How to Squad Stream on Twitch | Group Stream Guide

How to Squad Stream on Twitch | Group stream – Is there anything better than playing video games with friends? Do it while you’re livestreaming so your followers can have fun! That is why this time we will tell you how to do a group stream on Twitch, as well as a few more things you should know to do it. Let’s go there!

What is a Twitch Squad Stream?

A Twitch Squad stream is a mode that allows up to four content creators to broadcast together in a single window, simultaneously. This streaming mode was intended to be fully participatory, bringing all the features of each individual stream to a single screen .

The advantage of this type of broadcast is that it is not only fun for the participants, but it is also an excellent way to share unique content ,

Learn about new channels, grow the community of each streamer and encourage interaction between the various streamers. supporter groups.

What does it take to do a Squad Stream on Twitch? 

In order to group stream on Twitch you must be a member of the Twitch Partner Program, or as you probably know it, partner. 

This is so because a certain quality of the stream must be guaranteed in order to offer a better experience to the viewers.

Still don’t have these viewer ranks? Don’t worry, we have good news! Very recently we published the best guide to getting an affiliate and its reception has been and continues to be spectacular. 

So, in case you still don’t have these ranks, which is also applied in the process to become a partner on the platform … Don’t miss it!

How to do a group live or squad stream on Twitch

Not sure how to start a stream together? Don’t worry! Here we will show you in a few simple steps how to do a squad stream on Twitch . However, there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to do so. Go for it!

Step #1 – Go to “Stream Manager”

Click on your profile picture, and from the dropdown menu select “Creator Dashboard” . Then on the left side of the screen you will find the “Stream Manager” . Access it and continue with the next step.

Step #2 – Access the channel shortcuts

On the right side of the screen you can see all the shortcuts that are activated on your channel. If you can’t see “Squad Stream” , tap on the “+” icon, search for it and add it. 

Step #3 – Invite up to three members to the group

Once you have the shortcut added, by clicking on it you will be able to manage everything that has to do with the group ; and make the invitations you have in mind. 

You can add up to three members to the stream, as long as each member is a member of the Twitch Partner Program.

Step #4 – Start streaming the Squad stream

When all your colleagues have accepted the invitations you have made, complete the corresponding fields by adding the title and description of the stream , and then press the “Start Squad Stream” button . And that would be all!

How can I watch a Squad Stream on Twitch on PC?

To watch a joint stream, simply go to the “Explore” section of Twitch and filter by the “ Group Stream ” tag . If you want to see all the channels at the same time , you must select the «Group mode» within the transmission , in order to simultaneously see the screens of the streamers that make up the squad.

How can I join a group stream?

To join a group stream, you simply have to accept the invitation to it from the shortcuts section of your channel, and the procedure to access it is the same as we just explained.

How do donations work in a group stream?

Donations like bits and subscriptions will go to whichever channel the main slot is in , though that doesn’t mean you can’t support the rest of the group members. You can find more information in the Twitch group streams section , as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Now, form your own team to make direct!

Now that you know how to make a group stream on Twitch , the only thing left to do is to find the right members for your direct. However, with three more users, it would be better to protect yourself from possible infringements ; and one of the most common copyrighted music. 

Are you protected against copyright ban? I hope so, but just in case, don’t worry. This is the best guide on music without copyright on Twitch that you will see on the net, take a look and focus on enjoying your games.

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