How to Save Streaming in Chrome Browser

Free and easy! How to Save Streaming in Chrome – This time, I would like to explain how to save the streaming in Chrome and what to do when the streaming cannot be saved.

What is Streaming?

Streaming” is a playback method that you can enjoy immediately while receiving media data such as video and audio while connected to the Internet.

  • “Download” is also a playback method for video and audio distribution services, but …
  • The “streaming” playback method allows you to download and play the videos you want to watch and the music you want to listen to on the Internet without waiting.
  • The “Download” playback method cannot be played until the video or music has been downloaded.

As of now, many video and music distribution services provide video and music by streaming method. For example, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, SHOWROOM, Eplus, Johnny’s Live, Twitch, Amazon music, LINE MUSIC, etc.

 Save streaming

Streaming is delivered in real time. Generally, you cannot save media such as streaming video and audio. Originally, the streaming distribution method was created on the premise that video and music are not saved.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to save streaming. Streaming save tools make it easy to save your streaming. This time, I will explain in detail how to save streaming in Chrome.

  • For streaming distribution, there are many protocols such as “HLS”, “MPEG DASH”, “Smooth Streaming”, and “HDS”, but most streaming distribution / live distribution services use ” HLS (.m3u8) “. “HLS” is a standard originally developed by Apple Inc. It can be played not only on iOS but also on many web browsers such as Android and Chrome.
  • So saving a stream in Chrome is almost the same as saving an HLS in Chrome.

How to save streaming in Chrome

1. Save the stream using the extension

Recommendation level: ★★★★★

The Chrome Web Store has an extension that allows you to save streaming. This time, I will explain how to save streaming in Chrome using the easy-to-use “Stream Recorder” and “Video Download Helper”.

  • Streaming save extension 1. “Stream recorder”
  • You can save Streaming (HLS) as MP4 in Chrome
  • No need to automatically detect streaming and get the URL of the streaming video
  • It also has a video capture function, so you can directly record streaming videos that cannot be downloaded.
  • Streaming save extension 2. “Video Download Helper”
  • You can save streaming (HLS / DASH) in Chrome in formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3, etc.
  • No need to automatically detect streaming and get the URL of the streaming video
  • You can save not only streaming but also other videos playing in Chrome
  • Many customization functions are provided

How to save streaming using “Stream Recorder” in Chrome ↓

  • After installing Stream Recorder in Chrome, open the playback page of the streaming video you want to save.
  • When the stream recorder detects the streaming video, move the cursor to the stream recorder icon and “stream detected” will be displayed. In that case, click the icon of the stream recorder.
  • Then, the streaming video will start loading. When the streaming video information is displayed, you can specify the quality of the streaming video by clicking “Custom”. Click “Save” to save the streaming video you just loaded in Chrome.
  • Recently, the extension “Stream Recorder” of Google Chrome has become unusable. An extension “Video DownloadHelper” that replaces “Stream Recorder” can be used when writing articles.


How to save streaming using “Video Download Helper” in Chrome ↓

  • After installing Video DownloadHelper on Chrome, open the playback page for the streaming video you want to save.
  • When Video DownloadHelper detects a streaming video, the Video DownloadHelper icon changes from black and white to color. Click the Video DownloadHelper icon. Then, information such as the title, resolution, and bit rate of the streaming video you want to save will be displayed. When you move the pointer to the item you want to download, “⇢” is displayed. Click “⇢”.
  • Then, “Quick Download”, “Download”, “Download and Convert” will be displayed. Whichever you choose, you can save the stream in Google Chrome.After selecting the download item, you can easily set the folder and name by following the instructions.
  • “Quick Download” saves the stream without specifying a destination.
  • “Download” allows you to specify the save destination and save the stream.
  • “Download and Convert” allows you to save the stream by specifying the save destination and format.
  • Click the blue button to see the progress of the streaming save in Chrome. Click to end the streaming save.
  • Without premium status, HLS downloads can only be run after the last 120 minutes. You need to log in to Chrome for Premium.

Streaming save extensions such as “Video Getter” and “Tokyo Loader” can also be used in Chrome, but I think Video DownloadHelper is the easiest to use.

2. Save the stream using an online site

Recommendation level: ★★★

In fact, there are very few sites that can store streaming. Many sites advertise that you can download streaming! However, when you actually use it, few can save streaming. This time I would like to introduce how to save streaming in Chrome using a video storage site called “Video Cyborg” …

Video Cyborg can save streaming from one streaming service, but not from one streaming service. There are few compatible streaming services.

How to save streaming using Video Cyborg in Chrome ↓

  • Go to the official website of Video Cyborg, copy the URL of the streaming video you want to save, paste the URL in the blank and click “DOWNLOAD VIDEO”.
  • Then, the analysis of the streaming video will start. Click DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO when the analysis is complete. Then Chrome will save the streaming.


3. Save the stream using streaming save software

Recommendation level: ★★★★★

You can easily save streaming videos by installing streaming save software on Chrome. Here, we will explain how to save streaming using free streaming storage software called “VideoProc Converter”.

  • Streaming storage software “ VideoProc Converter 
  • You can easily save streaming videos
  • High quality recording is possible if streaming cannot be saved
  • Saved streaming videos can be converted to MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3 and other formats
  • Easy editing of saved streaming videos (trimming, cutting, combining, subtitles, GIF creation, noise removal, effects, double speed, etc.)

Free download for Windows version >>

Free download for Mac version >>

How to save streaming using “Video Proc Converter” in Chrome ↓

  • After accessing the official website of VideoProc Converter in Chrome, installing and launching VideoProc Converter, click “Download”.
  • After copying the streaming URL, click “Add Video” → “Paste URL & Analysis”. Then, the analysis of the streaming video will start. When the analysis is complete, select the resolution and extension of the streaming video and click “Download Selected Video”. (You can convert the video to another format even after saving it.)
  • 📝 Note.
  • If the analysis of the URL of the streaming video fails, please extract and copy the streaming m3u8 url, and then use VideoProc Converter in the order of “Download”-> “Add Video”-> “Paste URL & Analyze”. Streaming video delivered by HLS consists of m3u8 files and TS files. Generally, “.m3u8” is the extension of the file when you download the streaming video. After analyzing the m3u8 url, you should be able to save the streaming video well. How to extract m3u8 url in Chrome ↓
  • (1) Open the video playback page in Chrome, and enter “m3u8” in the “F12 key” → “Network” → search box Search.
  • ② Then, the m3u8 file will be displayed. Click on the m3u8 file at the top and click on “Headers” on the right. Then, the m3u8 URL (https: //○○○.m3u8) will be displayed. You can copy the m3u8 URL (https: //○○○.m3u8).
  • Click “Download now” to start saving the streaming video. Please wait until it is completed.
    • Memo
    • When saving a live streamed video, ” Start Recording ” is displayed instead of “Download now”. Click “Start Recording” to start loading and saving the streaming video. If you want to stop saving the streaming video, click ” Stop Recording “. Then, the streaming video will be saved on your computer!
    • By the way, if you click the folder mark “📁”, you can open the storage location of the streaming video.

What to do if you can’t save streaming in Chrome

1. Streaming save tool error occurs

Streaming may not be saved due to a bug or error in the streaming save tool. Wait until you update your streaming save tool to the latest version or fix the error.

2. Internet communication speed is slow

When the internet communication speed is slow and unstable, streaming video storage often fails. Therefore, let’s save streaming in Chrome using a comfortable and fast network environment.

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3. Streaming is DRM protected

Not all streams can be saved in Chrome. Once your streaming video is encrypted with DRM technology (Digital Rights Management), it’s not that easy to save your streaming, even with a dedicated streaming save tool. Saving streaming encrypted with DRM technology often fails. Also, even if you save the encrypted streaming, it cannot be played without the encryption key.

4. Streaming save tool does not support streaming services

Today, many video distribution services stream videos and live concerts. However, not all streaming storage tools are compatible with all streaming services. For example, the A save tool can save streaming from a video distribution service in Chrome, but cannot save streaming from b video distribution service.

5. Screen capture is a practical function!

If you can’t save the streaming in Chrome by all means, use screen capture (recording) to record and save the streaming in Chrome.

The streaming storage free software “Video Proc Converter” introduced earlier has a recording function. With “Video Proc Converter”, you can record and save streaming in high quality in Chrome. For details on how to do it,

Free download for Windows version >>

Free download for Mac version >>

STEP1. Click “Record”.

STEP2. Click “Screen Recording” to open the page playing the streaming.

At that time, you can set the recording range, audio, format, quality, etc.

STEP3. Click “REC”. Then, streaming recording will start. If you want to quit, just go back to the VideoProc Converter screen and click the “STOP” button.

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