How to start a Hype Train on Twitch

How to start a Hype Train on Twitch – Appeared a few years ago on the Twitch platform, the hype train allows a community to support their favorite streamers.

The hype train on Twitch kicks off when an outpouring of support occurs during a stream. This wave is triggered by the community, following a succession of subscriptions and bit donations. A counter then starts to encourage spectators to continue their efforts and launch the hype train as far as possible.

How to Start a Hype Train on Twitch

Each level of the hype train has 5 emotes. Each participant receives an emoticon that is part of the last level reached. The hype train has a difficulty level that can be set by the streamer. The latter can then adapt this difficulty according to his community.

How does the hype train work on Twitch?

The hype train is active on any channel by default, but the streamer can decide to deactivate it in the settings. 

How to start the hype train?

Then the streamer decides what bar the community needs to cross to launch it. It takes between 3 and 25 events in 5 minutes (streamer’s choice) to start the train. These events are:

  • Donate at least 100 bits
  • Subscribe to a classic subscription
  • Subscribe to an amazon prime subscription
  • By offering a subscription

If the streamer has set the train launch to 15 events, and the community sends 4 x 100 bits and 11 subscriptions in less than 5 minutes, the train starts.

These 15 events must be launched by 15 different spectators. So you can’t start a hype train alone.

How to Progress in the levels?

To progress through the levels, you must complete the objectives set according to the level of difficulty. It is the streamer who defines the level of difficulty:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Very difficult 
  • Extreme

The gauge that allows you to see the progress of each level is called the Hypometer, and helps motivate the community to continue the common effort. 

To give an idea, level 1 of the easy difficulty requires 2 level 1 subs or 1000 bits to complete. Level 5 of the extreme level, on the other hand, requires hundreds of subscriptions.. 

Each level must be completed in less than 5 minutes, and the time resets each time a milestone is reached. 

If the Hypometer is not completed within the allotted time, the hype train stops, and contributors receive several rewards for their involvement. 

The Rewards of the hype train

When the hype train stops, backers will receive one of the 5 highest tier emotes. This emoticon is distributed randomly, and a contributor cannot receive the same one twice. 

hype train emoticons

If a contributor has already received all emotes for the current level and previous levels, unfortunately they will not get a new one. 

Contributors will also receive a golden “hype train driver” badge, which will remain until the next train launches. At that time, past donors will receive the same badge, colored purple, permanently.

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