List of common Discord commands in 2022

List of common Discord commands in 2022 – When you are a streamer or even just a gamer, you always come to want to create a Discord server bringing together your community or your friends. Whether it’s to get to know each other, share tips or information on the current stream or simply organize small gaming evenings with friends… Discord is today an essential tool in the industry. 

And this, quite simply because they have been able to specialize their platform and provide many and various super practical features so that admins can keep their community alive. Without wanting to do too much for Discord, between the basic functionalities of Discord and the bots created by the community: it is possible to create live servers, easy to moderate and notifying the members of the server of its activities (new YouTube video, live Twitch, etc).

List of common Discord commands in 2022

Whether you are a member of a server or an administrator of a Discord server, you will find in this article the most common Discord commands… to be used without moderation. 

Discord commands for formatting text

To start on the basic of the basic, it is possible to quickly format your text in Discord with simple commands. Whether it’s for bolding, italics, highlighting and highlighting an expression… 

Italics*my gazelle in honey*my honey gazelle
Gras**call the police**call the police
Underline__where are the chickens__where are the chickens
bold italic***oh shit***oh shit
Code`the code`le code

Discord Voice & General Chat Commands

Among all Discord commands, and apart from commands related to server bots, there are also many generic commands such as: 

/giphyReact to a message with a much more impactful gif.
/tenorIntegrate a “tenor” gif into the discussion.
/nickChange nickname at the heart of this server.
/spoilerWarn other members of the server by indicating that the message is a potential spoiler concerning a game, a film or a series for example.
/ttsSend a message transformed into a voice message heard by all members connected to the server.

Disable Discord’s /tts command

The /tts command, which allows you to transform your written message into an audio message with voice synthesis, can be used unlimited. In case of abuse by some members (necessarily), it is possible for members to deactivate this feature of their Discord by going to “User Settings > Accessibility > Allow reading and use of /tts commands”.

The /tts command, which allows you to transform your written message into an audio message with voice synthesis, can be used unlimited. In case of abuse by some members (necessarily), it is possible for members to deactivate this feature of their Discord by going to “User Settings > Accessibility > Allow reading and use of /tts commands”.

Music Discord Commands

There are many Discord bots giving access to commands to quickly put music on your server. Among these, there are in particular the essential “Rhythm” or even “MEE6” bots which are the most common today for music.

Examples of Rythm bot commands 

Taking the example of the “Rhythm” bot, here are some of the most famous commands of this bot:

!joinAsk the bot to join the voice channel.
!play <song name or YouTube URL> Listen to a song by indicating the name of the song / the artist or by directly indicating the URL to the song.
!search Launch a search on YouTube and find the first 10 results related to the query.
 !seekGo to a specific time of the song you are listening to.
 !volumeAdjust the volume.
 !playtopAdd music to the top of its list.
 !queueView songs from his playlist.
 !clearDelete songs in your playlist queue.
 ! playskipSkip a song in the playlist.
 !nowplayingKnow the name of the song that is currently playing.
 ! voteskipVote to skip this song.
 !pausePause the current music.
 !disconnectDisconnect the bot from voice chat.

You will find some other less common and less used commands in the core of the “Rhythm” bot documentation: 

Discord MEE6 bot command examples

MEE6, which is also an excellent bot (much more versatile), finally has quite similar and generally more complete commands:

!playActivate an audio track.
!volumeModify the audio volume of MEE6.
!searchSearch for a song.
!addAdd a song to the list of sounds to listen to.
!queueShow playlist.
!clear-queueClear the playlist.
!skipSkip an audio track.
!start-quizStart a blind test.
!stop-quizStop the blind test.

This bot certainly includes many more commands, which you can find directly in the heart of their documentation: See the “MEE6” documentation .

Moderation Discord Commands

Examples of MEE6 bot commands 

Besides being a music and leveling bot, MEE6 is a complete moderation bot with many commands. These commands include: 

!serverinfoObtain multiple information on the server.
!userinfo [membre]Obtain specific information about a member of the server.
!rank [membre] Know the rank of a specific member of the Discord server.
!ban  [member] (reason) Permanently ban a member from the server.
!tempban  [member] [duration] (reason)Temporarily ban a member from the server indicating the reason for the ban. 
 !mute  [member] (reason)Prevents a member from speaking throughout the server.
 !tempmute  [member] [duration] (reason)Temporarily silence a member of the server. 
 ! unmute  [membre]Removes mute mode from a member of the server.
 !slowmode (temps) (off)Integrate slowmode on a server channel to limit the number of messages per minute.
 !warn  [member] (reason)Warn a member of the Discord server stating the reason for the warning.

Discord Erisbot Command Examples

Erisbot is a small Discord bot that gives multiple useful commands on its Discord server. We find in particular: 

  • .serverinfo: this command provides additional information on the server in general (eg server activity time, average number of active users, etc.). 
  • .userinfo: an erisbot command allowing to have more information on a specific member of the server.
  • .help: a command to simply get help on using this bot. 
  • .weather: to know the weather on different destinations.

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You will find small tutorials with more Erisbot commands. This one (in English though) explains and shows each of the dedicated command:

Discord Poll Order

To create a survey on Discord, there is again a bot that allows you to add this functionality to your server quite easily! The famous bot:  Simple Roll. 

  • roll “question”  : will thus launch a poll with only one question. 
  • /roll “question” “answer 1” “answer 2” “answer 3”  : will launch a poll with a question and specific answers.

Command to search on Discord

With the MEE6 bot, it is possible to search for a whole host of resources to share on your Discord. Of the type: YouTube music, Twitch channel, manga, pokemon, etc. The orders ? Here they are :

/anime [search]Search anime from
/manga [search]Find a manga present on
/twitch [search]Find a Twitch channel.
/youtube [search]View a YouTube video.
/pokemon [search]Search for a pokémon in the heart of the Pokédex PokeApi.
/imgurSearch for a meme.

And there you have it, we’ve gone through the most famous commands on Discord, including the famous, essential bots such as MEE6, Rhythm or Simple Roll. Overall, the commands then remain fairly similar from one bot to another. Good cat!

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