How to build Budget Streaming PC

How to build Budget Streaming PC – Building your PC yourself is better for many reasons. To make it simple, here is a small list of the advantages:

The economy. And yes, assembling your PC yourself is generally less expensive, not only because the assembly of the computer will be done yourself, but also and above all, because the PC will only contain the components you need. No more, no less.

Warranty. When you buy a complete PC from a merchant, the guarantees are generally more or less all the same, and are around 2 years. On the other hand, by buying the separate parts, the warranty is generally around 3 years.

Disassembly. Indeed, dismantling the PC for repair or verification will be easier when the PC has been assembled with your own hands rather than with a custom-made PC just fitting into the case.

Personalization. Once again we come back to it, apart from the savings made, the personalization of its PC configuration is an important advantage. Especially for “gaming” use and a thousand times more for “streaming”. Indeed, rare are the PCs 100% suitable for both gaming, and streaming having enough space for potential video editing. A custom config will create the sticky computer for all its needs.

How to make a PC config for gamer/streamer?

To create your own PC config for gamers or streamers, there are several ways depending on whether you know enough about computer editing or not.

Some component vendors offer to do this for free online, which avoids any non-compatibility or other issues between components. A nice and good PC config at your fingertips. But this way of doing things has its drawbacks, the learning and knowledge of each of the components will be limited and will prevent you from detecting the part that is malfunctioning and repairing your PC yourself.

If you really want to create your own streamer or gamer PC config, it’s simple: you’ll have to learn, learn and learn more about how each part of your PC works and is useful. If it can help, we have tried for each part made to make comparisons, explaining in particular the usefulness, the operation of the component as well as how to choose it. 

But overall, you will have to pay close attention to the dimensions, to the power required from the power supply to run all the parts of the PC, but above all, to check that the components are compatible with each other.

The compatibility of PC components: What to check?

For those who want to create their own PC streamer gamer config, it will be important to check the compatibility of the components as said just before. And this, before any purchase. But now, what exactly should you check before buying the parts? Here is a little summary, to help you as much as possible!

Processor (CPU)

The most important thing to pay attention to is CPU compatibility with the motherboard. And more particularly the location on which we put the processor on the motherboard named: the socket. Today, AMD processors generally use AM4 sockets or even TR4 sockets for thread ripping them.

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On the Intel side, it’s slightly more complicated. Although they generally use the LGA1151 socket, but also the LGA2066 for high-end motherboards, the LGA1151 exists in two versions: Rev 1 and Rev 2. In order to tell them apart, it will be necessary to look at the chipset of the card. A motherboard that uses the 300 series for 8th and 9th generation processors. So check the compatibility of the processor with the motherboard, using the socket as well as the chipset.

Graphics card (GPU)

Currently, graphics cards use PCI Express ports, and more specifically PCIe 3.0. Although motherboards are moving to PCIe 4.0, these generally still feature ports compatible with graphics cards. A quick check between the graphics card and the motherboard will therefore be sufficient.


These won’t be a major cause for concern, as memory these days typically uses DDR4 ports that are still found on motherboards. Be careful though, to check that the motherboard has enough RAM slots according to your needs. If the memory card exceptionally uses another port, it will also be necessary to check compatibility with the motherboard.


On the hard drive side, you should know that the NVMe SSD is extremely faster but also more expensive. While conventional SSDs generally use SATA type ports, NVMe SSDs use faster ports, PCIe or PCI Express. Conventional hard drives, slower but much less expensive, ideal for storing little-used data, also use SATA-type ports. Although all recent motherboards have PCIe ports, it is good to check that it will have enough ports according to your final needs.

PC power supply

As far as power is concerned, the ATX power supply remains the standard currently and will have all the connectors required to work with modern PCs. Among one of the last purchases, it will be important to select a power supply that provides enough energy for all PC components.

Computer case

Once all the components have been chosen, the choice of a box will finalize the configuration of your PC. But be careful, it is important to always check that the chosen PC case is large enough to accommodate the motherboard and the graphics card. Indeed, depending on the models chosen, these will have a larger or smaller size.

Building The Chepest Budget Streaming PC For 2022

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