How to Go Live on Facebook 2022: Easy Steps

How to Go Live on Facebook 2022: Easy Steps – Want to know how to live on Facebook? The Facebook has become a great channel for those who want to communicate with the public through live broadcasts. Proof of this was the increase in this type of action in recent years. 

For those who want to continue communicating with people from a distance, it is worth taking advantage of this feature. Keep reading this article and see how to live on Facebook.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature to broadcast live online through the Facebook application. This means that you can broadcast live like a television presenter through your Facebook social media account.

How does Facebook Live work? In simple terms, there are three working processes for Facebook Live.

  • First , there are devices for recording video.
  • Second , there is a connection to connect the device to the internet.
  • Third , there is a network that receives your video broadcast.

So, the video recording device will connect online through your Facebook account network . Next, you just have to wait for the Facebook Live connection to connect.

When connected ( live streaming ) then others can see your broadcast.

Are there any specific standards for Facebook Live video quality? There is. Facebook provides guidance on video formats, video duration, audio formats and display settings.

An example of a guide like this:

  • Video streaming uses a maximum resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) at 30 FPS.
  • Streaming video is up to 8 hours long.
  • Maximum audio streaming uses a bitrate of 256 kbps.
  • Streaming video uses progressive scanning.

Note : If you want a more detailed guide, please read this specs article for live video on Facebook .

What are the advantages of doing a live broadcast on FB? Here are some of the advantages when you go live on Facebook.

  1. You can become an influencer in your area of ​​expertise. For example: influencer gaming , fitness, culinary, music, health, education,
  2. You can promote the products and services of your business.
  3. You can build relationships with customers and followers
  4. You can build a strong personal brand .
  5. You can share your opinion or cover the news live .

So far, do you understand? Okay, let’s continue to discuss how to broadcast live on Facebook.

How to do Facebook Live?

If you want to know how to go live on Facebook, you first need to know the resources that are needed. You must use a page, group, profile or event on the social network.

The live must be done through the Facebook application itself, using your smartphone or a camera connected to streaming software. In that case, you will need Live Producer. Check out the more specific guidelines for each scenario:

How to go live on Facebook app

Using your mobile, you can live anywhere in the world with the Facebook app or the Creator Studio app. Just download the app on your phone. See the step-by-step below:

  • Access your profile, page, group, profile or event where the live will take place;
  • At the bottom of the post editor, tap the “Live” button;
  • Then write a description for your video, so everyone will know what the live is about, even if they get in the middle of the broadcast;
  • You can also tag who will participate in the live with you or other people;
  • Add a location and a feeling or activity to stimulate engagement;
  • After filling in the information you want, tap on “Start live video”;
  • When your live is finished, click “Finish to end the broadcast”.

How to go live on Facebook with Creator Studio

If you’re going to use the Creator Studio app, the process is different. See the step-by-step below:

  • Download the Creator Studio app, then open the app;
  • Then, tap the pen icon in the upper right corner of the homepage or the “Publications” tab;
  • You will find the option “Live”; touch it;
  • Here, you can add a description for your live;
  • Just like the Facebook app, you can tag your friends, tag a location and add a sentiment or activity;
  • Now, tap on “Start” your live;
  • To finish your live, just click “Finish”.

In addition to doing a live using your Mobile phone, you can also use a computer. Next, see the step-by-step guide on how to live on Facebook on PC.

How to live on Facebook on PC

To live on Facebook from your PC, you’ll use Live Producer, a feature of the social network specifically for streaming live video. Live Producer is the Facebook tool that helps those who broadcast with production equipment and streaming systems that offer higher quality.

See how to live on Facebook on PC (Live Producer):

  • Access your profile, page, group or event;
  • Then click on “What are you thinking, [Name]?”;
  • You will see a three dots icon, click on it;
  • Then click on “Live Video”;
  • At this point, Facebook will redirect you to the Live Producer;
  • You can add a description for your live;
  • Finally, click on “Stream live” in the lower left corner;
  • To end your live, just click on end.

The advantage of doing the live on the computer is that the field of view of the equipment’s camera is greater than that of the Phone. That way, you can work better with the scenery, and it’s easier to position the camera.

The computer, like the Phone, allows other resources to be connected to assist in the transmission, such as a microphone and professional camera.

1. How to Live Streaming on FB Via Android

Actually, how to do a live broadcast on FB via Android is quite easy. You only need a Smartphone, Facebook Apps Mobile application, and an internet connection.

The rest, you need live material and the confidence to speak in front of the camera. Well, that’s all the preparation.

Want a more complete guide on how to go live on Facebook? Follow the step by step tutorial below:

Step 1 : Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Facebook Apps application on your cellphone. If not, please download from the Google Play Store and click install .

Step 2 : Open the Facebook Apps app . Fill in your account phone number/email and password . After that, click Sign In .


  • In this tutorial, I’m using the new version of the Facebook Apps Mobile app instead of Facebook Lite. And I use the Indonesian language settings.
  • So, if you use Facebook Lite or use English, feel free to adjust it yourself, because it looks a little different.
  • For those of you who don’t have a Facebook account.

Step 3 : Click the Create Post page and click the Live feature .

Note :

There are 2 ways to do a live broadcast via Facebook Apps Mobile:

  • First , via the Live Broadcast shortcut icon in the Newsfeed area
  • Second , through the Create Post page >> scroll down >> find and click Live Broadcast .

Step 4 : Perform Live Streaming settings.


At this stage, you can do various Live Broadcast settings. So, the quality of your broadcast video will be better.

4 Important Features in Facebook Live Apps

  1. The Camera Icon serves to regulate the use of the front or rear camera.
  2. The People icon is used to select the friends you invite to view your Live Broadcast.
  3. The Post Page icon serves to provide information about the contents of the Live Broadcast.
  4. The Start Video Live icon is used to start a live broadcast online.

Master all 4 features and start your first Live.

Step 5 : Click Start Live Video .

Step 6 : Congratulations, you can now broadcast live via the Facebook Apps Mobile application.

Step 7 : Done.

Note : Make sure your internet connection is stable before going live. Because a weak internet connection will make your video streaming intermittent.

How to live on Facebook with two Mobile Phones or two people

If you want to know how to do a live on Facebook with two Mobile phones or two people, know that there are some resources that help with that. You can create a mosaic with multiple cameras and broadcast it on your live. 

However, Facebook does not have any feature that allows this, you will have to use an external feature. To broadcast with two Phones, it is necessary to use an online broadcast service, such as, StreamYard or OBS Studio.

After connecting participants to the chosen service, each person can open a window on their phone to participate and follow the live.

In OBS Studio, for example, you can add images, presentations, videos, games and other screens. All this is broadcast on your live, in case you want to add. After adding the elements, you can manage them individually, that is, an edit will not impact the transmission of another screen. 

See how to live on Facebook, using two phones through OBS Studio: 

  • Access OBS Studio;
  • Go to “Fonts Manager for Streaming”;
  • Then click on the plus sign icon and add the new font;
  • The next step is to select the “BrowserSource” option;
  • Now, paste the broadcast URL in the “URL” field;
  • Click “OK” to save the settings.

You must follow this step by step each time you add a new Mobile Phone.

The process for adding other Facebook users is simpler. You can use the co-streaming feature, “Live with”, which allows you to invite others to your live. From this feature, people can join the broadcast with you using their own devices.

You can invite multiple Facebook users to join your live stream. The live must be done from your mobile device as the “Live” feature is not available on desktop and Live Producer.

How to live on Facebook from games

Facebook Gaming is a game streaming platform launched by Facebook in 2020. The tool was created to compete with Twitch and YouTube, platforms already consolidated in this universe. Facebook Gaming promises not to have ads in the app and monetization is through the stars feature. 

You can do your live on your smartphone or computer. To do it on your phone, just download the app that is available for Android and iOS. On the computer, the process requires the help of other resources, see what they are. See how to live on Facebook from games!

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Before starting your live, you need to have a Facebook profile or page and a system to manage your live. Facebook works with some options, such as OBS (Windows, macOS and Linux); StreamLabs OBS (Windows) or XSplit Broadcaster (Windows), plus camera and microphone to interact.

Read Also: How to Live Streaming with OBS Studio

This tutorial is based on the program OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Download the system and enter the settings below on the platform:

  • Click on “Output Mode” and select “Advanced”;
  • Then click “Encoder” and set “H264 Hardware Encoder”;
  • Click on “Transfer rate” or “Bitrate”;
  • And put the minimum recommended value, which is 4000 Kbps;
  • Now, fill the “Keyframe range” with the number “2”. This is the minimum amount recommended by Facebook.

In addition to this step-by-step guide, it is recommended that you only use H264-encoded videos and AAC-encoded audio.

3. How to Live Streaming on FB via Facebook Gaming

The last tutorial on how to broadcast live on FB is Facebook Gaming. Facebook Gaming is a special feature for Facebook Gaming Creators. So you can play games while streaming online on Facebook.

If your content is interesting, you can monetize and make money. The nominal can be tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.


Currently, there are 2 ways to live Facebook Gaming .

  • The first way , you can do live Facebook Gaming via PC.
  • The second way , you can do live Facebook Gaming via a smartphone.

Wow, that’s complete! Yes, that way, you can broadcast live for mobile games and PC games.

Wondering how to go live on Facebook Gaming? Let’s dig in!

How to Create a Facebook Gaming Fanpage

Step 1 : Create your Facebook Gaming fanpage. Go to the Facebook Gaming Creator registration page via the URL .


Why make a fan page? Because you will be doing a live broadcast of Facebook Gaming through the fanspage. So, your viewers will easily follow the latest updates from your channel.

Step 2 : Find and click the link to create a “Video Game Creator” page . Next, you will go to the Create a Gaming Video Creator Page page .


  1. In the page name column, fill in the fanpage name you want.
  2. In the category column make sure it still contains Video Gaming Creators. Why? Yes, because you are going to create a Video Gaming Creators fanpage .
  3. When all the information is filled in, click Continue .
  4. You will get notifications for filling out profile photos and fanspage covers . If you have prepared a photo, please fill it in. If not, click skip.
  5. Congratulations, your fanspage has successfully created a fanpage .

Step 3 : Once you have a fanspage , next you have to download the Streamlabs OBS software .


  1. Download and install the Streamlabs OBS application
  2. Login to Streamlabs OBS using your Facebook account.
  3. Enter your Email and Password in the fields.
  4. Choose a fanpage name
  5. Click Next .
  6. You’ll find a page What can Streamlabs do? . Just leave the page at the default settings. Then, click Done .
  7. Happy! You have successfully logged into Streamlabs using your Facebook fanspage .

At this point, you can already broadcast live via PC with Streamlabs OBS. Make sure your camera and voice recorder are readable by the PC.

What is the Best App For Facebook Live streaming

There are some application options to live on Facebook, including the platform itself. Below, you will see the options most used by content producers:

  • StreamYard
  • StageTen.
  • Gamecaster
  • VMix.
  • Wirecast
  • BeLive
  • Streamlabs
  • LiveReacting

Take advantage of these tips on how to live on Facebook and start making your lives now.


How to live on Facebook?

You can use your own Mobile phone or computer. On mobile, just access your profile, page or group and click on the “Live” button. On the computer, you will need to use Live Producer.

How to live games on Facebook?

Facebook launched Facebook Gaming, a streaming platform to compete with YouTube and Twitch. You can use it on your computer or download it on your smartphone.

What is the best app to live on Facebook?

In addition to the platform itself, you can use other resources like OBS STUDIO, StreamYard, StageTen, Gamecaster, VMix, Wirecast, BeLive, Streamlabs and LiveReacting etc.

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