How to Create Twitch banner or Gaming banner?

How to Create Twitch banner or gaming banner? – Have we just arrived on the Twitch platform? The 1st step when you start on Twitch is to create and add a banner/profile photo to your account. 

Namely, this is probably the most important step when starting out as a Twitch streamer. Because yes, it is an important part that allows you to highlight your universe and your personality. 

Although it will be clear and clean during the live! Now, which platform to use to create a gaming banner dedicated to Twitch? How to do it? Practical information

Twitch Profile Banner:

Twitch banner size: 1200×480 and under 10MB

Accepted banner format: JPEG, PNG, GIF

Change Twitch Banner:

  • Click on your profile picture
  • Meet in Twitch settings
  • Update profile banner

Offline screen banner

Banner size for Twitch screen:
1920×1080 and less than 10MB

Video player banner format:

Change video player banner:

  • Click on your profile picture
  • Meet in Twitch settings
  • Channel and videos tab
  • Update video player banner

What tools to create a Twitch banner?

1. Canva

Canva is a website dedicated to design. It is a platform widely used generally to create small banners for social networks, profile photos, Facebook posts, presentations, and Posters. In short, you will have understood, we can make small designs in the dimensions you want. The advantage of Canva is that it couldn’t be easier to use.

Although this one is not the most practical for me, it allows you to create free Twitch banners. You can thus:

  • Add shapes
  • Embed images
  • Change font
  • Adapt colors

Be careful though, not all images and shapes provided by Canva are free. Some of the gaming templates on the platform will be around $1 for single use.

Afterwards, according to the desires, the customization of Canva remains limited. If you have a very concrete idea in mind and you want to realize it, maybe you will have to switch to more powerful software such as Photoshop or Affinity Designer.

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a software that I personally use a lot for all personal or professional projects, and this for now… more than 3 years. 

It’s a kind of “Photoshop” much easier to use, more ergonomic and above all: much cheaper. When Photoshop charges $239.88 per year (too much we agree), Affinity Designer is only paid once, $54.99.

Affinity Designer Twitch

The advantage of Affinity Designer compared to Canva is that it offers much more freedom and allows you to create complete, heavy images in your own image without too many bugs. What I personally have encountered a lot with Canva, during my years of use. 

We especially realize the benefits when we start using Affinity. Modify SVG files, create custom figures, subtractions, shape divisions, customize fonts…

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However, this is not essential either. If you can’t afford it, you can simply create a Twitch banner for free on Canva. This will be more than enough. 

If you want to see a bit of the head of the software, here is their EPIC design software video:

Where can I find already made Twitch templates?

You don’t know graphic design at all and don’t want to bother learning how to use any design software or site? This is completely understandable because it takes a little time casually! Here are some sites where you can find ready-made Twitch banner background templates. 0 confuses.

Best Twitch Profile Banner Makers

Canva: if you go to the site, you will see that they also provide some ready-made templates. Some paying but also some 100% free. You can download it and embed it on Twitch.

Snappa: Some Twitch templates can be found on snappa. But be careful because only 3 downloads per month are free. Otherwise you have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Spark: spark belongs to Adobe and is more or less a copy of Canva, so it offers a free template panel and/or allows you to create one yourself.

Placeit: known for YouTube banners, they also offer a few Twitch banners. However, be careful because here all the designs are systematically paid.

You can also find cool free templates, fonts or effects at I want to clarify that this article is in no way sponsored and that we only share our personal opinion.

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