will come in handy for you. Xplit Broadcaster can be configured with various online platforms, so you will get the broadcast signal you want to do without many complex configuration protocols.

Furthermore, all of its features are available through a monthly subscription payment, which is quite affordable if we compare it to other programs of its kind. It works great with Twitch and many other options.

Meanwhile, Xplic Broadcaster also comes with a recording system, which will be able to store all your broadcasts, but it’s really nothing you can take full advantage of, since it’s limited to a particular amount of time and can get stuck at the wrong time.

To finish improving the package, the software comes packaged with a lot of tools and settings, which will help you to fully customize its use and the purpose you carry.


3. Camtasia Studio

And if you want free, lightweight and straight to the point alternatives to OBS, Camtasia Studio will fascinate you. This is a proposal that works very well on computers with the Windows operating system, since it is designed for that platform.

It has some tools that will let you configure all your screen recording, including video and audio so that you can have them complete. Although you can pause or cancel the recording at any time and add texts on the screen.

As if that were not enough, Camtasia Studio comes incorporated with a special codec, which was designed to ensure that the captures maintain the highest quality with a weight that does not exceed your expectations.

In any case, you can export all the projects in two additional formats: AVI, which is the basic one found in this type of program; and the SWF, so it doesn’t take up as much space on your computer. It won’t let you do much further, but work lightly and that’s worth a lot of points.


4. Dxtory

Speed ​​is the main hallmark of DXtory, a software that works on the basis of OpenGL and DirectX to make all screen recordings fast and lossless of any kind.

Its use is quite intuitive and it comes with multiple tabs to configure various devices. For example, if you have more than one microphone, there is a settings area for it. Although you also have the opportunity to change things in case you have two screens or two cameras.

Also, Dxtory supports multiple external devices at the same time and you can make quick adjustments, just in case. The hardware acceleration system prevents the recording from stopping when you least expect it or the final video facing pauses or lags that end up spoiling all the work. This software is paid and you’ll need to subscribe to certain monthly plans, but if you’re looking for something that will let you record without any hiccups, we think it might be worth the investment.

Download Dxtory For Free

5. VMix Live Production Software

Now, if you still want to keep the possibilities that OBS gives you, then VMix Live Production Software will help you more than you think. This is one of the most unique and expensive programs of all, as it comes with a ton of super functional tools and can be used for anything.

In the case of broadcasts, you have the option to configure to work from other pages on the internet, while doing some post-production editing, if you want. Even VMix Live Production Software will also let you record your screen and broadcasts in real time. That is to say, as you show what you want to do.

Either from your screen or with an external camera, the program will store the entire transmission so that you can edit it later and share it on any website. What we like the most is that while the payment could be quite high, the subscription is for life. It means you don’t pay more.

Download VMix for Free

6. Action!

We believe that there is nothing you cannot do with Action!, one of the OBS alternatives that you will like the most, we assure you. Its interface is super elegant and it comes with multiple functions that are well distributed and categorized so that you don’t get lost among them.

It will let you do live broadcasts and you can choose the purpose, whether you are going to record gameplay, do a tutorial on anything or simply capture videos from the internet and store it on your computer.

The best of Action! It is that it will not present work and problems with the transmissions, in addition that it will let you record everything to edit and share it later. There are many tools to adjust such as video speed, built-in microphones, and external cameras.

In the same way, you can also configure the sites where you are going to start showing your exploits. However, it won’t let you add custom shots on the video’s frame rate.

Download Action For Free

7. Filmora Screen

Wondershare has provided us with another spectacular program that works wonders to record our screen: Filmora Screen . This works perfectly at various speeds, in case you want to do tutorials or gameplays.

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On the other hand, it comes with a post-production studio, from where it will be easy to edit the video, add special effects, amazing texts, improve the audio, add music tracks and select the best export format, preserving the quality.

Download Filmora For Free

8. PlayClaw

The lightness and ease of use that PlayClaw provides you can not be found anywhere else. In fact, this software doesn’t give you many things, but it does work very well with simple screen recordings.

You can choose several modalities, including that of narration teams, where you can connect more than one microphone. Of course, the program will not let you capture what you do in the browser. So, if you are looking for a proposal in that vein, you will not find it here.

Download PlayClaw For Free

9. VIDBlaster

And to culminate with one of the simpler but elementary alternatives to OBS, we decided to leave VIDBlaster last . The program comes with several modalities, which you can acquire through various paid subscriptions that are available, although they are for a period of one year.

You can adapt them to multiple online platforms, although you will have to configure their parameters manually for it to work obviously. It is simple but it has no waste.

Downlaod VIDBlaster For Free

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