How to Delete Your Twitch Account in 2023 [Easy Guide]

How to Delete Your Twitch Account in 2023 – There can be several reasons why someone wants to delete their Twitch account. In this article we will explain how to do it and reasons why you should and should not take it into account before permanently deleting your Twitch account.

How to Delete your Twitch Account

To delete an account, you first have to go to the Twitch website and log in.

Once there, we go to the configuration section of your account.

Now in the new window we go down to the bottom where it says deactivate Twitch account and click there:

If you are a partner or affiliate you will have to unsubscribe with Twitch support , but if not, they will ask you to enter your password to be able to delete it. Once this is done, you will no longer be able to log in as a user on it and no one will be able to find you in searches. You can remove your personal information first before deleting the account.

Before deleting your Twitch account

You’ve already seen how easy it is to delete your account, but you may need to do a few things first to get it all done correctly:

  • Let your followers and hosts know that you are going to remove yourself from Twitch, so they don’t get caught off guard and find out about you. If you are changing platforms, several days before, start letting everyone know that you are doing it for that reason and take the opportunity to invite them to follow you.
  • Disconnect from third-party services that you may have connected to other platforms, such as Steam,… to do this, we go to the configuration part as before and look at the  connections section. From there we deactivate.
  • Delete all your personal information as Twitch does not delete your account completely, it just makes it disappear, but if you want your sensitive information like your real name, or whatever you have put in the panels, to be manually removed before deleting it without further ado.

Recover a deleted Twitch account

In reality there is no way to recover the account once deleted, but nevertheless in some cases you can get it by contacting Twitch support directly, where they usually respond within 7 days.

When not to delete your Twitch account

eye! Deleting your account is not always the best solution and depending on what you are looking for, it can be done in another way, such as:

  • Changing the name of your account is possible without deleting it and here we will tell you how to do it.
  • Reserve your name, even if you are not going to use it, you save your brand as such, so that if in the future you want to use or are going to use the same name on other platforms, they know that you have your Twitch account even though it is not active. In addition, this will prevent other people from using your name and doing things that you do not know about, thus being able to tarnish your name.
  • If your Twitch account was connected with amazon prime, you may lose your benefits like free games etc when deleting your account.

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