Kappa Twitch: Meanings and Origins of the Kappa Meme

Kappa Twitch: Meanings and Origins of the Kappa Meme – Both as a Viewer and as a Streamer, we know that chat and Twitch emotes are essential, clearly contributing to the popularity of this streaming platform.

In addition to being a great way to share, emotes reflect a multitude of emotions that allow viewers to watch streams more closely. And among the set of emotes is the famous Kappa Twitch emote, one of the most popular memes in the Twitch.tv chat.

What is the “Kappa” emote on Twitch? 

Kappa, also known as “troll”, is a meme generally used to express irony or accentuate a sarcastic reaction; or just react to something funny the Twitch streamer shares. Kappa is represented by a black and white image of a slightly smiling man.

A sentence ending with Kappa should not be taken seriously. For example,  “  Woops you missed an AK on the floor  Kappa  ”. 

What is the origin of this Kappa Twitch emote? 

The Kappa emote was created in 2011. It was obtained from the photo of  Josh DeSeno who was an employee of Justin.TV (a sister company of Twitch.tv, closed in 2014), at the time. Since then, Kappa has even become Twitch’s unofficial mascot, given the popularity it has gained over the years. 

Early in his Justin.TV career, Josh DeSeno worked on the creative side of the box’s original chat. Then he added his own photo as an emote, as many Justin.TV employees did. According to him, his emote would have become popular very quickly and this is possibly due to the name which is characterized by a fun and easy to type name.

The choice of the name “Kappa” would come from DeSeno’s passion for Japanese culture. A kappa is a creature that is part of Japanese folklore and whose mission is to lure people to lakes and drown them. 

Kappa’s story was mostly used as a tale to warn children not to get too close to water. However, the history of the word Kappa and the emote have no apparent connection.

Josh DeSeno formerly working at Justin.TV

What are the variants of Kappa Twitch?

The Kappa emote has several variants, namely:

  • KappaPride: One of the most popular, this emote is a rainbow variant created following the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015.
  • KappaRoss: Created in honor of the late Bob Ross’ 73rd birthday as well as the official launch of the creative repertoire on Twitch. KappaRoos is a mashup of the popular Kappa emote but with Bob’s (afro) hair. 
  • Keepo: If you are a fan of Dota 2, you must know this variant. Keepo is the combination of Kappa and Meepo (a legendary game hero). 
  • KappaClaus: created in 2015, KappaClaus is generally used during festive periods, especially during Christmas. Which made him less popular.
  • KappaWealth: represented by a red hat with two coins protruding from the sides, it is mainly used in European languages.

What is Golden Kappa on Twitch?

On Twitch, the Golden Kappa emote is a special version of Kappa, much like an Easter egg. Only one person can use it each day, and that person is chosen randomly on Twitch. We don’t know why or how. But to be able to know if you have access to it, you have to launch the Golden Kappa Check. 

Why has “Kappa” become so famous in the Twitch universe?​

The Kappa emote is used over a million times a day on Twitch. This figure is partly due to the fact that users of the platform use several of them for a single post. To add more value to a Kappa, flooding the chat with the meme is a great way.

Also, there was a time when meme culture was not so successful. And Kappa appeared to be an easy-to-type emote; therefore useful for filling a chat with emote spam. 

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Another reason that made Kappa so popular is undoubtedly the sarcastic and pleasant side that he brings. Yes, Kappa is ideal for those who love dry humor. Besides, sarcasm is universally appreciated especially in the heart of Twitch communities.

The stylish use of Kappa ASCII on twitch

The emote is also available in ASCII encoding. To have an ASCII Kappa, the following code is what you need:

░░▄▀▒▓▒▓▓▒▓▒▒▓▒▓▀▄░░ ▄▀▒▒▓▒▓▒▒▓
▄▀▒▒▓▒▓▒▒▓ ▒▓▒▓▓▒▒▓▒▓▒▓▓▒▒▓

▓▓▓▓░░░░▄▄▄▄░░░▄▓▓▓▓░░░░▄▄▄▄░░░▄ ░▀▄▓░░▒▀▓▓
░▀▄▓░░▒▀▓▓ ▒▒░░█▓▒▒░░
░░░▀▄▄▒▒░░░░▀▀▒▒▄▀░░ ░░░░░▀
░░░░░▀â ░░░░▒▄▀░░░

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