Twitch Payment: How to Make Money on Twitch in 2022

Twitch Payment: How to Make Money on Twitch in 2022Twitch is a streaming platform that allows live broadcasts and interactions with the audience through chat. It became better known due to the games because many gamers broadcast matches in real time. And one of the main advantages of the platform is the possibility of receiving payment from Twitch according to the volume of audience that you receive.

The good news is that the platform also covers other content creators. Thus, those who manage to perform well can become an affiliate or partners to earn income with the platform. Interested in the subject? In this content, we will clarify the main questions about Twitch and payment methods. Come on?

How do Twitch partnerships work?

Monetization on Twitch works in two ways: through the affiliate program or through partnerships. Each one has specific rules and is aimed at professionals who meet certain requirements. Check it out!


Affiliates are invited by Twitch to join the program when the company identifies users who meet the prescribed requirements regarding the number of followers, broadcast time, concurrent viewers and other criteria. Affiliates can earn money on Twitch by accepting subscriptions from their followers. 

The criteria for being an affiliate on Twitch may change, however, the current ones are:

  • Don’t be Twitch Partners;
  • Have at least 50 followers;
  • In the last 30 days they have added at least 500 total minutes of transmission, 7 unique transmission days and an average of 3 or more simultaneous viewers.


Partners are geared towards content creators who deliver high performance. The so-called Twitch Partners are creators who broadcast various content such as games, music, talk shows, among others. 

You need to have a sizable audience, and the system can assess a number of factors, such as having the platform-specific achievement (the route to being a partner) and maintaining a high following on other services and platforms.

How to make money on Twitch?

After understanding how affiliate and partner programs work, the most common question among streamers is how it is possible to make money on Twitch. The platform offers several options for this, check it out!


Streamers can offer channel subscription with an amount that will be shared with Twitch: each one gets 50% of the payment. 

The subscription fee is US$4.99, US$9.99 or US$24.99 per month (which can be one time or several months, it’s up to the viewer to decide). In addition, those who sign up also receive a global subscriber emoticon, as well as adding two subscriber emoticons to the $9.99 and $24.99 plans. Additionally, partners can unlock up to 50 channel emoticons.


Bits are Twitch’s virtual currencies that can be purchased by users and subscribers who will be able to tip streamers while watching a broadcast. A pack of 100 Bits costs BRL 5.68 and tips range from 1 to 10 thousand Bits.

The currency is also used when the user wants to participate in subscriber-only chats, without being subscribed, or to send messages or emojis, allowing specific settings by the streamer on the amount charged to activate this function. The streamer receives $0.01 for each Bit used in their chat.


Streamers can serve ads on the platform. In this case, they receive part of the income generated by any advertising played on the channel. The frequency and duration of ads are set by the affiliate or partner. 

Ads can last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and the amount the streamer will earn depends on the number of viewers who watch them. 


Another way to earn money on Twitch is when viewers decide to make a donation to the channel in order to help the channel grow and produce interesting content. In that case, you must add a donation button on the channel. For this to happen, always have a channel with good content that delivers some value to the viewer. Thus, they will feel motivated to always contribute to the growth of the channel. Here are the tips to grow on Twitch.

Selling games and products

It is also possible to make partnerships to promote products in partnership with Amazon , games and game items . So, when a subscriber or viewer makes a purchase during the broadcast, the streamer earns a commission on the sale amount . 

How does Twitch payment work?

Twitch has some specific rules so that streamers can receive the payments they owe. Knowing them is essential to planning correctly and not having financial unforeseen, so we explain how it works.

Minimum value 

The minimum amount for withdrawals made by affiliates or partners is USD 100 . Thus, until reaching this amount, the amount is retained on Twitch, accumulating with the income of the following months until reaching the necessary total. 

Payment term 

The platform’s default payment term is 15 days after the end of this month for the current account balance, but for that, the accrued amount must have reached $100 or more. If not, the money is held until you reach it. 

For example, if you reach $100 in September, the payment will start processing around October 15th. Also, after payment, processing time may vary, but typically takes around 3-5 business days.  

Payment methods

The payment methods available to affiliates and partners are:

  1. Direct deposit to bank accounts (US only);
  2. A local bank or eCheck payment method. It takes 1-2 days for people outside the US. Money is converted from US dollars to your currency upon payment of a fee of US$5 and the conversion is done with the tourist exchange;
  3. Electronic transfer;
  4. PayPal ;
  5. Check;
  6. Payments on hold (waiting for the Affiliate to specify the new payment information);

Fees charged (difference between partner and affiliate)

When asked how Twitch payment works, a common concern is the fees charged. However, the rules vary depending on the streamer‘s program: affiliate or partner.

The company relies on a third-party payment processor to handle affiliate transactions. Therefore, a fee is charged for each transaction, even in cases where it is rejected due to errors in the data sent by the user.

For those residing in the USA, the fees vary between USD 0.60 and USD 25. In other cases, they range from USD 3 to USD 25 , in addition to the exchange rate . The updated table is available on the Twitch website.

On the other hand, the only fees charged from partners are those related to currency conversion, however, there may be withholding taxes depending on each country. The difference stems from the characteristics of each program.

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