How to Make Money on Twitch as a Girl

How to make money on Twitch as a girl – Twitch is an online platform for broadcasting content aimed mainly at the gamer audience, but with options for people who work in other segments, such as cooking, music or sports. The person who broadcasts is known as a streamer and can create channels for other users to watch the content.

The platform also offers options for users to receive money for broadcasts . In fact, the application is known for the volume of gamers who manage to maintain good income with streaming. If you are interested in knowing how to make money on Twitch, check out this content!

How to Create Twitch account?

Creating a Twitch account is quite simple. First, go to the website or app and choose the “Register” option. At this point, you need to create a username and password, enter your email address and your date of birth. Users can also use their Facebook account to streamline the process.

Those who want to create content must select the “Content Producer” option, which is in the menu at the top right. Therefore, it is important to have adequate equipment, such as a camera and headset.

For live broadcasts, which attract the largest audience, it is feasible to use specific software that can be seen in the “Broadcast Tools” of the control panel. After downloading and installing the necessary applications, the user can start streaming through the platform.

What are the ways to monetize broadcasts on Twitch as a girl?

There are different registration modalities for those who want to earn money on Twitch. Therefore, we have prepared a complete list on the topic.

Twitch affiliate

By becoming an affiliate , streamers are able to earn income from broadcasting on Twitch . To join the program, you must meet certain requirements. Are they:

  • have at least 50 followers;
  • have at least 500 total minutes of transmission in the last 30 days;
  • have 7 exclusive broadcast days in the period;
  • have an average of at least 3 simultaneous viewers.

The affiliate has several forms of monetization, but fees will apply when withdrawing from the platform.


Aimed at more committed users who meet the required requirements. In general, you must have completed the achievement “ The route to be a Partner ” and have a wide and engaged audience in other services, in addition to producing quality content frequently.

As the program is broader, invites rely on Twitch analysis to determine if the user has the necessary profile to be a partner. In addition to having access to more monetization features, Twitch also takes responsibility for payout fees, increasing earnings.  

Not participating in programs

Anyone who is not a partner or affiliate can also earn money on Twitch. To do this, you need to register as a streamer and try to implement one of these strategies:

  • have an Amazon membership account and recommend items during the stream to earn commission on the sale;
  • have an online store to sell your own products and link it to the platform;
  • get sponsorship from brands to make the broadcasts;
  • register for tournaments as winners receive cash prizes;
  • embed a donation button on your page.

How to make money on Twitch as a girl (Partner or Affiliate)

In the case of partners and affiliates, there are more ways to make money on Twitch . Check out how to do it right now!


Partners and affiliates can also insert buttons to receive donations during broadcasts. For this, it is necessary to find sites that work with this, such as PayPal, and configure the system to accept payments made by users.


Bits is a currency created by Twitch that allows viewers to support streamers by sending “Cheers” in chat, as if it were a tip. Affiliates and partners receive 1% of the value of each Bit and users can donate between 1 and 10 thousand Bits.


Partners and Affiliates can earn money by signing up users interested in watching broadcasts and collaborating. Plans are offered at the following prices: US$4.99, US$9.99, US$24.99. In addition, the free subscriptions released by Twitch Prime also generate income for streamers. It is worth noting that the amount transferred per subscription varies, but can reach 50%.


Partners earn a share of the income generated by any ad served on their channels. For this, they have the option to define the size or frequency in which they will be transmitted.


Loots are gift chests that can be unlocked by channel owners and distributed to viewers. They are item packs from the main games on the market. Despite not being a direct way to monetize, it attracts subscribers to the channel and offers an alternative for users to earn by watching the content.

sale of games

It is also possible to use broadcasts, indicating the sale of games or items to spectators. If they make the purchase of the items advertised on the channel, 5% of the value goes back to the streamer.

How to get the first payment from Twitch?

Once you know how to make money on Twitch, you need to understand how to get paid. They are made by bank transfer (to the United States), wire transfer, check or via Paypal . The minimum withdrawal must be $100 and fees vary by user type — affiliate, partner or non-affiliate.

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How to grow on Twitch from 0 in 2022 – Quickly

One way to reduce the costs involved with the withdrawal, considering that the payment is made from abroad. Thus, you guarantee lower fees when requesting payments and increase your earnings with the platform.

When can I withdraw money from Twitch?

You can withdraw cash from Twitch once you reach the minimum amount of $100. The Twitch cash out period is 45 days from the end of the month. Brazilians can receive payments through PayPal, by check and Electronic Transfer, but the amounts may be taxed, fees vary between US$ 3 and US$ 25 + exchange rate.

How to see Twitch revenue?

To see your Twitch revenue, click your channel photo. Then click Creator Control Panel, you will see the summary of your live. In the sidebar on the left, you’ll click Insights and click Channel Analytics.

In the bar above the information, you will have a pre-defined period. Click on that bar. Select from the calendar, the date of your first transmission and the current date, click on update and it will show the accumulated value until the date you set.

Scrolling down the screen, you will find a list of values, informing where your revenue comes from, whether it is from subscriptions, views, etc.


How to create Twitch account?

The registration is done through the website or through the application, informing the username, password, e-mail address and date of birth. If you want to be a content producer, just access the specific settings and choose the broadcast tools that will be used.

How to make money on Twitch as a partner or affiliate?

There are many ways to earn money on Twitch by participating in affiliate or partner programs. See the main ones:
sale of games.

How do I get paid from Twitch?

Payment is made by bank transfer (to the United States), electronic transfer, by check or via Paypal, with a minimum withdrawal of US $100 and fees that vary according to the type of registration.

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