How to Live Streaming in PowerPoint

How to Live Streaming in PowerPoint – Who would have thought that an application like PowerPoint could be used as a live streaming tool.

People only know that Microsoft PowerPoint only functions as an intermediary for conventional presentations in front of a large audience.

But it seems that Microsoft has become more sophisticated, they have now provided the product with a feature called Present Live. For those who are curious, continue to review the following live streaming method in PowerPoint.

Live Streaming in PowerPoint

Actually, this feature replaces the role of Office 365, users who will make presentations must subscribe to Office 365. Because there are some accesses that one of the conditions for operating permission must register a subscription account.

This kind of access includes an alternative option in remote meetings that require the audience to complete an important presentation. Later, participants can access the live stream via the QR Code link, then just use the QR Code scan so they can immediately join the forum.

The convenience of technology has been supported through the microphone and drawing pen features on the slide show. Although the delivery is carried out remotely, at least through these tools the message conveyed by the presenter will be much more effective and accurate.

But there is one condition that you must fulfill first, namely an internet connection . Make sure before starting live streaming, your internet connection is in a stable condition.

And of course, the material in the presentation material must also be ready. When all is fulfilled, it’s time for us to enter the section on how to live stream in PowerPoint.

How to Live Streaming in PowerPoint

First, upload your presentation material to your Office 365 account. But there you can create new presentations, much more flexible if the material is created first in PowerPoint.

Let’s start with the steps on how to live stream in PowerPoint below.

Open the browser then login to your Office account.

Tap the PowerPoint Icon.

Upload the PPT file that has been created.

When it is uploaded, open the PPT file.

After that open the Slide Show tab menu.

Underneath you can open a feature option called Present Live. Tap on the dropdown.

Then press the Only people in your organization button for live streams within your organization and the Anyone feature for public live streaming options.

If you press any of the options above, the start screen will definitely start by showing a welcome screen. Here a QR Code is immediately available that can be shared with all specific audiences.

After everyone has joined, you can start right away.

When presenting, users will get a toolbar in the lower left corner, where the toolbar provides a button to activate the microphone, bring up a pen to draw above the slider, next and previous buttons, a presentation stop button, and session info.

Good luck.

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The final word

How to live stream in PowerPoint is very easy, right? you can even connect directly without intermediary assistance from third-party applications anymore. May be useful.

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