How to Set up Donation Goal on Streamlabs

How to Set up Donation Goal on Streamlabs – Donations are an integral part of a streamer’s life, and displaying a live counter can help you communicate your goals to the community. For example, you can use it to display a daily donation goal. 

To set up a donation goal on Streamlabs, you will first need to link your Twitch or Youtube account. Then, you can access the widgets by clicking on the “+” of the “Sources” tab then “Donation goal”.

It is possible to customize the default donation objective, by modifying the title, defining a starting objective and a deadline. You will also be able to modify the “visual settings”, in order to customize the colors, the font and the size of certain elements.

How to set up donation goal on Streamlabs

To add a donation goal: Select a scene in the dedicated tab and click on the + in the “Sources” tab. If you are new to Streamlabs OBS, here is an article that will help you configure Scenes and Sources:

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In the Widgets tab, click on “Donation goal” then on “Add a source”. You can customize your bar in the next step.

You then have 3 tabs that will be used to customize your donation goal.

Objective : allows you to define a title, an objective (in dollars), a starting quantity (in dollars) and an end date. The date is in the American format ‘Month/Day/Year.

Visual settings : allows you to change the font, colors, and aesthetics of the bar.

Source: Allows you to configure advanced features, such as personality CSS or audio control. 

You can also configure the width and height, in the main tab, as well as modify your bar, if you have basics in HTML/CSS.

In our example, we’ll set up a basic donation goal, with the settings below. Feel free to customize yours afterwards. 

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