Is Steam Unlocked Safe and Legal? Guide 2024

Is Steam Unlocked Safe and Legal? Guide 2024 – If you’re a passionate gamer and desire to download the best games without spending a buck, then you should try using SteamUnlocked. It’s best for downloading games and that too completely free of cost.

Still, many gamers are suspicious about the legitimacy of the website and also concerned about its safety. So, in this article, we’ll start by explaining the website SteamUnlocked and whether it is safe or not to use.

Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the article!

What is SteamUnlocked?

It is a website that aids gamers in downloading free games. Many gamers can download cracked versions of popular games.

SteamUnlocked gained immediate traction among those who don’t spend a buck for games and for that they download games from SteamUnlocked free-of-cost. Moreover, they don’t impose any in-app purchases or any other additional payments. 

However, free websites can be harmful and SteamUnlocked is no exception so many gamers are still skeptical and concerned about the safety of downloading games from the website.

Is Steam Unlocked Safe?

Fortunately, yes, the platform is safe to use but there are certain factors to remember before treading on it. It has robust security and it ensures the security of its users so that nobody becomes a victim of fraud and hacking while playing their favorite games on the platform.

Next, the personal information shared by the users on the platform is secured. SteamUnlocked has its servers on cloud-based platforms secured by the most high-end and updated encryption standards. For that, it is nearly impossible to hack such a robust security system even for a seasoned hacker.

Due to their strict policy, they will never ask you or any other user for sensitive information such as credit card numbers. They don’t have to sell all this information to marketers or unauthorized people for profit. Users can only expect some fantastic games from this website.

So, after all, is SteamUnlocked really safe?

SteamUnlocked is safe. However, it also has a lot of redirections. For that, you can simply download some good extensions like ad-blockers to prevent these redirections.

However, if any user accidentally clicks on something detrimental on some website after getting redirected, then things could turn a bit murky.

On top of that, it is not always legally safe to download copyright games, so you might need a VPN for that (we’ll cover an exclusive section on using a VPN later).

Remember that “” is the only legitimate site. After all, you can check the URL in Reddit posts. There are many duplicates of the website and many users are falling prey to them. 

Some users have even complained about the SteamUnlocked homepage, which is completely wrapped up with several advertisements and unwarranted pop-ups, although they could have visited a phishing site. The official website has relevant content with some occasional redirections.

Is SteamUnlocked Illegal?

SteamUnlocked walks a fine line between being legal and illegal. It is a legitimate website from where you can download original video games for free. Moreover, they won’t ask you for any sensitive information such as credit card details. It is popular in many communities including Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube Gaming Forums.

It has never experienced any bad complaints from them. It has an extensive library of games that you can play without spending a dime or extra effort.

The games are also one hundred percent verified and they don’t carry any viruses or malware. However, despite having so many advantages, gamers need to realize that downloading paid games for free even from legitimate websites can also be illegal.

Moreover, using these sites in restricted regions can be outright unlawful. Altogether, it is legal to use SteamUnlocked but it is illegal to download paid games for free without proper authorization.

So, to protect yourself from copyright issues or to bypass geo-restrictions, it is best to use a proper VPN. Using a VPN will allow you to hide your IP address and you can easily browse through the website without having to worry about getting tracked.

Is SteamUnlocked considered real or fake?

Although some users probably claim that SteamUnlocked is real, and the video games on the platform are verified, we will always leave it to the user’s discretion.

We cannot call it completely fake or real because the official site could be real with approved games but some nefarious scammers have already built duplicate sites of SteamUnlocked to compromise user security.  It is always recommended to check the URL before you visit the website. Also, it is not legal to download paid games for free, and that too from regions where it is geo-restricted.

Ways to Identify A Fake Website Impersonating as the Real SteamUnlocked

It is always a sensible decision to check whether SteamUnlocked or any other gaming website is real or not. Imposters are always looking to prey on newbie users to compromise their online security.

What are SteamUnlocked Red Flags?

These are SteamUnlocked Red Flags you should look for before leaping into these websites:

1) Scam Testimonials: Scammers can trick users by offering fake testimonials on the website claiming that they have made a lot of money from the website.

2) Lack of Owner information: Another red flag is the lack of owner information. Legitimate websites have owner information such as a genuine contact page. It could also be a sign of potential risk as the website might be fraudulent.

3) Redirections: Another common warning sign is the website trying to redirect you to an irrelevant website, particularly if the new website is unrelated to the one you were trying to access, and may contain viruses, spam, or malware.

4) Viruses: It is avoiding websites that attempt to download viruses on your computer. It is a red flag because the website can be fraudulent.

SteamUnlocked Actual Mirror/Proxy Sites

Many actual mirror sites may look and feel similar to that of SteamUnlocked websites:


Mirror sites are websites that look exactly like SteamUnlocked but else a different URL. Typically, these websites display a fake front and then directly copy the whole content of the official website which can be risky for newbies.

Steps to Download Games Via VPN

If you suspect that the SteamUnlocked site is blocked in your country or region, then you need to use a VPN to get around those restrictions.

You can follow these steps to download the games via a VPN:

1) Sign up for a reputable VPN subscription.

2) On your device, download it, then launch the app.

3) Now go and choose “Settings” in the bottom left corner of the tab.

4) Under the “settings” section, you will the option “Kill Switch”

5) Make sure the toggle is “on” to use the Kill Switch feature.

6) Connect to any server in the USA where the site is unblocked.

7) Once you arrive at the SteamUnlocked website, you can download your preferred game.

8) Click on Action & Adventure game outbreak. You will be taken to the game page that is displayed below.

9) The download button will appear after a few seconds at the bottom, so click on that.

SteamUnlocked Game Categories & Games


Here are the several game categories that the SteamUnlocked website offers. Moreover, it includes games for PS2 and VR-

Tips to use SteamUnlocked to Download Games Safely 

Before you go straight ahead to download your favorite games from the SteamUnlocked website, you must take some safety tips to avoid stumbling on the potholes of the website-

1) It is important that you use an updated antivirus software.

2) Don’t click on any adverts.

3) Before downloading, cross-check the file size and extensions.

4) Apply a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions if necessary.

5) Download only from reputable sources.

6) It’s best to create a separate account for gaming.

7) Always try to update your OS to the latest version.

Best VPNs to Download Games from SteamUnlocked

If you don’t have a VPN service, it is best you download one to stay protected while browsing websites like SteamUnlocked. The best SteamUnlocked VPNs have a wide variety of servers to choose from around the globe and will provide you with the fastest connections.

We’ve outlined a list of VPNs that you can use perfectly with SteamUnlocked-

A) NordVPN

If you want a VPN that is reliable, swift, and affordable, look no further than NordVPN. You may utilize the service on Windows, Linux, MacOS, and iOS. It can back up to six devices at once. Your online behavior is safeguarded by several security techniques employed by the VPN. It has a special feature called “Double VPN” that can send your connection across two servers with ease.

Best Features:

1) Threat Protection: The feature keeps the user protected from viruses, trackers, and advertisements while browsing a certain website. It can then provide an additional layer of security.

2) Dark web Monitor: It alerts the users if their private information gets exposed to the dark web.

3) Meshnet: It is helpful because it can establish direct connections with other devices via private encrypted tunnels, assisting both gaming and file sharing.

B) ExpressVPN

It is the perfect SteamUnlocked VPN that can be used to bypass geo-restrictions. It has every necessary tool with some rich features that can help users have a safe browsing experience online. It has a wide network of 3,000 servers located across 94 countries.

It ensures server availability and assists users in having connections with lower latency and you have a pool of IP addresses to choose from.

Best features:

1) AES-256-Bit Encryption:
It aids in secure data transmission along with guaranteed privacy and security for SteamUnlocked users.

2) Automatic Kill Switch: It prevents your identity from getting exposed once your VPN connection becomes sporadic.

3) Server Concealment: Obfuscation is used by many servers to conceal VPN traffic, preventing restrictions on connections by proxy detection.

C) CyberGhost

CyberGhost can help users mask their original IP to preserve their data from unauthorized parties and ISPs. It has more than 7000 virtual servers across 90 different nations. The users of CyberGhost can purchase an antivirus protection and security updater separately. However, CyberGhost VPN has features like a kill switch and split tunneling.

Best features:

1) Kill Switch: Automatic Kill Switch is a feature that disrupts access to the internet immediately once your VPN connection becomes weak or sporadic. Thus, it prevents your IP address and location from getting exposed.

2) Split Tunnelling: It is a feature that aids users in distinguishing and choosing between devices that need internet connectivity and those that can run on local IP addresses.

3) Leak protection: It enables the user to identify if their email address has been compromised. It acts as a fundamental defense against email leaks.


SteamUnlocked is a safe website for budding and seasoned gamers. However, there is always a chance of downloading malware into the system from sites that provide you with copyrighted games. It is best that you browse these websites carefully and abide by the safety tips we’ve mentioned. We’ve also given a list of VPNs to use for your online protection.

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