How to Watch Multi stream on Twitch in 2022

How to Watch Multi stream on Twitch in 2022: Have you ever wished you could see events like the Rivals Finale of past TwitchCons from different perspectives with a multi stream on Twitch? Or if several top streamers end up in the same game, to compare the moves of the individual teams directly?

Having to open dozens of tabs or windows in the browser quickly gets on your nerves. Luckily, there are a number of options for starting a multi stream twitch. We present the best of them to you, so that you can choose freely and no longer miss any highlights or viewership records.

How can I set up a Multi stream on Twitch?

The easiest way is to open one of the following pages and go to the channels that interest you:


We will go into more detail about the content later in this guide.

As you have certainly noticed, these are multi stream offers from third -party providers that have no official connection to Twitch. So before you decide on this variant, you should check on the portal yourself whether the streamer has not set up this feature anyway:

Multi Stream Twitch Squad Stream

The developers of the platform took advantage of the potential of multi streams in 2022 and introduced the so-called Squad Stream (accessible via the filter function). Streamers can use a widget to present what’s happening from multiple perspectives if their friends are also live. 

However, only Twitch partners have access to it, which is why this option is not available to many smaller content creators.

In addition, this multi stream works with a maximum of 4 people at the same time and only with a fixed chat window – the pages that we will present to you in a moment are much more flexible. 

You can read about the restrictions you still have to accept and why a squad is still worthwhile in our guide . Otherwise just choose one of these sites:

Simple and good – On you can watch as many live streams at the same time as your PC can handle. To do this, simply add the names of the channels to the URL in sequence, separated by a slash . Our multi stream example (as shown in the screenshot) can therefore be reached.

The layout adapts automatically. On the side you can choose between the channels’ chats (or hide the window). A special plus point: the head behind makes the source code of the site open for discussion on GitHub. This guarantees greater security with regard to the services provided.

If you click on , the home page will immediately show you a text field in which you can enter the Twitch account name. The next window then opens promptly and waits for your input. 

The Multi Stream Twitch can create up to 8 windows for you. There are also various layouts to choose from, with something for everyone.

As can be seen in the screenshot, you can even show the chat of both channels if there are only two multi streams. You can adjust all of this at any time without having to reload 

In addition, the community offers you its own recommendations on what is worth looking at.

Does it annoy you that you can’t add more channels to a Twitch Multi Stream at the push of a button ? Or if someone goes offline to quickly close the transfer? Then you will enjoy . You always have control over what is happening via the fold-out menu .

There you will also find extensive settings , such as a dark mode for the chat or adjustments to the audio. On, you can even follow other communities’ Twitch chats without actually looking at the associated stream.

Additional Alternatives For MultiStreams On Twitch

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our suggestions, there are other methods. For one, you could use a browser extension like the Twitch MultiStream for Chrome addon . 

On the other hand, streams from different platforms (Twitch, YouTube or Facebook) can be connected to Multi.Raredrop .

But be careful: This does not mean re-streaming sites on which content creators make their content available on a large number of portals at the same time. 

Because even as a Twitch affiliate you can end up in the devil’s kitchen because you have already agreed to an exclusivity clause for live broadcasts at this point.

Would you like to learn more about the features of Twitch to get the most out of your stream? Then take a look at our guide on using the Nightbot or on the possibilities of hosting .

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