How to Setup & Use Nightbot in Twitch in 2022

How to Setup & Use Nightbot in Twitch in 2022 – As soon as your stream on Twitch has a higher reach and many viewers are active in the chat, it is worth using a modern bot system . 

Of course, real people still play an important role as moderators in the chat, but Nightbot scores as a free representative with a variety of practical and automatic add -ons that enrich every Twitch stream.

This not only includes protection against spam, unwanted links or ugly words , but also many practical commands, a chat log, a timer, support for giveaways and many other features . How exactly you can set up the chat bot for your stream is explained in this article.

Twitch: Set up Nightbot in the overview

To set up Nightbot for your Twitch channel, all you have to do is follow two simple steps . You should be able to see the popular Twitch bot in your chat and use its functions within minutes. Here is the installation in detail:

Step 1: First, log in to your streaming account on the Nightbot website . Currently (as of June 2020) the bot software supports Twitch as well as Mixer and YouTube. 

Then all you have to do is click on the Join Channel button, which can be found in the dashboard in the top right corner.

You should then see a pop-up window asking you to make Nightbot a moderator of your channel. To do this, enter the command “/mod nightbot” in your channel chat, after which you will receive a confirmation.

join Channel in Nightbot on Twitch

Step 2: Next, you have the option of either customizing the existing commands or even creating your own variants. You will find the categories Custom and Default on the left side under Command.

Both of these have the same structure and are all used via a code word and an exclamation mark in front of it. For example, if you want to share your Twitter link with your chat, “!twitter” is a good choice . 

Or you want to click “donation” on your donation link Clues. If a viewer enters this command in your Twitch chat, you can display both the link and a short description of Nightbot.

Set up Nightbot in Twitch

The Most Important Functions of NIGHTBOT

In addition to these simple commands, which are primarily used to automatically display various information, Nightbot offers many other practical features. 

Most of them can be individually adapted by you and changed to suit your personal wishes and needs. Depending on the orientation of your stream, you can use the following content:

Song Requests

Almost every streamer (ir)regularly offers its viewers the opportunity to request music titles to be played in the stream

Nightbot helps here by automatically adding the desired songs to a playlist and then playing them using internal auto DJ software . Currently, the songs can come from YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Spam Protection

This function hides protection against the excessive use of emojis or emotes , against unwanted links and the possibility of using an already existing list of forbidden words and adapting them to your needs. 

Not only can you improve the streaming experience for you and your viewers, but you can also protect yourself from violating the Twitch rules, which in the worst case can lead to a ban .

Timer function

If you can do without complex timers, then Nightbot offers an extremely simple function for this:

You can have a specific message repeatedly posted in your chat within a specified period of time and thus share your social channels or sponsor links, for example, to increase your earnings .


If you want your channel to grow noticeably, gifts to your viewers often help. These can be smaller or larger gifts that are given, for example, only to your subscribers or alternatively to all viewers. 

Nightbot also supports you here, as the bot not only offers many practical settings in this regard, but also draws one or more winners completely at random at the push of a button.


It’s also worth checking all of Nightbot’s features regularly, as the developers continue to work diligently on new content and expand existing features. 

In this way, you get a completely free solution for your stream in the long term, which will support you in your career on Twitch .

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