How to Live Streaming On TikTok Lite

How to Live Streaming On TikTok LiteThere’s nothing wrong if you know how to live stream on TikTok Lite, because lately the trend of a new application, TikTok Lite, is being used by many people.

So while the traffic is high, we take advantage of this rate to exist and attract engagement on social media.

Maybe for those who are still confused about the TikTok Lite application, you can stop by our review of the difference between TikTok Lite and TikTok Regular, although at first glance there are actually some details that distinguish the two.

As a newcomer, Tiktok Lite also holds events in the form of tasks that users can complete and prizes in the form of points with a nominal value of money.

Users can invite new users via this link or TikTok Lite referral code , and after the second party has successfully registered the code, bonus points will be credited to their respective accounts.

But we will not discuss details about the Tiktok Lite event above, but rather lead to a tutorial on how to live streaming on Tiktok Lite.

How to Live Streaming on Tiktok Lite

More or less the same as other social media , TikTok Lite also has features for live streaming. But there is a special treatment for those who want to reach this feature, because TikTok Lite itself limits users from spamming and prevents copyright infringement.

At least TikTok Lite only opens live streaming access when the user has met the minimum requirement of 1000 followers.

But what needs to be emphasized is that the number of followers will adjust depending on the country and central policies.

If the conditions are met immediately follow these tips:

  1. Open the TikTok Lite app .
  2. Press the Plus button in the middle.
  3. For accounts that have open access to live streaming, in the record view, a Live button will appear. Please press the button.
  4. Include a title for your Live Streaming, avoid explicit sentences, and contain negative elements, because TikTok Lite will not hesitate to ban your account.
  5. If you have clicked Go Live to get started.
  6. Good luck.

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Live Streaming Not Appearing

Usually, the first time the account hits the minimum follower requirement, the Live button has not appeared in their add account menu. 

  1. Open the TikTok Lite app .
  2. Navigate to the My menu.
  3. Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Select Report a Problem.
  5. Click the Video/Audio section Other Other .
  6. Tap on the text Still having a problem? .
  7. After that, fill in your complaint about the Live button not appearing.
  8. Good luck.

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The final word

That’s more or less how to live stream on TikTok Lite. So not just any user can take advantage of these facilities.

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There must be a minimum requirement that the account fulfills, then live streaming access will be opened.

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