How to Buy Bits on Twitch Mobile

How to Buy Bits on Twitch Mobile – As a Twitch user, you have surely noticed that some functions of the platform are different if we do them from a mobile or from a computer. 

They may even vary depending on the type of mobile you have (iPhone or Android). In this post, we are specifically going to see how to buy Twitch bits from your mobile . The process is very similar but we will also see step by step how to do it.

Before starting, surely you may also be interested in how to subscribe to a Twitch channel from your mobile . In this case, it is quite different: if you have an iPhone, you will see the so-called subscription tokens appear. 

We recommend this article where we teach you how to do it, or if you prefer you can also have it in video format on our YouTube channel.

Now yes, let’s see how we solve the issue of bits from the mobile. 

First of all, Bits, like any other form of Twitch monetization, is only available to users who have the Twitch Affiliate and Partner . It is the minimum that the platform asks you to have this functionality active and be able to start receiving the bits.

Bits are like virtual currency and are purchased directly from Twitch . The purpose of the bits is basically that the user who uses them during the streaming and receives a special badge that will be displayed next to her name when she speaks in chat.

It is a form of recognition, of “social position” within streaming. So the more bits you use, the higher your rank will be and your sponsor emote will be different . 

These emotes can be customized by the streamer. In general, the price of bits is quite affordable and their cost will be less if you buy them roughly ., that is, in large quantities. 

After all, unlike more direct donations through channels like Paypal, the bits are more symbolic and help interact and engage the streamer and viewers.

How to Buy Bits on Twitch Mobile (iPhone and Android) ?

We will see how to do it both from an iphone and an android. The steps to follow are exactly the same, regardless of the type of device you have.

1. We go to the Twitch channel where we want to buy the bits

2. Click on the diamond-shaped icon that we will find in the box to write in the chat. We will see that a purple button appears: “ Get bits”.

3. We will see a list with the available purchase options and select the one that interests us. We will see that how many more bits we buy, a discount will be applied to the total cost.

4. The payment tab will open in the form of a pop up. Important: you must have an associated payment method . 

If you have an iPhone, you need a payment method associated with your Apple Store account to proceed with the payment.

As it will ask you to confirm the payment using your Touch ID fingerprint or your Apple Store account. And in the case of Android, have an associated payment method such as a credit card.

In the case of Android, then, we will make the purchase with the card that we have linked to our mobile device.

5. And that’s it, we have already made the purchase of our bits.

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