Is Vumoo Safe to Watch Movies and Alternatives in 2023

Is Vumoo Safe to Watch Movies and Alternatives in 2023 – If you’re wondering to dive into some free content streaming platform, then Vumoo could be an excellent choice. It has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows for users to enjoy. It is a free streaming platform so there is always a question of user security getting compromised. Sometimes these websites can be geo-restricted due to specific laws of the state or country.

In this article, we’ll talk about whether Vumoo is safe to tread on and what are some of its alternatives. With that said, we’ll also look into some of the best VPNs to access Vumoo without any restrictions.

Quick guide – In a Hurry? Don’t worry! Here are the 7 best alternatives to Vumoo

1) Netflix
Amazon Prime Video
3) HBO Max
4) Hulu
5) Sony crackle
6) GoMovies
Watch the series online

What is Vumoo?

Vumoo users can get access to a variety of content without having to pay a monthly charge. Many popular movies and TV shows are available on the platform. Users can search for content by different categories such as genre, release year, or the ratings of IMDb. Another fantastic advantage of using Vumoo is that it is compatible with a wide range of devices.

As it is a free service, it does not host content that is protected by copyright laws. Instead, the platform garners working links from many sources for the viewers, so it becomes easier for them to search for their preferred content on the platform.

Is Vumoo Safe?

It is a bit controversial when we speak about the safety of streaming content on free streaming sites like Vumoo. It houses a sizable collection of pirated movies and TV shows that have been downloaded from other websites. However, you need to be careful because many of these links could be wrapped up with a lot of viruses and malicious software.

Although, this streaming platform resembles that of a legitimate website still the content distributed here is not at all “legal” at least in the true sense of the term. Most of the files in its possession are copyrighted works from various nations that are distributed through piracy. 

Since it distributes pirated content, it has been taken down many times in the past. You can easily find some of its alternatives like Fmovies or 123movies instead if this event recurs in the future. 123movies is considered to be more lawful than Vumoo so you can give it a try.

It is against the law to access intentionally protected content because it can result in adverse consequences such as legal troubles and fines. For that, it is best to think twice before leaping into a streaming site such as Vumoo. It is always a sensible choice to watch movies and TV episodes on legal and controlled streaming services such as Netflix.

8 Best Alternatives to Vumoo

1) Netflix

The all-time popular streaming service for movies and show lovers is Netflix. It is one of the best-paid streaming services that is legitimate and has a wide selection of TV episodes, movies, and documentaries.

It has been considered a preferred choice for most people because of its user-friendly layout, tailored suggestions, and ad-free streaming. It is a platform that provides viewers with a variety of entertainment alternatives by featuring both licensed and creative content.

2) Amazon Prime Video

It is an American video-on-demand subscription-based streaming service provided by Amazon. It is also known as Prime Video, and it can be accessed either separately or by taking a Prime membership. It offers content from movies and television shows created by Amazon MGM videos along with live sporting events, video rental and buying options, and much more. You can avail of the service from anywhere but you may need a Prime subscription. Users from the UK, United States, and Germany can conveniently access the service without a complete Prime subscription.

3) HBO Max

The streaming platform, HBO Max can offer you an extensive collection of top-notch movies, TV series, and original production. It has a slick, user-friendly layout that makes it easier for the users to navigate and find content of their preference with personalized recommendations.

Additionally, the platform provides exclusive content from popular series such as Game of Thrones, Friends, and Harry Potter. It is slightly more expensive than other streaming services but it still provides a high-end viewing experience for the viewers.

4) Hulu

A platform for on-demand video streaming that has been available for more than ten years is called Hulu. It is one of the greatest and massive streaming services in the country with more than 40 million subscribers. Hulu is a great cable-cutting solution for traditional cable subscribers.

It has Hulu Plus Live TV service and it boasts a sizable collection of 40,000 TV episodes and 2500 movies. The use of commercials in Hulu sets it apart from most of its competitors in a contentious way. Similar to network television, the inexpensive packages feature ads.

5) Sony Crackle

The free, ad-supported streaming service Sony Crackle has a huge library of movies, TV episodes, and original productions. It has a clear and user-friendly interface. Sony Crackle flaunts the simple navigation interface of the website. Users can get access to a wealth of information without having to pay a monthly fee.
Sony Crackle has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows ranging from cults to classic movies and TV episodes, although it has a tiny selection of exclusive material.

Sony Crackle is a dependable choice for any user searching for a free ad-supported streaming service with a variety of materials even though the video quality can be worse than other streaming services.

6)  GoMovies

Another excellent streaming website with HD-quality movies and TV show categories is GoMovies. It is a kind of website that offers the most recent Hindi, Bollywood, and Hollywood full-length movies directly on its official website. The service offers a ton of subtitles for those who want to watch International or non-English language movies.

With an easy-to-use interface design, the website also offers online TV series and streaming for users.

7) Watch Series Online

Watch Series Online can be a very decent substitute for Vumoo. It offers the users with an exemplary selection of popular television shows and motion pictures. Additionally, it provides you with the choice to directly access its material via your video provider.

It is a feature that is also available in Vumoo but unfortunately, it is not activated by default. If you’re watching content based on a free subscription, then you’ve to face ads which some viewers might find annoying.

How to stream movies and web series on Vumoo

Your favorite movies and television shows are available for free viewing. When streaming movies, you should exercise caution because many of the pop-ups and adverts include viruses that can harm your device. It is good to use a VPN to prevent this. For streaming, follow the steps below:

1) Open your web browser on your device, then navigate to the official website of Vumoo.

2) Let the page load and then search for the movie you desire to watch.

3) If you find it difficult to search, then head straight to the search bar, type the title of the movie into the field, and choose the movie from the list of the results.

4) The streaming page will then be displayed to you.

5) Make sure to close any advertising pop-ups.

6) The movie starts playing immediately when you click the “Play” button. As long as you have a quick internet connection, you can view as many as you like for free on Vumoo.

The movie starts playing immediately when you click the “Play” button.

Best VPNs for accessing Vumoo in 2023

1) NordVPN

It is an affordable, fast, and dependable VPN option. It is compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS. Here, you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

It safeguards your online behavior by implementing numerous security strategies along with a feature double VPN that can send your connection across two servers for additional security. It allows the users to install a VPN directly into the Wi-Fi so that every device that is connected to the internet is secured.

Best Features

1) Threat Protection: It is a feature to disable viruses, trackers, and advertisements as you browse the Internet. It provides an additional degree of security when using the Internet.

2) Dark Web Monitor: This feature will allow the users to get a notification once their information is found on the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It establishes direct connections with other devices via private, encrypted tunnels, that are helpful for gaming and file sharing.

2) ExpressVPN

It is a trustworthy VPN provider that can offer premium plans to let users safeguard both their personal and business activities online. It is a business that enables connections between Indian users and its virtual servers, that are spread throughout 94 nations outside of India.

Users can choose an ExpressVPN compatible Wi-Fi router that can protect many devices for high-speed dependable internet access even if it supports up to eight connections.

Best Features

1) DNS security measures:
It uses a private DNS to perform all of its own encrypted DNS requests to shield customers from snooping third parties and speed up internet connections.

2) Split Tunneling: Indian banks do not allow customers to access their accounts using computers that are linked to a VPN. Split Tunnelling enables you to choose between devices that need VPN connections and those that do not.

3) Kill Switch:
It has a feature called “Network Lock”, a kill switch function provided by ExpressVPN to prevent connected devices from accessing the internet when the VPN connection is sporadic. Users’ IP addresses and other sensitive data are protected by a Kill switch, that resumes when the connection is again established.

3) Surfshark

Surfshark VPN conceals your local IP as well as the outgoing and incoming data when you browse the Internet at home or on a public Wi-Fi network to stop businesses, hackers, and other data brokers from monitoring your online activity and personal information.

Best Features

1) Multi-Hop: Surfshark’s MultiHop function divides your traffic between two servers rather than one to improve security. However, because your traffic is traveling at a long distance, you might start experiencing lagging speed.

2) VPN Split-Tunneling: It has a “Bypasser” that enables you to specify which websites you want to access through a VPN server and which ones can be accessed locally.

3) Anonymous Browsing: It has a “camouflage mode” by which it can mask your true IP address, making it appear as though you’re connected to your ISP’s VPN. It maintains a strict no-logs policy which means it does not collect your browsing history or other activity logs.


Although Vumoo is a popular streaming service its safety and legality have been put into question by the users. Fortunately, there are several options available that offer comparable features and functionalities. Some of the considerable examples include Netflix, HBO Max, GoMovies, and Sony Crackle.

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