How to Make a Team on Twitch: 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Team on Twitch: 3 Easy Steps – Do you want to build your own team of content creators on the platform, and are not sure how to do it? Today is your lucky day, because here we will explain how to create a team on Twitch in a few steps. Let’s get started!

How to Make a team on Twitch step by step

Creating a team is what allows different streamers to connect with each other , allowing them to expand their reach, their audience, exchange followers, among many other benefits. 

To create them you must meet a few exclusive requirements , so you will have to spend some time to get them. Without further ado, here is the explanation on how to make a team on Twitch , let’s get to it!

Step #1 – Join the partner program

To begin with, it is important to clarify that you must be a partner on Twitch to create a team . This requirement is exclusive, as we just mentioned, so you must reach this rank before thinking about forming a team.

Step #2 – Contact Twitch Support 

Once you have become a Twitch Partner, the next thing you will need to do is contact support through a ticket , which will allow you to create a request to create a team.

As a Twitch member, this request will be redirected to a priority queue , one of the benefits of this rank, so you probably won’t have to wait long for your rank to be reviewed.

Step #3 – Submit team data

Be sure to include the following information in the ticket, a team page URL , which cannot be changed later; the public name of the team they have chosen and the owned or edited Twitch account .

Note: The team URL must be in the following format,

Who can be part of a Twitch team?

You should be aware that each partner can create a maximum of two teams , and even if ownership of one of them is transferred or deleted, a new team cannot be created once the two quotas have been met.

However, any account can be designated as the owner or editor of the team, and to request a change of these, the current owner must contact Twitch support to continue with the procedure.

How to join a team on Twitch

What would become of a team with only one member? Teams are for bringing people together, and if you’re wondering how to join a team on Twitch , just follow this procedure. To create unique moments with your people!

Step #1 – Verify the invitation to a group

First of all, you must make sure that they have sent you the corresponding invitation to be part of the team, although there is not much work to be done in this step; checking your account notifications would suffice.

Step #2 – Go to “Your Channel Settings”

Once the request is received, you will be able to view it from your Twitch Channel Settings . This is where you can adjust the parameters that shape your channel, and where we’ll find everything you need to be part of a team.

Step #3 – Find the “Channel and Videos” tab

At the top of the page you will find several tabs, where you can find «Channel and videos» . Click on it and you will see a section with all the public information of your user, and channel.

Step #4 – Scroll down to the “My Teams” section

When entering the mentioned tab you have to go down until you find the section called “My teams” . This section will not be available if you do not have an account that is part of the platform’s partner program.

Step #5 – Accept the received invitation

In the mentioned section we will find the invitations to teams that we have received . Look for the one belonging to the team you want to join, and click on the “Accept” button . And you’ll already be part of a team on Twitch!

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