How to Stream iPhone to Twitch with Mobcrush

How to Stream iPhone to Twitch with Mobcrush – Do you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to show the world the games it contains via Twitch? It’s possible! The solution in this little tutorial.

How to Stream iPhone to Twitch in 3 steps

Between phenomenal games such as Fortnite and independent games like Monument Valley, Playdead Inside, and many others, iOS is a gaming platform that has its appeal. 

Unfortunately, Twitch doesn’t yet support screenshotting through their app which makes things a bit more difficult. Nothing blocking, however! We’ll see it together. First, we first need to be sure that you can record your screen well.

How to Stream iPhone to Twitch with Mobcrush

1. Enable iOS Screen Recording

This is a trick that is not necessarily obvious at first glance, but iOS allows you to record and or broadcast your screen. All you have to do is activate a setting.

Here is how to activate this setting step by step:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Control Center
  3. Tap Customize controls
  4. A list appears. Scroll down to see the Other Commands section, locate the Screen Recording command and press the green + button.

Once done, you can open your iPhone’s control center and a cool new button has appeared!

This button has some pretty sensational capabilities, but we won’t dwell on that further. Now that this prerequisite is checked off our list, we can move on to streaming.

2. Install and Configure Mobcrush

But I wanted to stream on Twitch! Do not worry! This is what is planned. In fact, Mobcrush is a specialized mobile streaming service 

that allows you to broadcast your live on Twitch as well as other services. It’s one more intermediary to worry about, but it’s the one that will allow us to achieve our ends. First, 

download Mobcrush from the App Store.

Once the application is installed on your device, you will need to create an account. You can do this by simply logging in with your Twitch account, as login credentials can be shared between the two services. But of course, you have other options. The screenshots illustrate the registration process with my Twitch account.

Your registration is complete, you have certainly come across this page:

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Here you can set some important metadata so people can know what your feed will contain. Namely the services that will receive it (1), the game you will play (2) , and a title. Make your choices and press the Save Broadcast Settings button for your next stream to use this information (3) .

It’s good! We’re almost done. All that remains is to start the stream.

3. Start your stream

Streamer on iPhone goes through the screenshot feature of the system. This is what we activated earlier by going to the settings application.

To start your stream:

  1. Opens the Control Center. This is where you can put airplane mode or activate the screen lock.
  2. Turn off silent mode so your audience can hear game audio, and turn on do not disturb mode so your private messages don’t appear in mid-stream.
  3. Locate the Screen Recording icon
  4. Depending on your device, long press or hard press this icon.
  5. You will see several details appear… And in particular Mobcrush! In fact you can choose the direction in which the video stream will be sent.
  6. Select Mobcrush, activate the microphone and tap Start Broadcast
  7. It’s online! 

The moment the countdown ended, the image from your iPhone or iPad became visible on Mobcrush with live streaming on Twitch. GG

If you want to disable broadcasting, just go back to the Control Center and disable capture. Have a good stream! 

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