How to Live Streaming on Snack Video

How to Live Streaming on Snack VideoSnack Video is a social media platform for sharing short videos. In addition, you can make live videos and do live streaming like TikTok and Instagram .

One way to increase your popularity and increase your Snack Video account followers is by Live Streaming. In this application, you can even earn money. How to?

When you become a Live Streaming Host, viewers can give gifts and where to give gifts such as love (1 diamond), satay (20 diamonds), fried rice (30 diamonds), cellphones (50 diamonds), and cars (1999 diamonds).

Where the audience when buying gifts must use diamonds. And here is a table of diamond prices when converted into Snack Video.

170 diamondRp 16.000180
2490 diamondRp 109.0001200
31.400 diamondRp 309.0003500
44.200diamondRp 990.00010,700
57.000 diamondRp 1.585.31717,999.99

So if when you become a host and attract viewers, the audience will not hesitate to give gifts to you.

Then how to live streaming on Snack Video?

In this post, we will discuss the terms and how to live streaming on Snack Video application in full.

Terms of Live Streaming on Snack Video

Live Streaming di Snack Video - Cara Live Streaming di Snack Video
Live Streaming di Snack Video

To live stream on Snack Video , your account must select more than 100 followers.

But nowadays it’s not uncommon and there are some people who have followers under 100 who can do live streaming.

So our advice, please try it first to do a live stream even if your followers are under 100. Already have balance in Snack Video? Confused about how to melt it? Follow the tutorial 

Method Live Streaming Snack Video

Doing Live in the Snack Video application is very easy and fast for you to do.

Snack Video also lets you set the Live Streaming’s thumbnail and title.

The steps you have to do for Live Streaming are as follows:

  • First, please open the Snack Video application and if you don’t have it, please download it via this link (get additional free coins). Open Video Snack
  • If you are already in Snack Video, please click the “ + ” icon as shown below: Click the + Icon
  • Then tap the “ Live Broadcast ” button in the lower right corner to access the Live Streaming feature in Snack Video. Click Live
  • Then press the “ Change Cover ” button for the live Snack Video thumbnail. Click Change Cover To Change Live Streaming Thumbnails
  • And find the image you want to use as a thumbnail. Select Image For Thumbnail
  • Set the image size for the thumbnail and click the “ Tick “ icon. Set Thumbnail Size And Click Check
  • Then you can change the title by filling in the column next to the live thumbnail in Snack Video.
  • Finally, tap the “ Start Live ” button to start live streaming on Snack Video.Set Title and Click Start Live
  • Finally, click ” Agree ” and your Live Streaming will start.Just Click Agree

Good luck.

What To Do If You Can’t Live On Snack Video?

Have you tried doing Live Streaming with the tutorial above?

Then how? Able to? Or still can’t? If your Snack Video account still cannot be used for Live Streaming.

You can follow the steps to solve Snack Video that can’t Live Streaming below:

  • First, please enter the Snack Video account profile .Go to Snack Video Profile
  • Then tap “ Settings ” and select the  Help Center menu .Go to Video Snack Help Center
  • Then tap the “ Pencil ” icon and submit your complaint about Live Streaming in the Help Center.Submit a Complaint Video Snack Can’t Live Streaming
  • For example, “ Hello, greetings, I own the account from (fill in your account name). For now, my account cannot be used for Live Streaming. Maybe Snack Video can provide instructions on how to solve this problem. Thank you “.
  • Finally, just tap the ” Submit ” button . Then wait until you get a response from the official Snack Video party.

Good luck.

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How easy is it not to do Live Streaming on Snack Video? Increase your popularity and followers by being active on Live Streaming Snack Video. Hopefully, the tutorial above can be useful, and see you in the next Snack Video tips.

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