How To Download Videos From Twitch Easily

How To Download Videos From Twitch Easily – again because you missed it. Although the Twitch platform is essentially based on streaming live content, you may want to know how to download videos from Twitch to be able to have them at your disposal, for the purpose of interest to you. So, in this article, we will explain what you need to do to enable options in Twitch programs so that you can know how to download videos to your computer, a much simpler process than you might think.

How to Record Your Own Twitch Streams

If you want to keep track of your streaming broadcasts, either to make the most of YouTube’s best moments or to share on other platforms or with other people, it is recommended that you know how to save these transfers on your PC. 

To do this you must start by logging into Twitch on your computer then go to the right corner of the screen, where you will find an option from Settings in the drop-down menu that appears, where you will have to select the Channel tab and videos. Once you are in it you will have to only activate the option «Beware of transfers past» . 

With this function, only you can activate that the altar is responsible for saving the transfers made on your channel automatically for 14 days if you are a recently registered user. On the other hand, if you are a Twitch, Turbo or Prime user, you can enjoy automatic storage for up to 60 days

Once you have done this process you just have to go to your profile picture on Twitch, which is at the top right, which will bring up a menu where you will find the Video Composer option, where you will have to click to take you to previously saved transfers. 

In doing so you will have to click on the three icons that appear next to the video to record and then you must click on Record It is easy to be able to record your own Twitch broadcasts. 

You also have the possibility to trim videos directly on Twitch, something very useful in case you only want to download a part or a fraction of the video instead of downloading all the content. To do this you must click on Highlight and edit the part you want to finally click Publish

Once you have uploaded it, you can download it directly to your computer and you can delete it from your channel if you do not want it to appear in the list of public videos you have on the altar. In the same way, you have the possibility to be able to save past transfers on a computer hard drive. 

Remember that streaming programs such as OBS, which we have already told you about on other occasions, have a recording button, which is adjacent to the broadcast button, so you can click on them while live. 

One key to keep in mind is that, in practice, OBS exports videos to an MKV file , which is not compatible with all video editing software, so in some cases you will have to convert in case it is a file that you intend to edit.

How to record another person’s Twitch Streams

Nowadays you should know that Twitch does not offer the native option to download content to other users. So, if you want to record people’s videos, you will have to either ask the person to allow you to use their personal recordings or use third-party programs that you are allowed to use for this purpose. 

In this section we recommend Leech Leecher , a very popular and easy to use program that will allow you to record a video or a specific time of your favorite stream in a very fast and comfortable way. 

To do this you just have to download the program by clicking HERE and install it on your computer. Once installed you will have to start the application, which will allow you to enter the channel name and date, enter the URL or directly identify the video you are interested in. 

This way you can continue to record it. However, it is always recommended that you ask the streamer for permission before downloading any content and, above all, if your intention is to place it on an altar. Remember that all content of this type is protected by copyright and this, therefore, may have legal consequences for you if you decide to ignore it. 

Conclusion Download Videos From Twitch Easily

In these two ways, you will know how to download videos from Twitch live streams, whether they belong to you or to third parties. So you can have them at your disposal on your PC to be able to make compilations of the best moments and then transfer them to other platforms or social networks or save a copy for your private use or to share with other people through both offline and online methods. 

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We recommend in any case that you know how each of them works, so you can go to one or the other depending on your case and your occasion. twitch in the streaming stream of reference today, in which some of the most famous streams and content creators in the world, with the use of this altar, is a content option of great interest to users, is an alternative to the use of traditional television and other information and entertainment channels. 

For all this, there are many people who use this altar all the time, and it allows them to create content that has different functions working to earn a good extra and even a salary.

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