How to grow on Twitch from 0 in 2022 – Quickly

How to grow on Twitch from 0 in 2022 – Quickly With so many competitors, it’s only natural that you want to learn how to grow on Twitch.

In this post, we have prepared a series of tips and tricks for you to follow so that you can increase the number of your viewers and subscribers to your Twitch channel.

Let’s go ?

➡️ In February 2020, there were 3.8 million streamers, according to data from the platform itself with the Twitch Tracker 

Tips for growing on Twitch

Like any content creation platform, Twitch requires a lot of dedication and hard work to grow and, most importantly, to monetize.

The key thing to remember is that there is no magic formula for getting subscribers, but we can offer some tips that will help you improve your streams, and increase your views and viewership.

Fill out your Twitch profile

If you have already created your Twitch channel, it is important that you fill in and complete all the data in your profile. Nobody likes to arrive on a channel they don’t know and find it neglected, i.e. without the profile name, too short a description, etc.

This will help the potential subscriber who arrives on your channel to know who you are, on which social networks you are present and above all, to know what the content of your channel will be.

Your channel’s username or description are things that will help them get to know you better and can tip the balance in favor of a new subscriber.

develop on Twitch

Twitch Streaming Equipments

Just as a basketball player won’t be better off wearing a certain type of sneaker, a streamer won’t be better off than another by buying the latest devices on the market.

What is certain is that good multimedia equipment will guarantee quality streaming and a pleasant experience for your viewers and subscribers.

It is not necessary to have a 1000 euro installation, but we recommend that you have devices and accessories that will ensure excellent streaming quality.

  • Webcam

Your videos may initially only be successful with the voiceover, but now viewers want to see how you play or talk to them while seeing your face.

They will love to see your reactions, how you behave in front of the camera, and it will help you interact with your audience.

  • Microphone

You may have ideal video quality, but poor sound quality. A microphone can therefore become your main ally when it comes to live video.

But don’t forget to adjust the volume so you can be heard properly.

  • Exterior sound elements

Outside noise from what you are doing live can harm the viewer and eventually drive them away from your stream.

It is important to keep your doors and windows closed and, if you prefer, to buy acoustic insulation that you will need to place on your walls.

Acoustic insulation of walls.

  • Login

More than once, you have watched streams on the platform and you have realized how the quality changes and is never stable.

Today, most streams are broadcast in HD, which a good internet connection can guarantee. If you can skip WiFi and go wired instead, that would be even better.

Plan your content

As with any platform or social network, having a content strategy can help you plan your time, work, and grow.

In this case, for Twitch, we recommend that you plan a schedule with the following two aspects to take into account:

✅ Content Map

Prepare the content you are going to broadcast, if you usually do it on different themes or games, as well as the times when you will be able to broadcast it.

For example, if you usually stream racing video games live and a new video game comes out, you can note the date and know that during those days you will be streaming parts of that game. surprises, especially if you combine streaming with another job.


Choose your streaming content carefully, especially if you specialize in video games.

When a game is very popular, Fortnite for example, viewers turn to big streamers. So, if you are just starting out, try streaming lesser-known game content to grab viewers’ attention.

✅ Goals

If you set yourself short and long term goals, it will be easier to achieve them. While we recommend taking it slow and with a good grasp of Twitch, it’s also important to set yourself progress goals.

These goals should be realistic and achievable. You can set a goal of a few hours of streaming per week, get a specific number of subscribers, this will help keep the motivation necessary for the development of your account.

Personalize your streaming

Before starting your streaming, don’t forget to edit it and prepare everything so that the viewer has a pleasant experience and ends up subscribing to your channel.

The most important thing is still the viewer, but there are details you can adjust to improve your streaming and grow on Twitch.

Add a title and description to your stream

Imagine entering Twitch and seeing a stream with no title or description. You don’t know what it is or what content you are going to see. What are you doing ? In 90% of cases, you don’t keep watching.

This can happen to you with your potential viewers. Create a specific and interesting title for your live, capable of attracting the attention of the person who enters the platform.

If they don’t know you, but find the title interesting, you may get a number of views and new viewers.

Put on some music to accompany the live.

It is common for a stream to have music to make live games and performances with your followers more enjoyable.

We recommend that you choose the right music for each moment. If you are streaming a conversation with your followers, choose soft music that can be heard in the background and not rock music that could spoil the conversation.

Create thematic streams.

One way to engage and attract viewers is to take advantage of special dates in the calendar to broadcast streams.

For example, on Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you can decorate your screen or your interface with details characteristic of these dates.

Advertise your streaming on the networks

Any way to promote your stream is a window to attract new subscribers. If, moreover, you already have a community on other platforms, take advantage of it.

Thanks to these publications, you will manage to attract your subscribers, but also new subscribers if they share your streaming.

Analyze the performance of your streams

Are you achieving your goals? How do your streams work?

It is as important to broadcast as it is to analyze the performance of your content, both to continue in the same direction if it works and to change the type of content, the hours of broadcast, etc.

✅ Keep your community

It is important that you always keep your community of viewers and subscribers in mind, they are the ones who will ultimately help you grow on Twitch.

How can you keep them active to make them loyal to your streams?

✅ Answer their questions in the chat

At first, you might want to keep the chat open, but as you grow on Twitch, you might want to limit it to just your followers.

Respond to any messages they send to you, especially in the beginning, so they feel read and you respond to them live, making them feel like they’re part of your stream.

✅ Choose moderators.

When you have a chat with a lot of messages, you’ll want to moderate the types of messages followers or viewers send.

You will probably be busy with other things, so appointing some of your followers as moderators will help to avoid malicious messages or spam. This way you gain chat quality and the moderator(s) will feel important.

✅ Reward your followers

On Twitch, Internet users have the possibility of taking out paid subscriptions, so it would be welcome to offer things in return to your subscribers.

To keep the ones you already have and get new viewers, you need to offer something on top of your streaming that is interesting so you can keep growing and getting new subscriptions.

What can you offer your subscribers?

  • Get additional emoticons.

This is one of the characteristics of Twitch. Users who have purchased a subscription will have a specific emoji displayed in chat, next to their username.

Depending on the type of subscription you purchased, it will have a different color, distinguishing itself from the rest of the subscribers.

  • Listen to their opinions.

Nobody, like your followers, will be able to give you an honest opinion on your content, what they would like to see, or what aspects they are not really convinced of.

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So try to get them to actively participate in your stream by asking their opinion on the content, voting, chatting with them live, etc. They’ll feel like they’re part of your stream.

  • Play against them.

If there’s one thing game channel subscribers love, it’s playing against their favorite streamer and proudly telling their friends about it afterwards.

Once a week, for example, you can stream playing with subscribers, these types of streams are very popular and help build your brand online. You can also do this with a microphone to chat with them while you play.

Collaborate with other streamers

There are many ways to grow on Twitch, but keep in mind that you’re in a large community where it’s common for streamers to help others grow.

How can you help or be helped?

  • By performing live streams with another streamer

You can collaborate with other streamers by co-casting live, on your channel or theirs, to reach new subscribers and viewers of the other streamer.

This way, if they like your stream, they can become potential subscribers.

  • By “hosting” other streamers

It’s common for big streamers to “hand over” their Twitch account when they’re not live to other lesser-known streamers.

The “host” mode means that they are “hosting” another stream on their channel. In other words, if a streamer chooses this mode, your stream will be seen from their channel.

In this way, the subscribers of this channel will know you, you will increase the number of views and they can then if they wish to subscribe to your channel.

Watch other streamers

The oldest technique for growing in any field, whether it’s Twitch, marketing or social media: first look at what the competition is doing.

Don’t be afraid to watch other channels, whether or not it’s the same content you’re streaming.

✅ Analyzing their work can help you find new ideas to refresh your content and help your Twitch channel grow.

We are coming to the end of this article but we hope that these few tips will be useful for your Future Channel on Twitch!

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