How to go live on Twitch in 2022 – Full Guide

How to go live on Twitch in 2022 – Have you ever wondered how to go live on Twitch? Broadcasts are great opportunities to generate content, attract followers and earn income. Learn now how to do this.

Twitch is a streaming platform that allows users to broadcast various content, especially game matches. In addition to sending content, users can interact through chats and have several features. For this, knowing how to live on Twitch is very important. 

This is because many people take advantage of this opportunity to earn income from subscriptions, donations and other alternatives offered by the platform. Do you know how to live on Twitch? In this post, we clarify the step by step!

How to open Twitch account?

The procedure to create an account is quite simple, just access the website or the application, click on “register” and fill in the requested data. Then, access the menu in the upper right corner to enter the “Creator Control Panel” and understand how the platform works.

In this tab, users can access the “school of creators”, which provides important information for those who want to send content, in addition to allowing the download of the broadcasting software that will be used. In the upper left corner of the page, the user has access to the various functionalities necessary to configure and perform the desired streams.

How to live on Twitch?

The step-by-step process for transmitting varies according to the device used, the main ones being: computer, PlayStation 4 (PS4) or Xbox One. That’s why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for each tool, check it out!

How to Go live on Twitch on laptop

First, download Twitch Studio on your Laptop and install it following the instructions that will appear on the screen. It is also necessary to use a broadcast program among those indicated on the platform, as it will be responsible for encoding the audio and video.

Each software has specific settings, but all offer a simple step-by-step guide for the user to be able to use it in streams. One of the most common is Xsplit , see the step-by-step in this case:

  • download Xsplit Gamecaster and install following the on-screen instructions;
  • create a user account and access the “accounts” tab;
  • access the option “live streaming”;
  • select “Twitch” and enter your data;
  • access the “Settings” tab for the transmission settings;
  • open the game to be streamed and wait for Xsplit to recognize it;
  • on the Twitch button give the broadcast a name and decide if the chat will be a skill;
  • Finally, click on stream to start the stream.

How to live on Twitch on PS4

Gamers generally prefer to use consoles for streaming on Twitch. The advantage is that most consoles have all the necessary settings for streaming.

The PS4 allows users to download a variety of apps , including Twitch. With it installed, access the game and press the “Share” button. Then, follow these steps:

  • select the Twitch service to stream;
  • enter description and make settings adjustments;
  • adjust the camera and microphone;
  • select “start streaming”.

How to live on Twitch on Xbox One

On Xbox One, the procedure is also easy, after installing the app, access Twitch with your data. Then:

  • exit the application;
  • open the game that will be broadcast;
  • come back to Twitch;
  • select broadcast;
  • set a name for the stream and select “start streaming”.

How to live on Twitch on Mobile

You can also use your smartphone to live on Twitch. For this you will only be able to use your phone camera unless you install third party apps to interface with external devices. See the step by step:

  1. Install the Twitch app from the Play Store or Apple Store;
  2. Log in, accept the terms of use;
  3. Choose a name and category for your stream. This step is important for your followers to find your live;
  4. When everything is ready, click on “Start Streaming”. Remember that it is necessary to keep the cell phone horizontal for the transmission to start;
  5. Your transmission will start;
  6. During the live it is possible to follow the comments of those who are watching;
  7. When finished, click “Finish”.

Twitch streaming equipment for beginners to do lives on Twitch

If you want to do good lives on Twitch, you need to have compatible equipment. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a state-of-the-art computer, but it does need to be a good quality device. See the main ones:

Software programs: You need a program that will encode your live streams and make them compatible with your camera, microphone, and capture card. Twitch itself has Twitch Studio and you can use it in the “Creator Panel”;

Smartphone, computer or console: as we said, you can live stream on Twitch from your smartphone, computer or console. In general, opt for desktops with at least 8GB of RAM, an i5 processor, and a good internet connection;

Microphone: Twitch allows you to talk to followers during the live stream, so a good microphone makes all the difference to the quality of your live. The headset’s native microphone is not very suitable for those who want to make good quality videos, especially for streaming games, so it is advisable to invest in a standalone headset;

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Camera: To do live on Twitch, a good camera is also important. Computer webcams are typically of limited quality, so you may need to make this investment; 

Additional equipment: if you want to make lives with even more quality and have more chances to monetize with the platform, you can invest in other equipment such as a green screen, Stream Decks, game capture card and excellent lighting. 

Tips on how to do good lives on Twitch

Tips on how to do good lives on Twitch

You can still improve your lives on Twitch even more by following small tips. Look!

  • Have good content: the main thing is that your lives have good content that catches the attention of your followers;
  • Interact with your viewers: Try to build a community of other players and viewers. Interact with them during the broadcast, either by text or voice. By the way, never try to force viewers to donate or follow your profile. If you offer value through your content, you will gradually gain a loyal fan base;
  • Use creativity: always use creativity and offer unique content to your viewer;
  • Leverage Twitch Extensions: You can use Twitch Extensions to let viewers interact with your streams. It also helps you create interactive experiences on your channel, like leaderboards and minigames.

How to receive earned amounts on Twitch?

Those who live on Twitch can take advantage of the opportunity to earn income from their broadcasts. This can be done in several ways by streamers, such as:

  • donations;
  • sponsors;
  • Product sales;
  • Participation as an affiliate;
  • Sign up as a partner.

Withdrawals can be made when there are amounts over $100 and fees vary depending on the streamer’s broadcast type. As they are shipped from the United States, it is important to have a means of receiving payments at reduced rates.

For this, you can count on Streamingadvise, which works with commercial exchange and a rate of 1%. In addition, it is only necessary to pay the mandatory 0.38% IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) , which is levied on financial operations between accounts with different ownership.

Once you know how to stream on Twitch on different devices and how to receive the amounts received, if you choose to monetize the broadcasts, get organized to generate online content. If you found the post interesting and want to know more about it, learn how the Twitch affiliate program works !


  1. How to open a Twitch account?

    Registration is done through the website or application, entering the requested data — username, password, email and date of birth.

  2. How to live on Twitch?

    The step by step varies by device. From the computer, you must have support software to transmit and each one has specific rules for use. For video games (PS4 and Xbox One), the transmission is done via an application that must be downloaded on the console.

  3. How to receive earned amounts on Twitch?

    Earned amounts are paid by international transfer, as they are made from the United States. Withdrawals can be made for amounts over US$ 100 and, to ensure the best rates, count on Remessa Online to receive the money.

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