10 Best Live Streaming Equipment for Twitch

10 Best Live Streaming Equipment for TwitchContent creators have never been more popular than in recent years. For many people who are already on the web, this can be a great career opportunity, but for that, it’s important to have the infrastructure.

The best live gear helps content creators deliver the best experience to their audience. Some of these items are essential.

Acquiring the best live gear is critical to broadcasting your content live on Twitch .

Of course, you can start with what you have, or get this equipment little by little, but remember that the more professional the live, the better. So, there are a number of items you will need to bring an amazing experience to your audience .

In this content, we will show you a little more about how the lives work, in addition to listing the 10 most important equipment to make your broadcasts. Check out!

What is live streams?

Lives are live streams that can be done through content platforms such as YouTube , specializing in videos, and Twitch , with a greater focus on streaming. You can connect with people all over the world from wherever you are, and all you need is an internet connection.

The lives can have different themes, which depends on the content line of the creator in question. Recently, we have seen the phenomenon of lives take over world in the period of broader social restrictions during the pandemic. The lives of music artists were very successful, but they opened an important market for other content creators.

A live can have a react theme , it can be a debate on some topic, a broadcast of a gaming session, or simply a live interaction between a content creator and his audience. For any occasion there is an audience, and all these people expect is a quality experience.

10 Best Live Streaming Equipment for Twitch

Whether on Twitch, lives that are conducted in a more professional way and with all the necessary care are the ones that receive the most hits . Even for those looking to monetize , that is, make money from lives, it is important to worry about the quality of the broadcast that is being made.

Investing is necessary, but there is always a very common question: after all, which live equipment is really necessary? Some are indispensable, others not so much, but there is a selection that can be considered perfect for a good live!

We’ve created a list of 10 gear that can take your streaming to the next level. Follow up!

1. Professional camera

Image is everything in content creation and when we are talking about lives, there is no doubt that good camera is the starting point. People want to see you with quality, even if you’re sharing a screen with another video or game broadcast, for example. The important thing is to offer a truly complete experience.

When investing in a camera, you can choose between two models: professional cameras or a webcam for content creators, a model that is increasingly being used. The important thing is that the camera settings are good, preferably with the ability to capture images in full HD .

2. Microphone

If image is important, sound may be even more important. This is because the image may experience instabilities, depending on the connection, but still, the live will deliver content. Now, if the quality of the sound capture is poor, your audience may not understand very well the message that your live is trying to convey .

A good professional microphone will make your content much more qualified, especially for viewers who use high-quality headsets and headphones. Currently, you can find several types of microphones, for different purposes and budgets – remember to look for reviews about each model before making your choice.

3. Switcher

With increasingly professional broadcasts, the presence of more than one camera on set has become commonplace. This allows for incredible dynamism capable of holding the viewer’s attention. However, for this camera game to be possible, a switcher is needed (in addition to someone operating the equipment during the live!).

With this small table full of buttons and commands, you can make cuts and change the image being transmitted, transitioning from capturing one camera to another . The switcher also allows you to use some effects, both image and sound, greatly enriching the content of the live. This equipment is worth considering!

4. Headset

Headsets are also a great option, and can be replaced or used in conjunction with a microphone. This equipment is quite common for people who need a more powerful audio feedback, or who need to hear some audio during the transmission.

The use of the headset is the most common case of game streamers , who play while they broadcast, or creators who react videos , as the best example. So, look for a headset with high sound capacity, but that also doesn’t leave anything to be desired in relation to the microphone.

5. Lighting

The setting also has a great influence on the quality of broadcasts, so live equipment also needs to contain an adequate lighting set . In addition to being a resource that facilitates the content creator’s visualization, it is also essential for the capture of the image to be more qualified, with greater clarity.

In a quick Google search for the term “lighting for live” you will find some equipment options that really work well. Among the best are the ring light (great value for money!), the streamer illuminator and the softbox . Many of these items are sold in complete lighting kits, which is also an excellent choice.

6. Fast Internet

good internet connection is essential , even if we are not talking about equipment to do live. Twitch, the stability of the stream directly depends on the quality of the connection. This is linked not only to the internet service, but also to the speed contracted in the plan.

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So, know that to do lives it’s important to have a fast and, above all, stable internet. For this to be possible, the modem and routers need to be in the same place as the computer connected to the internet, as well as a possible video game. Avoiding signal interference also helps to keep the connection good.

7. Computers or Laptop

Of course, a computer is among the most important equipment for doing live. As much as you can conduct your broadcast on mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, computers have more complete resources for this. Your live will look more professional and will have many more possibilities of live editing feature.

Know that you will need a powerful computer and prepared for the lives. This will incur an extra cost, but nothing that prevents you from starting with what you have. However, to reach the highest levels of broadcasting, your computer must be at the level of demand that your audience has.

8. Video game

You can also be a game streamer and, for that, need a video game , if that’s your gaming platform. In this case, you can stream directly from your console , just needing some additional equipment like the camera and microphone.

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The consoles themselves have built-in applications aimed at live streaming, as this is quite common and has great appeal from the audience that plays. So, before starting your game streams, make sure your console offers everything you need to stream. Also check the compatibility of this video game with the other live equipment you intend to use.

9. Tripod

The tripod for cameras is a simple piece of equipment, but it becomes essential in broadcasts. Basically, its role is to support cameras , allowing the capture of images from a desired angle, in addition to the stability of the device. So you can position as many cameras as you want, in any location and from the distance you prefer.

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If you use a traditional camera, that is, one of those professionals that photograph and also record videos, the tripod will be an essential equipment. In some cases, streamers use this type of camera as another angle option, in conjunction with the webcam that faces your face. Therefore, the tripod can be very useful in these cases.

10. Teleprompter

Finally, the teleprompter is also one of the live equipment that can serve you well. This item is ideal for transmitting text on a small screen that is positioned at an angle in front of the content creator. Its purpose is to be a kind of “glue” or even a guide for what needs to be said in the broadcast.

As much as the teleprompter is commonly used in the TV industry, in recent times it has also become quite useful in creating content for the web. This happens because many videos and lives are conducted with a well-defined script . In these cases, the teleprompter can help a lot, even being just a base to guide the topics to be addressed in the transmission.

How to choose the best equipment for live Streaming?

At this point of investing in your equipment, you will need to be sure about what you are buying . After all, these items aren’t exactly cheap and the bill gets even bigger when you need to buy several at once.

When choosing equipment, you need to think not only about quality, but also about the ability of these items to work together. Ease of operation is another factor that makes a difference, in addition to the cost of each one, of course.

Here are some tips that will guide you when buying your live equipment!

Respect your budget

If you have a certain budget available, it’s best to stick to it and not go beyond what you can. After all, you need to invest smartly and strategically. Your lives won’t be bad to the point of having no audience if you build your ideal structure little by little. Every great content creator starts this way.

So prioritize what you need most at the moment. Lighting, camera and microphone are the most important items, if you already have a computer, of course. With this base you can now make your first lives and start to conquer your audience.

Search reviews

There is nothing better when buying equipment than having information from people who have already used these items. Reviews and ratings are the best ways to understand what each device can really offer and, from there, choose your broadcast set according to what you want.

On YouTube you can find great review videos that provide all the technical and usage information you need to know before buying. Another good option is to see product reviews on e-commerce sales pages .

Check compatibilities

Live equipment needs to work together . Many will be connected and aligned with each other, which demands compatibility. It could be that a certain microphone doesn’t work on your computer, or a chosen headset doesn’t connect to your console. This can lead to problems and a lot of frustration for you.

So, before you buy, check the entire technical description of the product and the information related to connection and compatibility . This type of data is always properly described, either on the product packaging or in the text with technical information in the e-commerce. Thus, you guarantee the perfect functioning of your product.

A good broadcast also depends on your creativity and content that you deliver to the public, but it is undeniable how equipment for live on YouTube and Twitch makes all the difference. Investing in quality is ensuring an engaged audience and success in the work you do.

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In short

What are lives?

Lives are live streams that can be done through content platforms, such as YouTube, which specializes in videos, and Twitch, with a greater focus on streaming.

What is the 10 Live streaming equipment for Streamer?

  • Professional Camera
  • MIC
  • Switcher
  • Headset
  • Fast internet
  • Computers
  • Video game
  • Tripod;
  • Teleprompter.

How to choose the best equipment for live?

  • Respect your budget;
  • Search for reviews;
  • Check compatibility.

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