How to Set up Alerts on twitch

How to Set up Alerts on twitch – Once we have the basic setup of our Streamlabs done, it’s time to add some important features like Twitch alerts. These alerts will appear available once you connect your Streaming platform with Streamlabs, so check out this tutorial if you haven’t already.

Twitch Alerts

Twitch Alerts are graphic messages or sounds that appear when specific streaming events occur. They can give the audience an indication of when important events occur during a broadcast. The most loyal viewers are rewarded with exclusive alerts telling everyone how much they mean to the creators.

How to activate alerts on Twitch

Activating Twitch Alerts on PS4 is easy:

  • Sign in to your Twitch account
  • Go to the app settings section
  • Choose the Type of Alerts to use
  • Customize the different types of alerts using logos, messages and sounds
  • Click “Save”

Once the settings have been saved, alerts will appear on the screen whenever something happens according to the settings.

More about Alerts on Twitch

The most important thing on Twitch are the alerts since these are notices that appear in your live streams warning you of:

  • New Donations.
  • New Subscriber.
  • New Followers.
  • Bits that people give you.
  • Hosts that other Streamers make you.

Therefore, it is important to realize when something like this happens and thank the user or notify it in a fun way in your Stream.

How to make alerts appear on Twitch?

On the mobile app, from a streamer’s channel page, when live, tap the gear icon in the video player. Scroll down to the Streamer Options section to turn on Live Notifications.
On the web version, go to the channel page and press the Edit Profile button. In the Notifications Preferences tab, look in the Live Notifications section and turn on the option to show a notification when the streamer is live.

How to set up Twitch Obs alerts?

Walkthrough #8 | Twitch and OBS alerts – Test and basic configuration

1. Download the alerts from the Twitch website.
2. Log in to Twitch and go to the OBS server.
3. Add a source of type “Desktop Files”.
4. Select the Twitch Alerts file you downloaded.
5. Select the signal you want to use to display the alert (audio / video).
6. Configure the signal and set the delay times etc.
7. Save the settings and start enjoying the alerts.

Twitch Alerts are a great way to connect with your audience. This not only allows streamers to show appreciation to their fans, but also encourages the audience to be a part of the conversation, which enhances the streaming experience for everyone.

How to put alerts to your direct

Well, to put these alerts, the first thing we open our Streamlabs program and in sources we give the + (as we did before). Throughout this menu, we go to the right side where it says Widgets and click on the alerts box, as seen in the photo:

Now it will tell you to give it a name to add source. We will name  it Alert Box itself to find out what is going on.

And we have already added our alert box!! But… wait a second… if nothing comes out! Of course, because the alerts appear when an action described above occurs . But of course, we can preview and put these alerts in our own way.

modify alerts

We already have the alerts set in our preview box, but since we have no idea what is going to appear or anything, we are going to set it to our liking. To do this, in the main Streamlabs panel, we look at the vertical menu that is to the far left and click on a button that says pane

And oh surprise surprise! It opens a new window on the internet. Yes, that’s right friends, do not panic. Boa! what things, right? Well yes, but let’s go little by little and click in order on what appears in this image:

Having clicked through the previous two steps, now it’s time to create our different cool alerts. Since we’re just starting out and Perry isn’t following us at the moment, we’re only going to be interested in creating alerts when someone follows us on Twitch.

Alerts again follow

To do this, we have to fill in the following table that has come out after the previous point:

In the Alert variation Name box you are going to put the name you want to give to that alert. As we already know that it is about the follows, we have named it ” New follower” but hey, you can put whatever you want.

In Event Types we are going to select the Twitch Follow  one because indeed, it is from a follow. We click outside the screen and we save. Now it should appear in the following image, but if it does not appear, refresh the Web page with F5 and if it still does not appear, repeat the process at this point, sometimes the junk usually fails. Ok, so we are here:

  1. The first thing you have to do is make sure that on the left, we are in New follower-Twitch Follow as it appears in the image with the number 1.
  2. The second step is to give Send test so that you can see how the alert comes out right now. Be careful with the sound and the scare you get hahaha. As you can see, an ugly zombie appears, a strange message in English and a strange sound.
  3. The third point is the image. If we click on the cross, we can put the gif, image or video that we feel like. As we can see in the image below, we get several options that we can choose from, but if we want to upload an image or gif ourselves, we click upload and from there we upload it:
  4. In the fourth point, that of the sound exactly the same as the previous one, we choose the one we want, only that many sounds are premium (with the little star in the upper right) and we recommend you upload your own to give you a unique touch each time it sounds .
  5. Sometimes the sound tends to sound tremendously loud, so set it to 15%
  6. Once all the changes are made, do not forget to save the changes in the green button.
  7. Finally, try now with a test to see how it would look.

Modify the alert message

To change the alert message, we select the Twitch follow that appears on the screen where we are. Once this is done:

  1. In number one, on the box, we are going to put the message that is going to be shown on your live stream every time someone follows you. Since we do not understand any English, we are going to change it. Remember that you will be followed by users with different names, so the typed {name} command refers to the user’s name. As I see that you are a bit lazy, I recommend you to put something simple in that box like « Thanks for following me {name} I hope you have a good time! » and we are pulling
  2. In the two we save the configuration again and we hit the test button again to see how it looks.

And that’s it! We have our first alert created!! We close that web page and return to the Streamlabs OBS program

What are Twitch Alerts?

Twitch Alerts are little notifications that appear around your stream when something specific happens. These can range from new subscribers and donations to raids or waiting list enrollment. Alerts are essential to inform your followers about important events that occur throughout your broadcast.

How to set up alerts on Twitch for the PS4

There are 2 ways to set up alerts on Twitch for the PS4:

  • Using StreamLabs – Streamlabs is a web platform that can help you configure all your alerts, including the ability to use your own designs and animations. This platform also offers you some additional options, such as the use of gift cards, registration to a waiting list, greeting card and much more. Once you’ve set up your alerts in StreamLabs, all you need to do is link the platform to your Twitch account and start streaming.
  • Using the Twitch Dashboard – Twitch also offers the option to set up alerts through your account dashboard. For this, you simply need to log in to Twitch and go to the “Streaming Dashboard” section from your profile. Here, you can add custom alerts for each event you want, from new subscribers to donations, and add custom titles for each one. For each of your alerts, you can also set your preferences for colors, size, position, etc.

Now that you know how to set up Twitch Alerts for PS4, it’s time to start sharing your achievements and events with your followers! Have fun!

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Final touches from Streamlabs

Once we have set the alerts to our liking, it is time to tweak them from Streamlabs. To do this, if we had Streamlabs open, we close and reopen and go to the alert source that we created previously and right-click properties:

And we get this menu:

  1. As you can see now the new one that we have created to be able to select it comes out. Make sure it’s on with the green button and under it, there’s a little piece of trash and a pencil or something like that. Well, we give the pencil and we get the menu on the right.
  2. Even from here you can change the message, it is not necessary to always go to the Streamlabs website.
  3. and 4. We can give it a try to see how it would look.

Everything else that comes out we can mess around if we want to change the font size, font, colors… but come on, it’s not necessary. Well, we click DONE and that’s it! That’s it!!

We can test how an alert would look with our scene set, to be able to place the alert where we want and in the size we want!! At the bottom we give Test Widgets:

How to put alerts on Twitch in Video

As always, here is the video format for the laziest and prefer not to read, hehe

And this has been all, we already have something that is very, very important in the world of Twitch

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