How to Customize Your Twitch Channel in 2023

How to Customize Your Twitch Channel in 2023 – One of the most essential things to start taking you seriously as a streamer is the image of your channel. It is not about investing hundreds of dollars in a designer to do all the design and corporate identity for you from the beginning, but it is about taking into account a few minimums. 

In this post we are going to see the main Customize elements that you will need for your streams and we will also share some of the best design programs for streamers or, in other words, how to Customize Your Twitch Channel without resorting to third parties and spending a fortune 

How to Customize Your Twitch Channel

Fortunately, there are many incredible tools, and most of them free, that can help you in this first phase as a streamer, to go out on your live shows with a more professional image and that users, little by little, can relate to you.

Before seeing the best programs to design overlays, which will allow you to design the image of the channel yourself, we are going to see what the main design elements are so that your profile looks professional. Let’s start!


The logo is the first step for you to stop looking like a bot and have a more “human” appearance: You need something visually striking and versatile so that your audience can easily recognize you. Also keep in mind that if you upload videos on YouTube, the recommendation is that you use your logo as a watermark, and in this way you are “marking” that the content is yours and anyone who wants to share it will drag the watermark. 


Having an overlay is the most basic step: in short, it is the main design, what your audience will see on screen during your live broadcasts. Here we will have to take into account what colors interest us most, what typography, etc. As you can see, it will be the frame where you will place all the things.


In the case of Twitch, a special streaming banner is what your audience will see when you’re offline, for example. You can take advantage of this design element to give information about your next streaming, the schedules, to announce a special event, etc. 

In the case of YouTube, you will have to think of a fixed header in line with the rest of the channel’s identity (overlays, logo). You can take advantage of this header on social networks like Twitter.


Panels are the best way to inform your viewers and let them know much more about you: it is all the information that you usually find under the streaming video, where information about the streamer is usually shared (a short presentation), rules of the streaming, sponsors, streaming schedules, social network links, moderator team and donation system among others.


Alerts are interactive elements used during streaming to highlight new followers, subscribers, social media links, donations, and more. At the design level, they are somewhat more complicated to configure, although if you use OBS Streamlabs you have a wide catalog of alerts that you can use. Soon we will make a new post and video on how to configure alerts from OBS.


Something more advanced is to incorporate transition scenes during your streaming. The transition scenes allow us to go from one screen to another in a more professional way , without making us seem so ‘ amateur ‘. 

In addition, they are an excellent opportunity to reinforce our branding, that is, our streamer brand, since we can create a transition scene with the colors and logos of the channel. In this other Streamer Basics post we teach you how to put transition scenes in the OBS , or if you prefer you can also have it in video format on our YouTube channel.

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How to Customize Your Twitch Channel

The best option will always be to hire a designer to take full charge of the image of your channel. However, if you’re just starting out or for now you can’t afford it, don’t worry: as we’ve told you in advance, there are some programs and tools for you to design your channel’s image yourself without being an expert.  

Nerd or Die

One of our favorite pages to download and create incredible designs for your streams (and many of them are free). Here you can find overlays, alerts and complete packs for Twitch, Youtube and Facebook of design elements that you will need.

Normally alerts and overlays are paid but there are many varieties for affordable prices, and what you can often download for free are panels and cutscenes.

Also, now Nerd or Die has its own editor so you can design your overlays and use them on any streaming platform. 

Visit the Nerdordie page.


A very good alternative to Nerd or Die is Strexm, which offers more than 200 overlay designs. The service has overlays explicitly designed for the most popular video games, including LoL, Dota 2, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc, and they are organized within the platform. Also, many of the totally free designs. Simply connect Strexm with Twitch as requested and choose the overlay that best suits your image as a streamer. 

Visit the strexm page


One of the simplest and most intuitive editors to use that also has a fairly complete free version. You can either start a design from scratch with whatever size you want, or use some of the ready-made designs and just customize them a bit.

Likewise, we recommend that you take a look at it because you will see that you do not need to dominate the world of design to have something quite decent. To create banners and manage some panels and logo can go well (which you can also download in mp4). 

Visit the page 


Crello templates are specifically designed for YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and other popular platforms. Two words can describe Crello: professionalism and diversity. Free users have access to over 30,000 amazing banner templates and a huge library of 140 million images. Anyone can upload their unique fonts and images. Quite similar to Canva in this regard. 

Visit the page 

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