What are Twitch Polls and How to Create Twitch Polls?

Twitch polls are a feature of the streaming platform to get in touch with live viewers and collect their opinion on a specific topic: what content to stream, what game to play, or a topic to discuss.

They are useful because:

  • They help you know firsthand what your community thinks about what you are asking for.
  • They allow you to interact with your viewers who can give their opinion and feel that they are part of the streaming.

We present here several characteristics of surveys:

  • Polls on Twitch are only available to streamers who have Affiliate or Partner status .
  • You can only do one poll at a time. When you finish the one you prepared, you can make another one.
  • The streamer is the one who manages polls , although editors and moderators can also create polls during broadcasts.
  • In the poll, viewers vote for an option offered by the streamer, although it is not mandatory to answer.
  • Viewers vote in the poll using their points from their channel : they must put at least one point in it. 
  • Once you have chosen the answer, you cannot undo the chosen vote and any points you have spent are not refunded.
  • If you feel the poll is inappropriate or inappropriate , you can report it and let Twitch know.

Now that you know a little more about Twitch polls, how do you create a live poll? 

How to Create Polls on Twitch?

There are two ways to create a poll: from the stream, through commands, or from the creator panel. 

How to Create Polls on Twitch with command 

To create a poll with a command, just go to your chat while streaming.

1. Type the command /poll 

This is the command you need to type to launch your poll with your viewers. Then click send and press the Enter key.

2. Add question

When you’ve typed the command, you’ll get a poll pop-up window, where you can type in any question you want.

You have up to 60 characters to type your question.

3. Choose your answers 

Now is the time to choose the optional responses you want to give to your viewers. You need to give them at least two options to choose from. 

You have 25 characters for each answer.

4. Configure the poll

Here you have to choose if you want to allow additional votes for users to spend Bits from their wallet or from their accumulated points. At least the cost must be 1 bit or 1 point.

5. Define the duration of the survey

How long will your survey last? The ideal is to find a certain balance so as not to lose too much time during the streaming: you have 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 minutes.

6. Click Start Survey.

Check that you have written the question and answers correctly, as well as the duration.

Once you’re ready, click Launch Poll.

Manage Twitch Poll from Creators Dashboard

To take the poll without the controls, you need to log in to your Twitch Creator dashboard to create it. Already in the creative engine room?

1 Click “+” in Shortcuts.

The Shortcuts section is in the right column of your Creator Dashboard. You can see which ones are active there. 

By clicking on the “+” icon, you can add more.

2 Choose the poll option

In the window that Twitch presents to you, choose “Add” from the Manage your poll option.

3 Click Manage Polls

Once you have added the Manage Polls option, click on it. Twitch gives you two options: View Latest Results and New Survey. If this is the first poll you’re creating, the final results option won’t appear.

4 Click New Survey

When you click New Poll, Twitch shows you a popup with the same options we discussed earlier. All you have to do is fill in the same elements: question, answers, parameters and duration. You now know how to create polls using the two methods offered by Twitch. 

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What is a Twitch Moderator?

And if you’re a watcher, how do you vote in the poll on Twitch?

How to Create a Twitch Poll in 2022

How do I vote in a Poll on Twitch?

When the streamer or moderators create a poll during the broadcast, a poll pop-up appears at the top of the chat.

Here you can see the streamer’s question and if you click on the down arrow you will be able to see the answers.

There are two ways to vote:

  • By clicking on the desired answer from the options offered.
  • By typing the command /vote and the number of the answer you choose. For example: /vote 3 if you want to choose option 3.

You are now ready to start probing into your streams on Twitch. Connect with your community and engage them in your Twitch broadcast with Twitch Polls.

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