How to Play Music on Twitch Without Copyright

How to Play Music on Twitch Without Copyright – Due to the recent updates in the rules of this platform, protected music is no longer an option for your live shows thanks to copyright; although there are alternatives you could try. Here you can see how to Play music on Twitch without copyright , and thus avoid consequences that could affect your content.

What is happening now with the bans on Twitch?

This platform is being the center of controversy due to a massive wave of bans caused by music protected by copyright during broadcasts. Several content creators were even affected by clips generated months ago , and the situation at the moment does not look good at all…

Who is behind these bans?

Twitch has received thousands of complaints in recent weeks from the record labels that own the rights, which until now had turned a blind eye to this situation. These actions reached thousands of streamers around the world, taking with them a number of hours of their lives and work invested that cannot be recovered.

What is the DMCA on Twitch?

The DMCA is a set of laws that gives copyright holders the ability to demand that such content be removed from a certain medium ; And unlike YouTube, Twitch was unprepared for this sudden change in record labels’ attitude.

So you can’t play copyrighted music on Twitch anymore?

To put you in context, when you subscribe to Spotify you acquire the right to play and listen to music, but not to distribute it . 

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By putting copyrighted music on your Twitch streams, the record labels will not receive revenue , so they will follow up with a petition to remove the content you have created from the platform. Is it a whore? Of course. Are they within their rights to do this? Unfortunately. 

How to Play Music on Twitch Without Copyright

There are a few alternatives you could try to stream music on Twitch, though you’ll have to sacrifice most of your taste in the attempt. The songs you’ll find below are mostly from little-known indie artists , so they should be enough to play or talk quietly.

Method #1 – YouTube Compilations, the old trusty

With just a search on YouTube you can put all kinds of copyright-free music on your Twitch streams , and avoid a possible strike. However, you must be on your guard at all times, since the big companies are fishing songs in these channels, and adding the annoying copyright.

Method #2 – Remixes or Mashups, something is something

If you still can’t come to terms with the loss of your favorite artists’ music, and if you can handle it, you might be inclined to listen to remixes and mashups in your live that are created by people. It’s not a sure thing, really, and record labels will probably get away with this method as well.

Method #3 – Introducing Soundtrack by Twitch

It could be said that this extension launched by this platform is the safest for now , but it still does not have an extensive catalog of songs . But hey, protecting your channel and having fun streaming is our main goal, at least until Twitch finds a solution for this situation. 

How to set up Twitch Soundtrack in Streamlabs OBS

Next we will show you how to configure the Twitch Soundtrack for Streamlabs OBS , so that your channel is protected at all times. Although this extension is still in beta , the procedure to install it will not take you long, although for now it can only be considered a temporary solution. 

Step 1 – Download Soundtrack by Twitch

To download Soundtrack by Twitch go to the extension ‘s official site , select Streamlabs OBS and then hit ” Get Soundtrack “. When opening the downloaded executable you will have to link your Twitch account , to facilitate the process. 

Step 2 – Configure the program

When the program has finished the installation, the following image will appear. Press « Start » to activate the program as the system audio; and then install the plugin so that a small tab is displayed during your live streams.

Step 3 – Add Soundtrack in Streamlabs OBS

Open Streamlabs OBS in your editing panel and add a new source; If the version of Streamlabs you have installed is compatible, it will appear as follows. Select « Twitch Soundtrack » and hit « Add Source ».

Step 4 – Edit the properties of the audio

To finish, open the « Edit » drop-down menu and select « Advanced audio properties ». Check the first five boxes corresponding to the Desktop Audio row, and leave only the last box checked in the Soundtrack Source row. 

Getting started on Twitch? Don’t miss out on anything!

There are a ton of things to do when getting started on Twitch; if you need it, here is a tutorial on How to use Streamlabs OBS to take the first steps in the best way. And if you want to grow your channel even more, you definitely have to take a look at our Twitch Guide, in which you will find useful tips to live on this platform.

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