How to Delete Messages on Twitch in 2023 (3 Ways)

How to Delete Messages on Twitch in 2023 (3 Ways) – As with a website or YouTube channel, managing comments is part of the responsibility of the owner of said channel. This is why, when comments end up backfiring, it’s important to know how to delete messages on Twitch .

How to Delete Messages on Twitch

Next, we leave you a guide accompanied by recommendations for the elimination of these messages:

Only mods or Streamer can

Remember that to delete or delete messages on Twitch, only the moderators or the streamer himself can , the user who writes it will not be able to delete any message he has written. If you don’t know how to mod someone, check out this other entry.

To delete posts from any user on Twitch, Icon Mod must be enabled before you can use the feature. These icons allow the streamer to quickly perform operations on their channel with the chatters.

To enable the moderation icon , the streamer must go to their own Twitch window and click on the settings wheel

There, in My Preferences , we must change the position of the activator that says Show moderator icons :

With that, in each message section the option to delete messages will appear, which is represented by an icon of a trash can. By pressing this option, the message will automatically disappear.

Delete messages and ban

While we stream we cannot be glued to the messages of all users all the time.

So, one way to control this automatically is by setting Twitch guidelines to avoid spam, or giving a third party permission to be a moderator and act as a judge who controls the comments on our channel.

However, the easiest way is with a command that deletes the last message while disabling the ability to write new messages for a while. Additionally, it informs the reason why it has been temporarily banned from the chat.

This command is the following:

/timeout [username] ban time(In seconds) [reason]

An example of use would be the following:

/ Timeout user123 10s spam

Obviously, we can increase the amount of time of this temporary ban, increasing the number of seconds (10s) up to the necessary amount.

Chat delay as an ally

One concrete way to prevent unwanted content from appearing in Twitch messages is to use chat delay . As its name indicates, it shows a small delay of a few seconds in order to have time to moderate. Its configuration is simple:

Go to Moderation Settings on the Twitch page:

Then, you just have to find the Chat delay option just under the Chat Options  and there choose a delay that can vary between 2 to 6 seconds:

When to moderate Twitch posts

It is important to respect the freedom of expression of those who watch us, but racism, offense or insult cannot be allowed on our channel. It is precisely at these times that we must act to maintain a healthy community.

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